Boy Troubles - Epilogue

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A week had passed since Kagome and Sesshoumaru became boyfriend and girlfriend.

They walked the halls together, hand in hand. Kagome had softened Sesshoumaru's heart. It was no longer as cold as ice.

His heart held the deepest love for Kagome. Though sometimes when you love someone that much, it could go a bit far. Farther then you expected or ever wanted.

The beginning went well. They were happy and content. But as time passed, Sesshoumaru became a bit over protective about Kagome.

The two had moved on to a higher grade and there were new boys who didn't know the rules. More boys he were interested in Kagome.

Sesshoumaru never let the girl out of his sight. When he found a boy simply talking to her, his eyes would turn blood red and he would lose all self control. And well, whoever the boy was, lord knows how he's doing right now, or if he's even alive.

Kagome didn't like this. But she still grew closer with Sesshoumaru. She came to love him as much as she did Inuyasha.

Save the over protective part. She knew he was only acting because he cared so deeply for her. Sure the first time he killed a guy for helping her with homework, she got mad.

She didn't speak to him for a month. But then Kagome understood and phoned him. So they made up and came to be.

Kagome had shoved Inuyasha out of her life. When someone brought him up, she just went on with it, as if she never *was* with Inuyasha.

Inuyasha didn't turn out the same as Kagome though. Kikyou had tried to get him back over a thousand times.

But he always refused her. He never wanted to be with her again. One she was a bitch. And two she looked just like Kagome.

If he went with Kikyou, he would only see Kagome and he would hurt Kikyou, though he didn't really about that.

When he found out Kagome and Sesshoumaru had gotten together, he was mad as heck. He trashed his room, he trashed Sesshoumaru's room....

Heck he trashed everything. Once he found a picture of Kagome and Sesshoumaru hugging while trashing his brother's room.

He growled and ripped the picture in half. He threw the half with Sesshoumaru on it away and he shoved the piece with Kagome on it in his pocket.

Sesshoumaru had beat him up several times for trashing things. He nearly killed him when he found out Inuyasha had destroyed his picture.

A war went on in Inutaisho's mansion. Sesshoumaru turned into his full demon form (the huge, cute doggie) when he found out Inuyasha had kept the half with Kagome on it.

Inuyasha turned into his demon form and they had a battle. Both were severly injured in the end. Inutaisho sent maids to heal their wounds.

He even called Kagome herself, asking if she would come over and knock some sense into his boys.

She agreed and went to their manison the next day.

******************************** Inu/Sess's (now practically destoryed) Mansion

When Kagome had gotten to the door, she knocked. The door fell in, revealing a mess. The staircase was broken and she thought it impossible to get up to the next floors.

The elevator was all bent up; obviously Inuyasha had slammed into it.

She went into what was once the living room. The couches and chairs were ripped to shreds and the fireplace wasn't even a fireplace anymore.

Kagome found her way to the kitchen. Food and cooking utensils were spilled across the floor.

Beyond the kitchen was a broken door that led to the gardens. There were craters all over. There was smoke and every single plant was dead.

Blood was stained everywhere; inside the house and out.

Kagome shivered and backed up, slamming into a chest. She spun around to see an elderly looking man who looked just like Sesshoumaru.

He smiled kindly and held out his hand which Kagome hesitantly shook. "I am Lord Inutaisho and you must be Lady Kagome," he said, a bright face on.

Kagome nodded. Inutaisho's smile quavered a bit and his voice turned serious. "You have seen the damage my boys have done. Not to bring any guilt into you but they did over you of course."

Kagome nodded sadly and looked down at her feet. Inutaisho smiled and lifted her chin up. "Don't worry child. It's not *all* your fault. My boys are in the hospital wing. I'll bring you there."

Inutaisho spun around and walked into one of the damaged hall ways. Kagome jumped over fallen pieces of the ceiling.

Once in a while Inutaisho had to pick her up and leap over a hole or too that would disconnect the floor.

After many twists and turns, thye had finally reached the hospital wing. The doors were scratched and Kagome noticed along the way, that drops of blood led under the doors.

Kagome gulped loudly. Inutaisho smiled reassurlingly. He opened the doors and walked into the immensly large room, Kagome following close behind.

Everything was white in the room. Drops of blood was stained all over the floor, ruining the white texture.

They walked to the end of the room, stopping at the center of two curtains. "I had the curtains drawned (did I spell that right?) so the boys wouldn't have to look at eachother," Inutaisho explained.

He turned to the left and moved aside the curtain. "I'll leave you all alone," Inutaisho said, leaving the room.

Kagome removed the curtain all the way and gasped at the sight. Sesshoumaru's left arm was missing, his chest was bleeding like mad, and the whole bed was red.

Silent tears trickled down Kagome's face. Sesshoumaru slowly opened his eyes. When he saw Kagome he tried to sit up.

Kagome gently pushed him back down. "No, you don't have to sit up," she said, her voice soothing to Sesshoumaru's ears.

Kagome took his bloodied hand and stared at him. "I'm sorry this is all my fault...."

She wept again, tears spilling onto their hands. Sesshoumaru swallowed and squeezed her hand.

"No," he said hoarsly. Kagome looked at him. He slowly lifted his hand and brushed away her tears.

"Don't take it out on yourself......" Kagome ran her fingers through his hair.

"I'm sorry," she said, kissing him on the lips. She layed her forehead on his bleeding one and closed her eyes.

Inside she was silently praying that he would be okay. She kissed his forehead and drew the curtains closed.

Then she looked at the bed across from Sesshoumaru's. She swallowed and closed her eyes for a moment.

Then she walked over to the bed and slowly drew back the curtain. Inuyasha was worse than Sesshoumaru.

There was a hole in his chest and his leg was broken. His right eye was purple and like Sesshoumaru, the bed was completely covered in blood.

Kagome found it a miracle the two had survived. One had a hole in his chest while the other was missing an arm!

"Inuyasha....." Kagome said slowly. Inuyasha opened his eyes and coughed. Kagome bit her lip.

She lifted her finger and massaged his ear. Inuyasha slowly began to purr, and his shut his eyes again.

Inuyasha grabbed her wrist and put it on top of his heart. "I still love you Kagome," he said, his voice as hoarse as Sesshoumaru's.

"No matter what you do, I'll always love you," he continued. Kagome put a finger to his lip. "Shhh," she said, more tears spilling from her eyes.

She kissed his cheek, tweaked his ears one last time, and left.

She bowed to Inutaisho who was waiting outside the doors patiently. "Thank you for coming. I see my sons have made a good choice," he said smiling.

Kagome blushed and nodded. She stepped out the door and walked down the path.

When she had reached the sidewalk she gave the mansion one last glance.

She blew a kiss to the building and left whispering,"Both of you."


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