Heroes of the Storm

Author Notes: I know many of you are hoping for the X-Men, and yes, they will be in this story. Given Professor Xavier's need for secrecy, they won't make an appearance till later.

Chapter 25: The Guardian

"How long is this going to take?" asked Mike Peterson impatiently.

"This is the best I can do with the current reception I'm getting," said Skye. "This isn't like I'm deleting a Facebook page. I'm hacking into every known government website, bypassing their security all while trying to stay invisible."

"How do I know you can do this?" asked Mike Peterson.

"I've done it before," said Skye.

Skye couldn't deny she was nervous as Mike Peterson appeared very unstable with the occasional orange glow appearing in his veins.

"Mr. Peterson, good morning," said Coulson outside the van. "We're not here to hurt you, but you are in danger and need to take you into a safe facility."

"What did you do?" demanded Mike Peterson grabbing Skye.

"You're hurting me," said Skye.

Mike kicks the side of the van, throwing everyone out as he jumps out, holding his son and Skye. He quickly jumps out of the van and enters the terminal dragging Skye with him as Ace follows his dad.

A black custom cruise motorcycle arrives on the scene. The figure wore black sunglasses, wearing black combat uniform, looking at Mike Peterson, disappearing into the terminal.

His primary target wasn't here, but his system told him that he would be here.

Furthermore, his primary orders to safeguard humanity remained. His onboard system told him this person was a threat to humanity.

He rides towards the back and parks his bike as he grabs his 'flowers' and heads inside to intercept the threat.

Mike Peterson rushes inside, looking over his shoulder, not letting Skye go, holding her tightly.

Skye herself didn't like the situation she found herself in. Mike Peterson appeared more unstable than she thought. That ominous orange glow that appeared on his face made her hair stands on their end.

Skye looks around, trying to find some means to escape and getaway. She didn't want to admit, but S.H.I.E.L.D. had been right. She unleashed a hornet's nest, and now it looked like she was going to pay the price.

Skye looks forward and sees a tall Caucasian male in black sunglasses walking towards them. He raises his hands as the small box with roses opens up, revealing a shotgun.

Skye felt her heart drop as she knew what was going to happen.

Mike Peterson didn't see the danger until the shotgun fired. Mike Peterson falls back with some blood appearing on his shirt.

People screamed upon hearing the shotgun blast could be heard, many of them running towards the exits.

Skye didn't remain, the moment Mike Peterson hit the floor, she took off running. Mike stands up as his attacker stands over him with his shotgun pointed as his head. Mike grabs the barrel causing the blast to hit the ground as he stands up and looks at his attacker dead in the eye.

Using every strength he had, he throws his attacker into the air. Watching him crashing into an information booth, shattering it upon impact.

Mike looks around frantic, unable to see his son.

"Ace!" shouted Mike fanatic.

A kick in the back of his knee caused him to fall as a person puts him in a full-nelson chokehold.

"That stuff inside of you is unstable and will take you and everyone here out," said Ward.

"Whose going to miss us?" said Mike bitterly as he grabs his attacker's arms and throws him off him. The person flies further because of Mike's strength and crashes into a luggage cart. '

Mike looks around and spots Skye trying to break down a door, but couldn't get it to open. Mike leaps upwards, heading towards Skye and grabs her.

"You alright?" someone asked as the T-900 gets up and reassumes his mission to terminate the threat.

He grabs his shotgun and heads towards his target, who had leaped into the air towards an exit.

The sound of another shotgun could be heard as the T-900 stops and locates the source.

An L.A.P.D. officer stood there with a shotgun pointing it at his target and the girl. A quick facial scan told him this person wasn't a police officer but rather an imposter.

The imposter fires again and misses as Mike Peterson breaks the door open and disappears inside.

The T-900 quickly approaches the police officer who took no notice of his approach and fires his shotgun into his back as he took off running. He falls to the ground, mortally wounded.

With the assassin taken care of, the T-900 quickly establish the quickest route to his target. The T-900 quickly climbs the stairway to intercept his target.

"Be advised, we have a third party here," said Coulson.

"You got to stop," said Skye breaking free from Peterson's grip. "These people can help you."

"The dark men in suits," said Mike. "They're your friends now? Where did they take my son?"

Mike turns to look around but stops upon seeing a dark clothed figure walking up the stairs heading towards him with a shotgun in his hands.

The person fires his shotgun at Mike as Skye quickly dove behind a cement garden with bench seats to take cover. Mike took the hit but grabs the trash bin and throws it at his attacker before grabbing him.

Mike paused as he tries to push his attacker, but his attacker stood his ground, matching Mike's strength. The two hold the shotgun as his attacker looks at him completely unphased.

The T-900 stands there before he headbutts Mike Peterson in the face, causing him to stumble backward. Mike lets go, but the shotgun ends up sliding on the ground. Mike stands tall and throws a wild haymaker at his attacker only for his attack to grab his fist in midair and holds him firmly.

Mike looks on in shock, unable to believe that his attacker was stronger than him. Mike thought he was as strong and fast as Captain America.

Mike did the only thing he could do, using his years as a football nose-tackle. He spears his attacker through the glass, causing the two to crash three stories down into the information booth.

Mike stumbles to get back on his feet. His attacker took the worse of the impact falling on his back while providing some protection for Mike.

Mike stumbles to get back to his feet. To his surprise, his attacker was already on his feet, unphased by the fall.

He grabs his shotgun that had also fallen and reloads the weapon, standing there ready to reengage.

Another person walks forward wearing a black business suit, holding a handgun. He sets the handgun down as Mike Peterson stands tall.

"You think that means anything?" shouted Mike Peterson as L.A.P.D. moves the people out of the area. "I know you got people all over the place, ready to put me down. I know how this plays out."

"I don't," said Coulson. "I know you got an unstable chemical compound in your system that is activating like poison, killing you from within. I know it's burning you up. Mike, the last guy who wore that, exploded, taking out an entire building."

"I'm not like that other guy. I'm," said Mike. "It matters who I am, on the inside. If I'm a good person. If I'm strong."

"Right now, you're a danger to everyone," said Coulson.

Up above, Cassie Cage secures Skye and takes her with her to the entrance to watch how the scenario.

"You're lying!" shouted Mike. "Is that why you got that assassin to kill me?"

"I'm with Imperial Secret Service," said the man in a robotic voice.

"Edenian," said Jacqui.

"Correct," said the man. "Mike Peterson is a priority alpha threat to public safety, therefore must be eliminated."

"I'm not a threat, you are," shouted Mike. "I'm here to save people from..."

Mike's voice trailed off as he stands there, looking at the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who were gathering.

The roof above them explodes as Iron Man and Superman come flying down before landing at Mike's flank.

"Avengers," shouted Mike. "I'm not the bad guy, it's them!"

Mike points at Coulson.

"Hey Coulson, how was land of enchantment?" said Iron Man.

"Eventful," said Coulson.

A third figure comes floating down with sparks of lighting emitting from his body as he touches the ground softly.

Merlyn arrives with his mask on and glowing white eyes.

"Mr. Peterson," said Merlyn.

"Look, you got the wrong guy," shouted Mike. "They took my son! They are the bad guys! They shot at me!"

"I do have two shotgun hits on Mr. Peterson," said Iron Man. "Left torso and lower right back."

"S.H.I.E.L.D. will not harm your son," said Merlyn. "Right now, they are keeping your son safe."

"Yeah, from who?" shouted Mike Peterson as the orange glow emits on his face again.

"From you," said Merlyn. "Right now, you are a threat and a danger to your son."

"I'm not like that other guy," said Mike.

"Hold up, Extremis?!" said Iron Man. "You allowed some nutcase to inject you with Extremis?"

"Extremis?" repeated Superman in confusion.

"Extremis is a chemical compound that gives the subject enhance physiology," said the T-900. "It also causes the subject's body to overheat into an explosion. Given the amount of Extremis inside his body and his current body temperature, he will kill everyone within three square blocks radius."

"I'm not like that other guy!" shouted Mike in frustration.

"What's our eta?" asked Merlyn.

"Less than forty-five seconds," said the T-900.

"Mr. Peterson, you have to calm down and bring your heart rate low," said Coulson.

"Or what, you'll put me down?" shouted Mike.

"You heard what will happen if you don't," said Coulson. "If you don't bring your body temperature down, then you will explode, killing everyone in Union Square Station. Before that happens, my team will have no choice but to kill you to keep everyone safe."

Mike looks on in frustration as he looks into Coulson's eyes and looks at the Avengers who had gathered.

A shot suddenly hits Mike in the head, dropping him to the ground. The Avengers, the T-900, and Coulson look up at the second balcony at Ward with Fitz holding the Night-Night Gun.

"I got his vitals," said Iron Man. "He'll live, and his condition has been somewhat stable."

"S.H.I.E.L.D. S&R inbound via helicopter, secure suspect for transport," a voice said over the coms.

"Copy," said Coulson.

Merlyn cast a pentagram causing all the objects to reassemble themselves as the damage to Union Square Station is fixed, saving the city millions of dollars in damage.

An hour later, the T-900 stood there before the team as everyone looks at him uncertainly.

"So want to explain why you are here?" asked Cassie.

"My mission to protect Ignotus," said the T-900. "Orders from her excellency, Empress Kitana."

Harry stands there, resisting the urge to groan while wondering what his wife got him into.

"You're not human, are you?" said Harry.

"Correct," said the T-900. "I'm Cyberdine Model 2-1-0. Advance Infiltration Unit originally sent to the past to protect John Conner. My primary mission has failed, so I followed through my secondary mission."

"Which is?" asked Coulson.

"To safeguard humanity from Skynet or potentially rogue A.I.'s, or anything that threatens the world," said the T-900. "I came across two Imperial Operatives who directed me to Empress Kitana, and she sent me here, to safeguard an important imperial."

"So, you are programmed to follow my orders?" said Harry.

"Correct," said the T-900.

"What exactly are you made of?" asked Ward.

"My endoskeleton is made up of adamantium," said the T-900. "I have nanotechnology within my endoskeleton to repair my systems. My CPU is self-learning that is capable of adapting. The rest of my systems are classified."

"Sir, it doesn't make any sense he can operate without a power source," said Fitz.

"Correct," said the T-900. "I have two hydrogen fuel cells to power my systems."

"Isn't hydrogen fuel cells?" said Cassie.

"Nuclear," said Coulson.

"I'm guessing whoever built you, didn't want you to be captured," said Ward.

"Correct," said the T-900.

"Nuclear technology is now illegal," said Coulson. "You'll need a new power source."

"I'm aware of the new law," said the T-900. "I believe there is someone who could build me a new source."

"Tony Stark's arc reactor," said Coulson. "I'll give him a call."

"Are you the only one that is here?" asked Harry.

"No," said the T-900. "Three days after my arrival, another came through, arriving in Mexico City."

"How do you know this?" asked Coulson.

"When there is a chronal displacement, it can be detected before it happens," said the T-900. "It sends out a specific time of shockwave that can be detected with the right equipment. You can pick it up days before it happens, similar to using a spectrum to detect an earthquake before it happens."

"So there is another one of you out there?" said Ward. "Is it on our side?"

"Not likely," said the T-900. "I was created by Skynet before captured by the resistance. It's possible another terminator was created by another future."

"I'll call Stark, but we need you to do us a favor," said Coulson.

"I have already look into the Convergence," said the T-900. "I cannot find anything that merged six universes into one."

"That sucks," said Fitz-Simmons.

"Let's get you some correct clothing," said Harry. "Do you have a name?"

"Negative," said the T-900.

"Well, you need one," said Harry.

"You really thinking giving a Universal Soldier a name is a good idea?" said Ward. "What is he? GR44?"

"Luc," said Coulson.

"Why not, Gabriel?" said Simmons. "In biblical legends, Gabriel the ArchAngel is the protector of mankind."

"Then I am Gabriel," said Gabriel.

"This is going to confusing," said Fitz.

"Coulson," said May appearing above the ramp. "We got an O-8-4."

"Is this confirmed?" said Coulson.

"H.Q. wants us to confirm it," said May.

"Wheels up in twenty," said Coulson.

"Things are getting stranger by the day," mutters Harry as he walks up the ramp.

"So why me?" asked Harry as Gabriel follows him.

"My mission is to ensure human survival and protect John Conner, the leader of the resistance," said Gabriel. "John Conner doesn't exist in this world, so I must protect the next leader in case Judgment day happens. Your wife said you could be the next savior should the world need saving. Your history and files prove you are the next human resistance leader should it ever come to salvation."

"Typical chose one bullshit," mutters Harry.

"Without nuclear warheads, the cause of Judgment has ceased, but isn't over," said Gabriel. "The threat will always remain."

"Are there any other terminators out there?" asked Harry.

"Most likely," said Gabriel. "What models and futures they come from I cannot say. My mission is to protect you from harm."

"I'm almost terrified of that," said Harry.

"Skye's arrived," said Kassandra.

"What's your assessment of her?" asked Harry.

"She's dangerous," said Kassandra. "She doesn't understand what is going on, and could make matters worse."

"Well, I like her," said Cassie.

"The girl is a risk," said Gabriel. "I recommend terminating her to prevent her from exposing sensitive secrets."

"How good are you with computers?" asked Kassandra.

"I have detail files on computer technology," said Gabriel.

"Then make sure you can track her, so she doesn't find information or releases any information publicly," said Kassandra.

"So this is a mobile command station," said Fitz. "These were mass-produced back in the eighties and nineties, but then the emergence of the helicarriers arrived."

"Like the one in New York," said Skye. "Whatever happened to it?"

"It suffered heavy damage, mostly with its turbines," said Simmons. "So S.H.I.E.L.D. has a contract with Wayne and Stark Industries to build new ones."

"Can't wait to see those babies," said Fitz.

"Stark, as in Tony Stark?" said Skye in awe.

"Stark is a consultant to S.H.I.E.L.D.," said Harry walking forward. "When the Helicarrier went down back at New York, Stark was asked by Director Fury to build a new Helicarrier after Stark called it an 'antique.'"

"It's called the Bus," said Cassie. "You'll get used to it. The girls are bunked over here."

"Did Coulson ever tell you where he got Lola?" asked Harry.

"It was impressive," said Skye. "It could even fly."

"Yeah, that was a gift to Coulson from Howard Stark," said Harry. "Howard Stark has tried for years to build a car with flight capabilities and succeed. Coulson saved his life once, so he received Lola in return."

"I will go to my quarters," said Gabriel.

"Hey," said Skye to Ward. "I know we didn't get off on…"

"You might want to read this," said Ward handing Skye a pamphlet. "This isn't like most planes."

"You can say that again," mutters Skye looking at the pamphlet as Ward walks off.

"Say what again?" asked Coulson.

"Sweet ride," said Skye turning to Coulson.

"I earned a little goodwill from Director Fury when I got hit before the Invasion of New York," said Coulson.

"You took a bullet?" said Skye in amazement.

"Ish," said Coulson. "I tried to stop Loki from escape, and he stabbed me in the heart with a Chitauri scepter. The effect was similar. Got a few weeks' R&R and this plane."

"How did you survive if you got stabbed in the heart?" asked Skye.

"Morgan le Fay saved my life," said Coulson. "She healed me up, then put me to sleep so I can heal."

"She brought you back from the dead?!" said Skye, with her eyes popping out in amazement.

"No spell can reawaken the dead," said Harry. "Once you die, that's it, no coming back."

"The plane has been completely refurbished. Studs up - spared no expense," said Coulson.

"Yeah, Ward said they sent you to Tahiti," said Skye.

"It's a magical place," said Coulson.

"You mentioned that," said Skye.

"Better buckle up," said Coulson.

"You haven't said anything on where we are going," said Skye.

"Peru," said Coulson. "That's where the O-8-4 was reported."

"And an O-8-4 is?" asked Skye.

"An object or person of unknown origin, kind of like you," said Coulson. "A S.H.I.E.L.D. team is sent in, assessed the situation, and determines if the object is dangerous or beneficial. The last one turned out to be very interesting."

"What was the last one?" asked Skye.

"A hammer," said Coulson slyly.

Skye looks at Coulson, realizing she wasn't going to get any more information.

The bus takes off into the air heading to Peru from Los Angeles.

"So who is he exactly if he's not a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent?" asked Skye, pointing towards Harry.

"He's an envoy from the Empire," said Coulson.

"The Empire? Edenia?" asked Skye at once.

"That's right," said Coulson. "Director Fury wants to build good relations with the Empire, so an Imperial Envoy was sent to get an inside look at our operations and to gain trust."

"Is that why he's so fit like Thor?" asked Skye.

"The Argus Alliance currently has an Alliance with the Asgardians," said Coulson. "They are really the only ones who do. Thor fought alongside Princess Diana and Emperess Kitana during the Invasion of New York."

"Princess Diana? Emperess Kitana?" repeated Skye. "You've actually met the Avengers?!"

"I did," said Coulson. "I was the one to recruit them into being the Avengers. The idea behind the Avengers was simple, to bring together a group of remarkable people and see if they could become something more. To see if they could fight the battles, none of them could defeat alone, but to fight the battles, we never could."

"So that was their first mission together," said Skye.

"It was," said Coulson. "They did well together, didn't they? They were isolated, unbalance, and in some cases, broken. The Avengers gave them something, no government could ever give them."

"What was that?" asked Skye.

"Solice," said Coulson.

Harry looks at Gabriel, who had taken one of Wards jackets, but now wore a standard tactical suit outfit.

Gabriel cocks his Glock 17 backward, checking the cartridge.

"I'm wondering, how do you see?" asked Harry.

"My sensors have a built-in 4K H.U.D. Display system," said Gabriel. "I can see over 1.5 miles in any condition except storms that cause visible disturbances."

"You sound like Hawkeye," said Harry.

"Harry, you got a call," said Kassandra.

"Who is it?" asked Harry.

"It's the A-Team," said Kassandra.

"What's going on now?" mutters Harry as he picks up his earcom.

"What's going on?" asked Harry.

"A.I.M. has struck again," said Bruce. "Stark is missing. His mansion in Malibu has been destroyed. We need you to return to the Island at once."

"Copy that," said Harry. As he pulls his earpiece out of his ear.

"Remain with the team, keep them safe," said Harry feeling strange ordering a robot around.

The door to the House of Mysteries opens inside the Bus as Merlyn walks through before it disappears.

"That doesn't appear possible," said Gabriel.

"Trust me, tin-can," said Kassandra. "This is a strange new world, better adjust fast to this world and accept some things are beyond our understanding. You'll also have to accept the fact that there is something that exists called magic."

Merlyn steps on Avengers Island, materializing from thin air. Avengers Island was in international water, but it was officially a private island own under the Avengers. American satellites, drones, flying overhead, taking pictures, and images every hour. Submarines were off the official borders keeping track of any subs or vehicles that enter and left the Island.

Merlyn said nothing, sense the presence of the American within the submarine.

Merlyn enters the conference hall to see some of the Avengers have gathered.

"Any sign of Stark?" asked Merlyn.

"Negative," said Batman. "The U.S. Government has officially declared him dead."

"Are we sure Stark is dead?" asked Wonder Woman.

"He's alive," said Batman. He presses a button on his left gauntlet showing an image of Stark Mansion under attack by rockets being fired from several helicopters. Another image shows a small figure flying away from the mansion.

"Tony managed to get away," said Superman.

"Indeed," said Batman. "The U.S. Government declared him dead, in hopes they can acquire the blueprints behind his Iron Man suits."

"Typical," said Merlyn. "Senator Stern?"

"He was quick as usual to declare Stark dead, and move in on his personal assets," said Bruce. "Of course, there was one thing Senator Stern didn't take into account."

"That being?" asked Green Lantern #2.

"You are?" asked Merlyn.

"Sorry," said Green Lantern #2. "Sergeant Johnathan Stewart. You can call me John if you want. Hal Jordan was recalled back to Oa, so I'm here as his replacement. This here is my S.O. Laira Omoto."

Laira floats towards Merlyn in a green glow. Unlike Hal Jordan and John Stewart, whose green outfits covered their entire bodies. Laira's wore something similar to a one-piece bathing suit only covered her upper body. She wore black arm and knee sleeves with green bracers.

Merlyn knew there were aliens out in the universe. He's thought Laira was extremely beautiful. Her purple skin with red hair was beautiful together. Her green eyes had a lighter touch to his eyes.

"You carry a dark scar upon you, one that has been left by a great evil," said Laira.

"Are you an empath?" asked Merlyn.

"In a way," said Laira. "I know aliens aren't very welcome here on Terra."

"Don't be too sure," said Merlyn. "Thor is Asgardian. Superman is Kryptonian. We're at a crossroads. Though you should tread on Terra carefully and stay with one of us."

"The Guardians of Oa wish to speak to Terra's leader about the Lanterns rights to operate in your space sector," said Laira.

"That might not be possible," said Batman. "Our world has too many leaders with too many different agendas. Perhaps the only person who can speak to the Guardians is Lord Raiden, the Elder God assigns to protect our world."

Laira said nothing as she looks at Batman.

Merlyn could sense Laira knew the Guardians would object to anyone calling themselves a 'God,' and it could cause problems.

"This can be done later," said Merlyn. "Right now, we should focus on locating Stark and stop his Iron Man suits from falling into the wrong hands."

"I got satellites trying to locate him," said Batman.

"Or we could use a locator spell," said Merlyn.

"That would work," said Batman.

"Someone needs to stop congress from passing any emergency bill so they can gain the rights to Stark suits," said Flash.

"They won't gain access to his suits," said Batman. "Stark kept all his secure files on his Iron Man suits on Avengers Island. So they can't acquire anything without a certain someone's permission."

"Mine," said Merlyn. "Make sure those files remain locked up, and no one is allowed on this Island. We're going to help Stark."