Only the Beginning

AN: You guys are all so wonderful and so wanted to find out what happened so now I am going to write what I imagined would happen as a sequel. So for anyone who hasn't read Separation please do so before reading this or it won't make sense, well it might but not really LOL.

Chapter 1 – Some Things Never Change

Duo lazed back into his chair and gave a deep sigh of relaxation. This was what he had fought in the war for, this kind of peace and contentment he now felt. It was good to know that he wouldn't have to jump back into that Gundam Suit any time soon. Much as he loved Deathscythe Hell there was only so much he could take. It had been 2 years since the end of the Gundam Wars, and the five Gundam Pilots had gone their separate ways. Duo himself had gone on to establish a new Maxwell Church in memory of his childhood home. Duo had become a pastor of the church, and ran an orphanage in conjunction with the church. Hilde had left him, going on to do more intensive work for the military units. She had wanted him to go with her but Duo had just felt that the end of the Gundam Wars was the end of his involvement in fighting. All he wanted to do was settle down into a quiet life. Duo looked down at the letters on his desk from the other Gundam Pilots. He had invited them all to a Charity Ball he was throwing. Even though they were no longer Pilots, their presence at any function could turn it into a big moneymaker.

Quatre's acceptance letter was short, but confirmed his attendance. Carefully hand written on cream-colored paper, and signed with a wax emblem of Quatre's Family.

Dear Duo,

I was overjoyed to receive your letter. It's been a long time. I will be delighted to attend your Charity Ball and you can bet that Winner Corporation will be giving a generous donation on my behalf.

Yours Sincerely,

Quatre Raberba Winner

After the war ended Quatre had dived back into working his father's business. He was doing a very good job, despite being constantly busy and run off his feet. He and Duo talked regularly on the phone, for Quatre was a sponsor of the church.

Duo's gaze fell to Trowa reply. It didn't say much, just like Trowa but confirmed he would also be there.


Thank you for the invitation. Catherine and I are no longer together. I will be attending.



Trowa had rejoined the circus and was busy traveling around the world performing to the people. It had been damn hard to get in touch with him, but Duo was stoked that Trowa had confirmed his presence.

Wufei's letter made Duo smile. He had missed the china man. Wufei's letter had been written on parchment.

You Braided Baka!

How dare you call me Wuffie. If I have told you once I have told you many times, do not call me Wuffie, or Wu-man or any of the ridiculous names you made up.

My name is Wufei Chang. That it is.

If I catch you calling me anything other than Wufei Chang, I will personally remove your braid,

This is your first and only warning,

Wufei Chang

P.S. I will come to your Charity Ball, just make sure no weak onnas are around. Sally will not be with me.

Wufei had gone on to establish his own tribe of orphaned young men who were too old for the orphanage. He trained them in fighting and mannerisms to be just like him. Duo had laughed when he heard and wondered who in their right mind would want to be like Wufei? But it was running quite well, and even some of Duo's kids, when old enough had joined Wufei's tribe.

Heero had been the last to confirm he would be there. Duo had almost lost hope that he would come, but sure enough this morning the letter had come, and the ball was tonight. Heero's letter had two words.

Mission accepted.

Heero had taken up a position as Head Bodyguard for Vice Minister Dorlian so his plate was full with keeping her safe. Duo hadn't seen much of Heero at all, but Duo still thought of him often and hoped all was well. Tonight they would be able to catch up and talk as they did in the old days.

Duo gazed at Heero's letter again shaking his head a small smile gracing his lips. Some things never change.

A few kilometers away from where the outdoor ball was to be held, four young women knelt beside the body of an young man, a fifth woman held his head in her lap as her tears fell to wet his face.

"Its too late, he's dead," one voice said sadly and the girl holding the young man burst into a flood of more tears. She was beautiful this girl. Hair of golden blonde held up in two pigtails with buns on top, a flowing dress of the softest pearl silk, and expressive blue eyes that were filled with tears. The one who had spoken was tall, and proud, with auburn hair tied in a ponytail, and eyes of forest green. She was wearing a dress of dark emerald that slitted at her thighs to give her freedom of movement, a sword hanging from her hips. She looked very dominating, and strong willed, like an Amazon princess.

"Why? I don't understand, he shouldn't have died, he should have lived like us," the golden haired girl asked no one in particular in bewilderment and one of the other voices spoke up, explaining the situation.

"He was not immortal, his body couldn't survive the freezing process," she said softly, her blue eyes showing her regret, her hair shimmering blue in the candlelight and the girl so full of grief hugged the young man's body tightly.

"This is all my fault."

"We weren't to know, we all thought he would be immortal too," another voice told her as two of the girls moved to hug the one who was crying. The one who had spoken the words of comfort had long blonde hair, half of it was tied back with a red ribbon, and her light blue eyes glittered with loss. The other girl had tresses of ebony, and eyes of deep purple, and she kissed the forehead of the sad girl.

"I'm sorry for your loss," the ebony-haired girl said and the girl with pigtails turned and threw herself into the ebony-haired girls arms to cry as the body of the young man faded away to nothing.

His time here on this earth had finished.

After hours of crying the girl finally pulled away and brushed her tears.

"I need to find Duo," she said with dark determination as she took out a Silver Crystal and held it up in the air.

"But you heard what Pluto said, they won't remember anything, for all we know they could be married already, or have girlfriends, or be dead, why don't we just explore first then reveal ourselves?" the blue-haired girl sought to talk some sense into the girl with pig-tails but the stubborn tilt of her jaw told her that she was going to do this.

"I need to find him," was all she said then she closed her eyes and concentrated,

"Silver Crystal, reveal to this world the glory of my Crystal Palace, bring back Crystal Tokyo."

AN: For any of those Reeny fans (Don't know if they exist lol) Sometimes I like her sometimes I don't . today I do, so in the next chapter, Reeny will be in it. She will be older, and already have been to the past and she will return to the future to find Endymion dead (In case you didn't realize the young man is Endymion) and that her mother had run off with the Pastor of a Church. Hehehe. Well its not so bad, I just needed a way to bring Duo into the picture and remove Endymion, Don't get me wrong I love Endymion but in the previous story Serenity was with Duo so I have to keep with that. Umm..if you are confused about the time line, so am I. Basically I think what will happen is that when they were frozen the Gundam Pilots were sent some fifty years into the future. So the girls became immortal at sixteen and lived underground until they were twenty-one then they arose with their beautiful Crystal Palace to rule happily for a little bit. I am going to make it that they ruled for 15 years (Reeny will just have turned fourteen) and then the wars began and they disappeared beneath the earth again not wanting to get involved under the guidance of Pluto. The senshi went into a deep sleep with Endymion, while they subjects still went about their daily business. Now they are awake, Endymion died because of the crystal freezing process and now they want to find their boys! Hope this makes some sense lol