Heroes of the Storm

Author Notes: I tried early to make this crossover, and it didn't work as I trouble continuing it, so I'm restarting the story. I hope everyone enjoys the story. The story is a merger of five universes. Marvel and DC, with Mortal Kombat and Assassin's Creed. Harry Potter will be the main protagonist in this story, but he'll be the only one from his world in this story for now. I might add a villain from his world or someone from mythology with a magical background to be his primary antagonist.

I'll be following the MCU Storyline, as it is one of the best media storylines ever created. DC will be following the DCMU (DC Movie Universe or Justice League War Series). Mortal Kombat timeline is a bit different, but I hope it works.

Chapter 01: Convergence

May 02, 2012

New York City, NY – USA

A sudden bright light filled the sky as everyone on Earth had to close their eyes from the suddenly release what appeared to be a solar flare. It ended as quickly as it started, and people were looking around in confusion.

Harry Potter opens his eyes as he looks around and finds himself in New York City, United States. Something was very wrong; he was in Scotland, fighting at Hogwarts. How did he end up in the Big Apple?

Harry begins to search for his wand, but he didn't have his wand or anything in his possession. He was wearing robes, robes that weren't his own. Harry puts his hands to his face and finds he didn't have his glasses on, and he could see even better than he has ever in his life.

"My head," Harry said as he holds his head. The noise was intense and painful. Harry tries to block out the sound of a terrible ringing in his ears. Harry begins to focus on his occlumency to block out the noise and clear his mind from all distractions. After several minutes, Harry began to cut the sounds out and could hear himself think.

Harry looks at his hands. To his utter surprise, his eyes seemed to zoom in on his hands before Harry looks up, and his eyes were like a telescope, zooming in on the bridge that was off in the distance. Harry had to guess it was about two miles away, and he could see the people walking on the bridge in perfect detail. Harry's eyes zip around, and he could see the large bolt on the bridge and began to count the pins.

Harry was pleased with his new eyesight but also confused about how he gained his newfound abilities. Harry couldn't understand how this happens in the first place, but he knew that whatever brought him here brought him here for a reason.

Harry wished Hermione was here with him. Hermione would be able to discover and research what caused him to summon to New York City in America.

Harry reaches into his pocket to pull out the locket that charmed for long-distance communication. It took Harry a few moments to realize he didn't have any of his possession on him and began to search his pockets in panic. Harry found none of his old properties, not the Ressurection Stone or the Cloak of Invisibility. Everything was gone, and he had nothing on himself right now, not even his wand.

Harry couldn't help but feel the sense of dread inside of him knowing he was on the other side of the ocean in a place he's never been too before and without any way to contact his friends. Harry begins to walks around the warehouse areas looking for shelter. He wanted to find a safe place to practice his magic and see what he can and can't do with his new abilities. It felt strange not to use his magic without the power of his wand. Harry was very fond of his old wand.

Harry walks around, looking at the warehouses trying to determine which ones were abandoned and would be safe to stay low. Harry wonders around and begins to look at the warehouses and their condition. Harry finds one that was locked and didn't have any known muggle security cameras or sensors. Harry walks around and couldn't see anyone around the warehouse. He did spot a window that was cracked and knew he could slip inside. Harry was no used to sneaking around and climbing walls; he's been doing things like this since he was living with his relatives the Dursley's and did it a lot at Hogwarts.

Harry leaped upwards and found himself jumping over the wall in one bound. Harry grabs the window's edge and looks down in amazement. In one leap, he had successfully landed on the window. Harry was confused by this and quickly climbed throw the window and jumps down inside the warehouse.

The moment he landed on the floor, Harry's ears told him there was some rustling inside the warehouse. At first, Harry thought it could be rats or other kinds of rodents, but the sounds sounded more like footsteps moving quickly to hide.

Harry walks forward and enters the middle of the warehouse and sees nothing. Crates were untouched, and nothing looked like it had been disturbed. Harry couldn't see anyone, but he could hear their breathing and their eyes on him.

Harry paused as his sixth sense; someone was standing behind him. Harry slowly turns to see a man in a blue ninja outfit standing there was a mask covering his lower face. A hood made most of his face difficult to see, but Harry could see glowing blue eyes that weren't normal as they look back at him.

A sudden fire blazed erupted on Harry's other side as a ninja similarly wearing yellow armor to the blue ninja stood there, only he had white eyes instead of blue.

"State your business," said the blue ninja.

"I'm not here for trouble," Harry said truthfully, though he wasn't sure that would work as trouble tended to find him wherever he went.

"Then leave this place," said the yellow ninja.

Harry's senses could feel others drawing hidden blades and weapons as others began to circle a young woman in a corner, wearing a blue ninja outfit.

"Who's the woman you're protecting?" Harry asks the ninja as his saving people thing started to kick in and was pushing him to help the woman.

Unfortunately, this was the wrong thing to say as the others immediately got tense.

"Shao Kahn's assassin will not have her head, and we can't risk you telling Shao Kahn of the location," said the blue ninja as he pulls a katana at Harry.

Harry cursed his luck and his attraction towards trouble. Harry took a defensive stance as the blue ninja clutched his fist and sent an ice shard at Harry. Harry was surprised to see this and was even more astonished that he could see the action happening in slow motion. Harry quickly sidesteps the ice shard with reflexes he didn't know he had.

The blue ninja was very surprised to see Harry dodge his ice shard.

"He's no mere mortal," said the yellow ninja. "he could be a spy or assassin sent by Shao Kahn or Quan Chi."

"Eliminate him," said a woman in a green outfit.

Harry was cursing his luck as he wanted to tell them he was no threat and wasn't an enemy. He wasn't sure how to tell them he was just a wizard who was lost.

The yellow ninja disappeared, and Harry's acute senses went into overdrive as they were telling him of the incoming danger. Harry quickly spins around and turns to see the yellow ninja releasing a chained kunai at him. Harry grabs the chain stopping the kunai from hitting him just short of his chest. Harry holds the chain preventing the ninja from reclaiming the chain. The yellow ninja glares at Harry, and his hands began to glow into a fireball as it races down the chain and hits Harry's hand. Harry expected to feel pain and receive several degrees of burn on his hand, but there was none.

Harry pulls the chain causing the yellow ninja to lose his balance. Harry turns and spins the chain hitting several ice shares before spinning the chain rapidly to block a high blast of ice.

Harry turns to elbow the ninja in the face, only for the yellow ninja to block his attack and elbows Harry in the ribs hard, causing Harry to stumble and crash into the crates.

Harry did learn how to box from Dudley, who taught him a few tricks and showed him the ropes during his last summer with his relatives, but this was even more intense.

Harry brings both his arms up in an attempt to block the kick to his face before rolling on the ground away from the yellow ninja as the blue ninja attacks with intense ferocity as ice suddenly appears where the blue ninja had stepped. Harry jumps back to put some distance but found himself leaping a vast gap between the two ninjas.

Harry's arms were aching in pain, but that pain was passing as he could feel himself healing from the blows. Harry thought they might have broken his arms or at least fractured his arms. His ribs were also recovering from the yellow ninja's elbow attack.

"He's no ordinary mortal," said the blue ninja.

"He defends himself well, even if his form is sloppy," said the yellow ninja.

Harry senses danger, and it wasn't coming from the two ninja's. He turns to see the woman in a green ninja outfit and hits him in the head with her bō-staff, and Harry suddenly knew no more.

Harry started to stir as he came to and realized heavy metal chains suddenly bound him. Harry looks up and could see the others were talking to the woman in the blue ninja outfit. Her long black hair seemed to be beautiful for every sense of the world. Her face was covered by a cloth lower face mask. Very similar to what an American bandit would wear but more for ninjas. Her blue eyes were gorgeous.

"We should kill him," said the yellow ninja.

"I don't think he's an assassin," said the green female ninja. "he lacks skills."

"I think it would be best to wait for Lord Raiden and ask him for guidance," said the blue ninja.

"Do not listen to this Lin Kuei filth!" said the yellow ninja in anger as he points the finger at the blue ninja. "he tells nothing but lies and is a deceiver."

"Do not accuse me of treachery and dishonor, Scorpion!" said the blue ninja.

"All Shira Ryu filth must die!" shouted a blue female in a blue ninja outfit.

"You will die before you take my head!" shouted Scorpion as he grabs his sword.

"You guys don't like one another?" Harry said in surprise.

Everyone turns to look at him, and Harry once again was kicking himself for drawing attention to himself. Thought it was better than them killing one another; Harry wouldn't know which side he would take if they started killing one another.

"Enough," said the woman in blue. "Lord Raiden place me in charge, and we'll wait for Lord Raiden to return for him to cast judgment."

"Judgment?" Harry said in confusion. "for what?"

"You're an assassin," said the blue ninja.

"Hardly," said Harry. "I'm merely looking for a place to lay low. Something strange happened, and I found myself in New York City."

"So you're not here to kill us?" said the woman in blue.

"No," Harry said honestly, knowing they wouldn't believe him.

"Why come here?" said the woman in green.

"Look good to lay low," said Harry. "I don't even know who any of you are, and I'm not sure if you're friends or foes."

"What's your name?" asks the woman in blue.

"To know another's name, you must first give your own," said Harry.

The woman looks at him, and Harry only could assume she was blushing from slight embarrassment for an unknown reason.

"I am Princess Kitana of Edenia," Kitana said as she introduces herself.

"I'm Harry Potter," said Harry. "I'm from England across the Atlantic."

"This is my trusted friend, Jade," said Kitana introducing the green ninja girl. "The Lin Kuei Grandmaster Kuai Liang, also known as Sub-Zero. Scorpion is Hanzo Hasashi, leader of the Shirai Ryu."

"What's the issue between Scorpion and Sub-Zero?" asks Harry.

"His clan launched an unprovoked attack on my clan and slaughtered my brethren!" shouted Scorpion as he once again points the finger at Sub-Zero.

"You lie!" shouted Sub-Zero. "you accused my clan of treachery and killed my brother! I seek justice in my clan's name!"

The two clans were about to get into each other faces and were looking murderous at one another.

Harry suddenly appears between them with Jade's bō staff in his hands, the ends pushing Scorpion and Sub-Zero apart.

"Cool it, both of you," said Harry. Everyone remains quiet and stood there in silence. "you both accuse each other of crimes the other refuses to acknowledge. One side of the truth is not enough for vengeance, and I want to hear both of your stories before any judgment is passed."

Harry gives Jade back her staff, who was surprised at how fast he moved and how he acquired it from her so quickly. Harry sits down and looks at Scorpion.

Scorpion began as he explains the attack from the Lin Kuei on his compound and how he fought along with his clansmen. The Lin Kuei, including himself slaughtered many. Quan Chi resurrected him as a Revenant so he could achieve his vengeance. Scorpion returned to the Mortal Kombat tournament to fight the Elder Sub-Zero, where he defeated him and killed him in singles combat. After his victory over the Elder Sub-Zero, the younger one came at him for vengeance. He was murdered and reborn as a Revenant. Force to Quan Chi's bidding. The younger Sub-Zero would join him as a Revenant, and the two would help Quan Chi attack Earthrealm for Shinnok. It was during Shinnok's defeat that Lord Raiden freed both of them from Quan Chi's control along with many of their clansmen.

Sub-Zero began to tell his version. The Lin Kuei wasn't responsible, and he felt they were falsely accused of attacking the Shirai Ryu to justify the actions of Scorpion's attack on his clansmen. Sub-Zero went on to admit that the Lin Kuei was going through a dark time as Sektor, the former leader of the Lin Kuei, was forcing his clan to undergo a full cybernetic combat protocol. Sub-Zero was turned into a Revenant when Sindel, Princess Kitana's mother and former Queen of Edenia was reborn as a Revenant and killed many of them as Quan Chi began to turn them into Revenants. He regains his freedom and his former body when Lord Raiden defeated Shinnok and reverse the curse of Quan Chi. After he had been restored and was in full control of his actions, Lord Raiden forbid the Lin Kuei and the Shirai Ryu from fighting each other.

Harry sits and listens to both stories carefully. Harry couldn't sense any deception in either story, but there were more questions than answers.

"I do not know what I'm about to say is true," Harry began slowly. "but it sounds to me another had their hand involved in the Shirai Ryu and Lin Kuei then you realize."

"What do you mean?" said Sub-Zero.

"It seems strange that this Quan Chi would bring you both back repeatedly for his personal use. Cyber Ninjas, and a vengeful avenger – sounds to me he was trying to build up his army. Have your clans had issues with each other before these incidents?"

"No," said Scorpion. "we've never got into conflict with one another before, and we have participated many times in Mortal Kombat together."

"I can only assume that another is only manipulating you into fighting one another," said Harry.

"You mean someone wanted the Shirai Ryu into believing the Lin Kuei was responsible for the clan massacre?" said Sub-Zero.

"It's possible," said Harry. "I think these cyber-ninjas may hold the answers. The answers may be tied to their memory banks may tell the truth."

"Many Cyber Lin Kuei were destroyed in the war," said Sub-Zero. Everyone turns to look at him in turn. "I'll ask Lord Raiden if he still has any left in his Sky Temple or if General Sonya Blade kept any in one of her bases."

"I will have my vengeance," said Scorpion. "One way – or another."

"Your vengeance is justified, but is misguided," said Harry. "I know very much about vengeance, having once sought revenge myself – but I learned it always ends terribly."

"If you knew what happened that day," Scorpion said slowly. "you wouldn't stop me from having my vengeance."

"I have no intentions in stopping you," Harry said, surprising Scorpion. "I have experienced first hand in what vengeance does to people. I can only ask for you to be patient and grow with wisdom and learn from these events. I hope one day, you'll understand."

"He does make an excellent point," said Sub-Zero. "If another is manipulating us into conflict, then we're just pawns in another's game. I refuse to be a pawn for another – I had enough enslavement under Quan Chi."

"As did I," said Scorpion. "peace for now. Once we learn the truth, I will have my vengeance."

A sudden clap of thunder could be heard as a figure appears in the middle of the room with a woman wearing black robes that had a shadow over her face. The person who arrived had white lightning sparking around him before it died down; he was wearing white robes with a straw hat. A pair of bracers and greaves could be seen on his arms and leg.

"I thought I forbid your clans from fighting," said the arrival.

Harry looked at him with confusion about his powers and how he was able to appear in the room. Harry knew it wasn't apparition but something else, and it was different from a wizard's abilities. the

"We have agreed to a truce, Lord Raiden," said Sub-Zero.

Lord Raiden looks at Sub-Zero in surprise before turning to Scorpion; Scorpion nods his head in response.

"Lord Raiden," said Princess Kitana. "Who is that with you?"

"I am Kassandra," said the woman as she removes her hood. "I encountered Lord Raiden by chance. Much has changed, and the world has entered a state of confusion."

"Meaning this happens all over the world," said Sub-Zero.

"It has happened everywhere," said Lord Raiden. "Even the Elder Gods were affected. Worlds are appearing that have never appeared before."

"We might find more answers tonight," said Harry, who had a sudden thought. He's never seen or heard of these people. He didn't know a Lord Raiden, let alone 'The Elder Gods.'

"Why tonight?" asks Jade.

"Because tonight will provide answers," said Harry.

"I do not know of you," said Lord Raiden. "Are you an invader as well? Or someone caught in this mysterious event?"

"I'm not even sure what is going on," said Harry. "I doubt I'm an invader; I've lived on Earth all my life. All I remember was seeing a bright white light like the sun was glaring, then I found myself in New York City."

"I think I know what he's talking about," said Kassandra. "We're going to need a better place to stay than in this warehouse. More will be coming."

"There is an island not far from here," said Lord Raiden. "It is unoccupied, and there is no one on the island. The humans here call it Baxter Island. It appears to be a tunnel venture between three major cities, New York City – Gotham City – and Metropolis."

Gotham and Metropolis were cities he's never heard of before and didn't even think they were real. Harry was going to have to look into this further and learn more.

"What is that island history?" asks Harry.

"Unknown," said Kassandra. "much has changed – the question we need to be answered – is how much has changed."

"I'll take us there," said Raiden as he raises his hands. Lightning begins to surge around them, and then Harry found himself standing on an island looking at New York City. Harry turns and sees a darker and gloomier city to the south where New Jersey stood as Harry looks further north and sees a city in white light.

"I'm going to scout a bit," said Harry as he walks forward and into the building.

"So who is he?" asks Lord Raiden.

Harry walks in and sees that this was an old factory and was abandoned. By the looks of things, no one has been here for years. Harry's eyes were zooming around the building and could see that everything of value was taken. The buildings had no furniture of any kind, and the circuit boards look so old it would be a miracle to get them to work.

Harry walks into the room and could see this island was mostly planned to be used for immigrated at one time.

Harry walks into the room and immediately found himself in a large chamber. He looks down the venting chamber and could see it went miles down.

"Have you found anything?" Lord Raiden asks as he walks towards Harry.

"A venture tower," said Harry as he looks down. "goes down for miles."

"Where does it lead?" asks Lord Raiden.

"My guess," said Harry. "towards the cities."

Harry jumps down the dark tunnel.

"Is he crazy?" said Kassandra.

Harry lands on the broken bridge and looks around the area. Harry couldn't help but wonder what this island initially intentions. The venture tower was far too deep for mere immigration. Harry once wonder if this island was a former military base. Harry knew this venturing tunnel would be right to move troops to and from the island.

A sudden clap of thunder could be heard as Lord Raiden appeared beside him.

"You are trouble," said Lord Raiden.

"As are you," Harry responds.

"I have learned of a very ill-suited fate," said Lord Raiden. "I defeated my ancient enemy Shinnok and decapitate him, but I grow darker, more violent, and vigilante – more ruthless."

"Time," said Harry as he looks upwards. "it's an interesting thing, isn't it; powerful but dangerous when meddling with, and it's best not to meddle with time unless one must; what happened to your darker you?"

"As an Elder God, I am an immortal – I can never age, nor can I never die. There are different rules I must follow you mortals follow. As such, there can never be two of the same Elder Gods existing at the same time; one will vanish, and the other will continue onwards, though I should have received my future self's memories – I didn't," said Raiden.

"I was in the middle of a battle against one of the vile dark lords in history," said Harry. "our spells our collided, and the next thing I knew, I woke up in New York near the docks."

"Most unusual," said Raiden. "and is highly disturbing. I must return to the Elder Gods and see what they know of these events."

"Return before nightfall," said Harry. "I want to see if my theory is correct."

"You still haven't shared what you have in mind," said Raiden.

"I rather explain at night," said Harry.

Raiden said nothing as he suddenly disappears in bright white light and the sound of thunder echoing inside the Venture Tunnel. Harry stood there, wondering what kind of world he entered. Harry had to learn how to use his magic and abilities without a wand.

Harry decided to focus on the basics and to use the levitation charm to levitate some objects. Harry grabs a pipe. He echoes the chant 'Wingardium Leviosa' in his head, but to his disappointment, he couldn't make any of the objects around him float.

Harry drops his head and breathes heavily. He was having trouble with having a pipe float in front of him.

"Having trouble?" said a female voice.

Harry turns and sees Kassandra standing there patiently.

"How did you?" Harry began as he never heard her approach.

"Walking in silence is a trivial matter for someone like me," said Kassandra. "all Assassins are trained to walk without making a noise."

"Assassins?" Harry repeated softly.

Kassandra launches into the history of her order, the Illuminati, and their sworn enemies, the Templar Order. The Assassin's have gone by other names before taking the name Illuminati. Hidden Ones, Faceless, Nameless, and the Hassassins of the Persian Empire. For nearly three thousand years, their orders have been at war with one another. The Templar's believe the worlds need security and that humans couldn't be trusted with their own freedom. The Illuminati believes that every person's sovereignty should be respected, and the power of choice cannot be taken away; a controlled future had no hope for humanity.

Harry could see how this is a serious conflict and how it could never indeed be resolved. The choice between security and freedom. Protecting people's safety was something that has been a debate for hundreds and thousands of years. If two Orders were founded on the belief over security and freedom, then the conflict could be endless.

"So, what troubles you?" Kassandra repeated.

Harry looks at her, debating on whether he should tell her or not about his situation. Harry wasn't making any progress in using casting his spells.

"I'm having trouble casting spells," said Harry.

"Spell?" Kassandra repeated. "are you a Sorcerer?"

"Wizard," Harry said automatically.

"So you use elements and arcane," said Kassandra.

"Not really," said Harry.

"I do not know where you come from, but the idea behind Sorcerer is they are like magical assassins. Using shadow magic and moving in and out and dealing damage to their enemies and heal their allies without being seen. Wizards are those who manipulate the elements to attack and destroy their opponents," said Kassandra.

Harry wanted to correct her about that's not what a wizard was, but he stops and thinks about her words carefully. Harry did precisely as she said during the Battle of Hogwarts. Harry had moved in and out between the battle under his invisibility cloak casting spells silently to protect his friends and comrades.

"I don't have my wand, or any belongings, not even my gold," said Harry.

"Then start with the basic," said Kassandra. "how do you normally channel magic?"

"With my wand," Harry said simply but couldn't help but feel foolish on how that sounded.

"No other way?" Kassandra said with a raised eyebrow.

"Only way I ever learned," said Harry.

"You need a Grimoire," said Kassandra.

"Grimoire?" said Harry.

"I do not know how your world handles magic, but I have studied magic and learned one way to keep track of your spells and secrets secure while you improve your spells," said Kassandra.

"Grimoire's don't exist in my world," said Harry.

"Maybe so," said Kassandra. "this is a new world. The rules are different from your world that much is clear. Since you no longer have a wand but still have great power dwelling within you, you must learn how to channel that power and learn how to use it efficiently. I do not know why the worlds have merged, but you best learn how to adapt without your wand and use your abilities as quickly as possible."

"What advice you have for me?" asks Harry.

"One of the best ways to adjust to your abilities is through combat," said Kassandra.

In saying that, Kassandra suddenly kicks Harry in the stomach, causing Harry to stumble backward. Harry's had many jinxes and curses placed upon him, many of them hurt such as the Cruciatus Curse, but he's never dealt with physical pain since the days when Dudley used to beat him as when they were kids. Kassandra was much stronger than Dudley, and her kick hurt a lot worse than Dudley's punches.

Harry brings his hands up in a boxing stance and quickly throws a jab at Kassandra. Kassandra easily dodges and promptly throws a punch at Harry's rib cage, causing him to fall back against. Harry falls back, and this time throws an uppercut at her face; Kassandra dodges again and throws a mean hook to his other rib cage.

Harry was getting angry and quickly goes on the attack, throwing, cross, hooks, uppercuts, and jabs at Kassandra, who dodges every single one of his attacks and even swats his attacks aside like they were nothing. Kassandra grabs Harry's arm and in a quick motion, pops his elbow out its socket and breaks it with ease. Harry groans in pain, but it wasn't the first time he's had his arm broken – let alone have his bones vanished. Harry attempts to throw a jab, but to Harry's amazement, Kassandra disappeared from his field of vision.

No, she didn't vanish; she merely ducked down below. Harry was suddenly greeted by intense pain in his knee that caused Harry to stumble as he tries to grab something so he wouldn't fall over from the pain. Harry's right arm was slugging downwards, unable to move, and Harry's left knee was bent in a position that it wasn't supposed to bend.

"I'm surprised," said Kassandra. "with your lack of skills, most people would have been screaming from the amount of pain they would be feeling right now."

"I've received worse treatment," said Harry.

Harry didn't hear anything. However, his bones were starting to mend immediately, and the bruises were healing at a rapid rate. Harry stood up and flexes his right arm a bit, and to his surprise, nothing was damaged or broken.

"A healing factor," said Kassandra. "very fast too. Most people with healing factors take an hour to recover from those wounds."

Harry took the boxing stance Dudley showed him, but Kassandra attacks him faster, throwing kicks at him that caused Harry to back away and avoid her kicks. Harry was amazed; she threw three kicks in a single stance in different directions that caused Harry to ponder on how to approach her and land a single punch.

Kassandra began to pick up the pace throwing punches at Harry's face and kicks at his legs that throw him off balance. Several kicks were high and nearly hit his head, forcing Harry to fall back even back. Harry finally hit the wall and had to roll out the way on the ground as Kassandra hits the wall with devastating force.

Harry quickly stands back on his feet and suddenly realized that she was no mere muggle. Muggles didn't have the strength to punch through solid concrete with ease and not without hurting themselves. Harry took a defensive stance as Kassandra again went on the attack.

Harry's eyes began to adjust to her attacks as he could see where she's was going to attack, but Harry didn't know how to fight back, let alone counter her attacks. Harry wished he had his wand and counter-attack with some of his spells.

Kassandra threw punches and kicks at Harry, who backs away and tries to keep the distance between them, and Harry knew he couldn't defeat her, so he kept his distance. Kassandra was going for a high front kick, and Harry brings his hands up to block the kick only for a powerful blue energy burst to erupt around him, and it sends Kassandra flying back towards the wall.

Harry looks at his hands and couldn't help but feel strange. Harry was wishing he could cast a shield charm to prevent her from hitting him, and then – that energy just erupted and blasted Kassandra off her feet.

Kassandra had hit the wall, but she was already standing back on her feet. An ordinary muggle back would have been broken from the impact.

"You need some reference on how to use your abilities," said Kassandra. "not to mention training. You suck at hand to hand combat. I'm going to have to instruct you in hand-to-hand combat. Basic boxing abilities will not help you in a fight."

"What do you suggest?" asks Harry.

"You need to watch some anime," said Kassandra.

"Why?" asks Harry.

"I've enjoyed watching anime," Kassandra with a smile. Harry looks at her in confusion, so she turns serious. "some animes go into details on how to use magic properly. In your case, I suspect it may help you as it could guide your path."

"I suspect it's time," said Harry as he disapparates and reappears on the first floor. Harry walks outside, where Kitana was standing with Jade as they look at him approaching. Harry ignores them as he approaches the docks to look upwards at the night sky.

A sudden clash of thunder could be heard as Raiden appears in the front of the building.

"I am here," said Raiden. "you promise to help provided answers."

"I did," said Harry as he continues to look up at the night sky, and to his delight, there weren't any clouds in the sky. "tell me what you see."

"Stars," said Kitana as she looks up at the night sky as if trying to find Harry's gaze.

"Do any of you recognize these stars?" asks Harry.

"No," said Kassandra as she appears behind them. "The constellation has changed."

"What does that mean?" asks Scorpion.

"It takes millions of years for constellations to formed let alone change," said Kassandra. Kassandra presses her finger on her bracer, and the holographic image appears in front of the night sky. "this is how the constellation should appear."

"That's not how my constellation appears," said Harry. Harry puts his hands together and tries to concentration and shows them his world's constellation. It finally appears in the form of an illusional mist for the others to see. Harry was thankful he at least paid half attention to his astronomy classes during his time at Hogwarts.

"Now I understand," said Raiden. "None of us are invaders."

"because we're all from different worlds," said Kassandra. "parallel Earths."

"Then how are we standing here?" asks Jade.

"Because something or someone merged our worlds. A new Earth and a new Universe," said Kassandra.

Harry knew such power was impossible. Muggles have long search and tried to prove the possibility of parallel universes, but all results have failed. It was a myth. Even wizards couldn't confirm the exists of other worlds. The only thing that could be determined was the alteration of time and creating alternating timelines.

"We're going to need information," said Harry.

"I'll inform the Elder Gods," said Raiden. "I'll do what I can to unravel this mystery."

"That's not what is bothering me," said Harry.

"What you mean?" Raiden in confusion.

"He means that whatever caused this event, it was caused for a reason," said Kassandra. "we were brought together for a reason."

"An invasion?" Raiden said at once.

"Possibility," said Kassandra. "keep your ears open. I'll reach my contacts, and we must map out this new world. While many things may be similar, there will be many new places and locations. The more we can create a map of this world, the faster we can plan for the future."

"Can we trust you?" asks Kitana.

"That is unknown," said Harry. "it's no consequence that we found each other. Meaning we were brought together for a reason. There are others out there confused and uncertain about what is going on. We're all looking for answers, no matter what the answers we provide. We have a theory but do not know the means of convergence. New allies will appear."

"As will new enemies," said Kassandra.

"Rest," said Raiden. "much has happened today, and we'll discuss our course of action tomorrow."

Author Notes: I hope everyone likes the first chapter. Here are the outfits the characters are going to be wearing throughout the story.

Kitana: MK-11 Edenian Blue. Her best outfit yet, as he makes her beautiful and deadly without appearing like a slut in thongs and bras.

Jade: Assassin (MK- X Mobile)

Sub-Zero: Master of Cold (Blue and Black) like Scorpion; Sub-Zero is his younger self from the beginning of MK-X. Revive from a Revenant.

Scorpion: In the Shadows (Primary Black with some Yellow as secondary and for the markings), Scorpion will also be his younger self just at the start of MK-X. When he was revived from a Revenant.

Raiden: Implacable Foe (Gold and Black from MK-11) Raiden is not Dark Raiden, but he will be between passionate that we've loved and Dark Raiden.

Kassandra: Modern modification of the Shadow Warrior from Origins.

Harry is just in his casual robes. However, he'll eventually start wearing an outfit very similar to Aguilar de Nerha from the Assassin's Creed Movie (Portrayed by Michael Fassbender). It will be black with a red sash around his waist. Kassandra spoke of Harry's future role in this story, so I hope everyone enjoys the new story.