Chapter 11 (I don't really know what chapter it is at all) - The End

"Your majesty! Are you ok?" Hotaru came running towards them, her skirt hitched up as she ran.

"Yes Hotaru we are all fine, where have you been?" Serenity asked absentmindedly and Hotaru smiled looking around at the array of faces.

"Haruka teleported me to the space station for the day," Hotaru told them confused as to why they were all out here.

"You missed quite an adventure," Rei commented lightly and everyone laughed.

"Who is this?" Hotaru asked curiously looking down at the young man, thinking him to be very handsome, even though he was unconscious.

"Lord Jedite, an old friend, perhaps you could look after him for us," Serenity asked of Hotaru winking and Hotaru blushed going to kneel beside Jedite obediently.

"As you wish your majesty."


Jobez came running from the palace and Keira face brightened at the sight of him.

"Jobez!" she cried out with elation and when Jobez reached her she threw her arms around his neck and he swung her around happy she was safe and sound.

"My love ,when the staff said that you had all disappeared again I was worried," Jobez told her and Keira flushed bright red at the thought he had worried for her, but she tried to hide it.

"There was no need to worry," Keira assured him smiling and Jobez bent down an brushed his lips against hers lightly.

"Ding dong, ding dong," Wufei chimed in the background and Keira and Jobez pulled apart to look at Wufei like he was quite mad, while Minako dropped her head into her hands dejectedly.

"Papa?" Keira asked wondering if her father was right in the head.

"That's the sound of wedding bells Keira, lets go you two, we have a wedding to plan," Wufei said glaring hard at Jobez who gulped, especially since Trowa and Quatre had moved to stand behind him intimidating.

"Papa, you can't just plan our wedding when Jobez hasn't even asked me to be his wife," Keira protested looking at her mother for help and Minako just shook her head. She wasn't even going to try to ague with Wufei, it was futile. Keira would learn

"I'm your father, I do anything I like right Jobez?" Wufei asked Jobez looking him directly in the eye and Jobez nodded his head quickly.

"Yes sir," Jobez said meekly and Wufei beamed pleased with the progress while Keira was justifiably embarrassed at his behaviour.

"Momma!" Keira appealed to Minako in desperation and Minako sighed deeply.

"Wufei, this is crazy," Minako tried to plead her daughter's case and Wufei turned his gaze onto her.

"Silence woman, we have to plan our wedding too," Wufei said his arm snaking around Minako's waist and Minako frowned at him in confusion.

"Who's wed…oh," Minako started to ask but then she realised he meant their wedding and she fell into his arms with delight as she cried out deliriously happy, "Oh Wufei!"

Wufei just kissed her and Keira and Jobez made a face, before taking the chance to escape back to the palace without Wufei, but Minko and Wufei were hot on their heels.

"Well alls well that ends well huh?" Makoto asked the rest of the group which included Trowa, Serenity, Small Lady, Ami, Quatre, Rei and Heero. Serenity smiled sadly at Makoto's words before turning and wandering at her own pace back to the palace.

"Not for everyone it would seem," Small Lady said glaring at her mother's departing back and Rei, Ami and Makoto frowned, upset that Rini could think so badly of Serenity.

"Small Lady, you can't blame your mother for loving someone," Ami told Small Lady chidingly, and Rini hung her head in shame.

"No one can choose who they love," Makoto added her input looking and smiling at Trowa with adoration and Rini chewed on her lip thoughtfully.

"Small Lady, I know for a fact that Usagi loved Endymion with all her heart and soul, and even though her heart belongs to Duo now, Endymion will always remain with her, just as he remains in you and all of us," Rei assured her and Small Lady's eyes started to fill with tears at the thought of her father.

"I just miss papa," Rini whimpered and Rei ran forward to engulf her in a hug.

"I know Small Lady, your mother does too, but she has a memory of Endymion in you, and she is so proud and thankful for that," Rei said tilting Rini's face up so that she was looking into her eyes and Small Lady tore her gaze from Rei's and started running after Serenity.

"Momma!" Rini cried out while running and Serenity turned in time to be crushed into a hug and the two toppled over onto the grass laughing. The sat up in the grass and Serenity stroked her daughter's hair affectionately.

"I'm sorry," Serenity said softly kissing Rini's forehead and Rini smiled at her, a smile that Serenity knew so well. Endymion's smile.

"Me too," Rini said kissing her mother's cheek, then she got to her feet brushing off her dress as she added, "I'm gonna go contact Helios and tell him everything!"

"Ok sweet heart," Serenity called out and Rini waved goodbye leaving Serenity to watch her.


Serenity turned when she heard Duo's voice and her face lit up with a smile when she saw him running towards her.

"Duo!" she cried out just so excited to see him and Duo ran at her, capturing her hands in his. His handsome face full of remorse.

"ImsosorryinevershouldhaverunofflikeacowardIjustdidntknowhowtotakeitbutirealisedthatnothing mattersexceptyouandmeandifyouhaveakidthenicanacceptthatbecauseiloveyouandeverythingaboutyouusagi," Duo was talking so fast his words ran in together and Serenity let out a tinkle of laughter wrapping her arms around his neck.

"All that matters is you came back," Serenity whispered kissing him lightly an Duo frowned looking around at the others who were just staring at the two of them, watching the seen unfold.

"What happened here?" Duo asked waving at the others who all waved back.

"Long story my love," Serenity told him sighing turning back to the palace hand in hand with him and Duo tugged on her hand looking at her like a child.

"Tell it to me?" he begged and Serenity grinned.

"As you wish."

"Now that is just sooo corny," Rei scoffed to the remaining group and Makoto elbowed her in the ribs, brushing the tears from her eyes.

"Killjoy,"Makoto joked and Rei poked her tongue out at her.

"Well what do we do now?" Ami asked looking around at the rest of them and everyone shrugged except Rei who grinned widely throwing her arms around Heero's neck with joy.

"We live Ami, its our turn, its finally our time to live."

The End

AN: I am so sick of this damn story, I just want it to be over and done with. And I know Duo probably should have come back sooner and Serenity shouldn't't have forgiven him so easy, but hey its Usagi right? A long time from now, when I'm married with kids and they are sleeping I plan to rewrite a lot of my stories. This will probably be a rewritten one. So I apologise for the crapness of this and the ending. J I'm trying to think up new stories that have a more original plot, but so far, I'm drawing a blank. Plus I want to finish the other stories I have hanging around fan its embarrassing how many of my half finished stories are creeping around here. .