Hello everyone. I've been planning this for a while and now I've finally got this down.

I have here a list of OCs to match with the boys from the Reverse Harems I love to watch!

I do have my favorites but I want you all to pick which on you want to see the most.







Just let me know which one you want to read first. See you all then.


Tsubasa - Tsubasa is the daughter of the director of the new school Special Music Talent, SMT. She plays the Guitar and is the star of the school. She prefers music to be fun, Fancy, and free. She's a free spirited girl, and has a big deal with romance. She's the queen of it. If there's a relationship then she will know about it.

Iris - Iris is one of two of the best violinist in the school. She doesn't like having someone behind her doing the piano other then her brother. But after her brother left, she's been alone. Ryotaro Tsuchiura is the only other one who she can trust to play piano behind her.

Tula/Tulips - Tula is one of two of the best Violinist girls in the whole school of Music. While she doesn't like much about herself, she does love how she can make music with her violin. She doesn't like Len vary much but learns to like him as she plays along side him.

Haru - Haru is the child of a famous musician, but she never took much of his talent. She was raised by her mother, and is more into writing music rather then playing it. She listens to Azuma's music and asks why she feels so much pain and sadness in them. She understands feelings in music from the person playing it. Rather then the music itself.

Mo - Mo is the younger sister of Tsubasa and the daughter of the director of the Special Music school of Talent, or SMT. Mo is into most any musical instrument and she is into Keiichi and why he's always sleeping.

(Male) Touma - While Touma loves to play the piano no one really talks to him. More like no one wants to, or have tried to and given up. When he meets Shoko he changes. Although he speaks through sign language, Shoko knows what he's trying to say without it.