Boy Trouble - Prolouge

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"MOVING?! Kagome wailed. "Yes dear. We're moving," her mother answered calmly. "When?! Why?! How could you?!" Kagome's mother stood up. "Just deal with it, dear. We're moving, which also means a new school."

Kagome frowned. "NO! We can't move! I'm not leaving this house!" Just then, Souta came bouncing down the stairs. "WE'RE MOVING! YAY!" Kagome's face turned red. "I won't leave this house!" Souta looked at his sister curiously.

"How come you don't want to move? Moving is fun!" Kagome glared at him. "You've never moved!" Souta smiled innocently. "I saw it on tv." Kagome threw up her arms in exasperation. "ACK!!"

Her mother sighed. "We're moving tomorrow morning." Kagome's eyes widened in terror.


"You heard me. So you have to start packing right now. That way, you'll be all set tomorrow." "But Mom!" Kagome's mother gave her a 'don't argue with me young lady' look. Kagome let out a wail and marched up to her room. And she didn't forget to slam the door.

Souta stared. "Mommy? Why is Kagome-chan acting so bratty?" Kagome's mother gave him a warm smile. "Because she's in a bad mood. Now pack!" Souta nodded and bounced back up to his room.

In her room, Kagome threw her stuff carelessly into boxes and bags that her mother had left in her room. "I can't believe we're moving!" she said to no one in particular. "This is so stupid! I don't want to move!" She closed up her boxes with tape and locked up her bags. "She just had to tell me the day before we left. Feh!"

Kagome sighed in sadness. "I don't want to move to a new place. I don't like changes." Kagome laid down her bed and fell asleep.

******************************************* Kagome's New School

'This school looks stupid,' Kagome said to herself. She walked through the doors of her new school. As she walked in the hall, she heard some girls talking.

"Sesshoumaru is hot!"

"So is his little brother!"

Two girls turned around and saw Kagome. "Hey! Are you new?" one of the girls asked. Kagome stopped walking and turned to face them. "Yeah...."

The girl smiled. "My name is Melony. I'm in charge of the Inuyasha Fan Club!" The other girl pushed Melony. "And I'm Lily. I'm in charge of the Sesshoumaru Fan Club!"

"Hey! Don't push me!" Melony pushed Lily. "She's joining MY club!" Lily glared at her. "No way! She's joining MY club!" The two argued as Kagome snuck her way around them.

Kagome tried to get to her class as fast as she could. But she bumped into someone. She looked up at a guy with gold eyes, silver hair, and - were those dog ears?!


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