Tsubasa Moonlight

Tsubasa was sitting on the stage while classes began. She was tired of being the special girl.

So what her father runs and built this school. It doesn't make her special or anything like that.

But, the real reason, is the school was dedicated to her mother.

She may act like a free spirit, but she's really trapped within herself.

Not many get to see the real her, if they do, they are in for a huge shock of their lives.

She sat there playing the first song she ever learned on the guitar, her instrument of her choice, and the person who inspired her mother to be such a performer on the piano. Beethoven.

Her mother loved listening to his music, and she became a pianist just like him. But after she learned all these things about her mother, she got sick, and died within a week.

She had been hiding it so long and well, that none of them saw anything wrong with her.

Tsubasa changed after that. She's been the way she is to be happy about her mother and showing the world, music is a talent that is admired by many who will listen and everyone can play such a beautiful melody on anything.

That's why she plays the guitar. She shows, as example, that she can play anything that is on piano or violin, and play it on a guitar as well. With talent and practice, she is now able to play, Moonlight Sonata.

She's been doing this every Sunday as a way to pray and speak to her mother.

While her father built this school for her, Tsubasa plays for her. She tries to reach out and plays to get her mothers attention. Letting her know that she will never give up and be what her mother once was.

After the death, her mother and even herself and father, were all forgotten from the world.

Every now and then, she'll see a little light, sparkling in the ceiling of the theater, flying and slightly will hear laughter or singing.

Tsubasa believed in fairies for a long time. But the one fairy she has only "seen" is the one that was at the other school. A music fairy of course. But, sometimes, she'll see him or her, in their theater whenever she plays.

It makes her smiled to see or hear a little thing like that. But is doesn't help with how she feels within herself. Deep down, she's sad and feels alone in the world. No one really is listening. And they just don't care.

"Mother. I wish you could be proud of what me and father have done. But...I know, that all this has been for nothing. We've tried the last three years. And it seems, we just can't keep doing it. I'm so sorry, I've...we've let you down." She spoke out loud.

Hoping to hear a response. But there was nothing.

"You look like your about to cry while playing."

Tsubasa looks up and standing over her, is Kazuki Hihara. He came to the school to help inspire other students like me, to be open and play fancy and free music from their hearts.

"Hey Kazuki. Why are you here? Shouldn't you be guest lecturing about music?" Tsubasa asks him.

Kazuki sits down next to her and she continues to play on her guitar the song.

"You miss your mother that much huh."

"Yes. Of course. Did you hear what I said?" She asks.

Kazuki nodded. "And I'll say this, don't doubt yourself or your father. She, your mother, is super proud of the both of you, no matter what you've done. You've been playing the guitar and spreading this word, your father built this school so others like you and your mother can be open and free just like you, and can live their dreams. She is more then happy enough to call you both, her husband and daughter. Her special family." Kazuki said.

His smile and voice was like that of an angel. He even looked the part when playing his trumpet.

"You may be right. But I can't help, feeling like I could have done more with everyone here."

"You are still a student." Kazuki reminded her. "I'm 18! I'm at adult age! I should be acting more like one and spreading these musical hearts everywhere. I am at that age where I can travel and help people find their place in this world. Weather it's in music of something else." Tsubasa said.

"You are like a little fairy helper." Kazuki laughed.

"How so? And it's not funny!" Tsubasa snapped.

"It's just, you want to do what a fairy's job is. To help guide those, students or otherwise, people to where they feel like they belong. To help them shine like stars in the sky." Kazuki explained.

"Thanks for that complement. I think. But that's just how I feel. When I graduate in the spring, I'm going to start traveling around the world. Spreading the sound of joyous music and harmony of the world it can become. I want to be like...I guess an angel of melody if that's the case." Tsubasa said.

"I think that's wonderful. But what about your father? Would he approve of it?"

"Not unless I ask a boy to go with me alone and all that crap." Tsubasa shrugged and scoffed.

"Seriously? You don't think he'd worry about you being on your own more than-"

"With a boy? He'd worry WAY more. I am his little star after all. And I'm supposed to run this school when I turn 30. I have 12 years of freedom to enjoy before I come back here and run this school on my own. If it's still here. Which I'm sure it will be but..." Tsubasa sighed. She couldn't help but feel this way. "I'm at least glad you're here. Maybe, if I marry before I'm 30, then my husband will run the school instead of me." She smiled.

Kazuki blushed a little, but his smile didn't fade away.

"Tsubasa Gekko." He said her name like she was the angel of light.

"My mother always loved the name Tsubasa. It means wings. My father's last name is moonlight. He changed it after he married her. Because he first saw her, on a stage like this, playing this song. Beethoven was her inspiration for being on this stage. To be...a soul of music, melody, and harmony." Tsubasa said.

She finished playing the song on her guitar and Kazuki clapped for her.

"Thank you. I think you are right. Mom would be proud of what we've been doing. Even if it's not a huge change to the world." She said.

"I'm sure. Shall we head for lunch? Or do you want to play one more song?" Kazuki asked.

"I can do one more song." Tsubasa laughed.

Kazuki pulled out his trumpet and began playing. Tsubasa played along behind then alongside him with her guitar. Making fun and happy music for the whole school to hear. Hoping the world will one day hear this and spread this kind of joy all over.

But suddenly, Kazuki stopped playing. Tsubasa looked to see what was wrong, but he was staring at her smiling.

Sure she knew he liked her. He also liked the other girl from his school that works here as well. Kahoko Hino was a pretty girl, and the right age. She was still young, three years younger then him. So why was he acting...like he was...her guardian angel?

He got so close her train of thought just stopped. Tsubasa wasn't sure if he was going to kiss her or not, but she just closed her eyes feeling his breath mixing with hers.

"You trust me?" He asked her.

Tsubasa didn't need to say a word to give him his answer. A slight nod and a sharp breath, he kissed her right away.

Tsubasa never thought she'd find someone so perfect. But her father found her mom, so you know what, she's living just like they did.

Kazuki was like her mother. Her father has mentioned the traits to him before, btu she tried not to pay attention to what he said. Cause she didn't want to feel so sad that a friend of hers, was like her mother.

But now, she's glad. Cause she fell in love with him instead.

As he pulled away Tsubasa laughed a little. "My dad, might be okay, if you came with me." She said.

"I was planning to do that from the start since I met you." He whispered.

"You better get to class."

"We both do." Tsubasa said.

The two left the theater and headed off to class.

And a little fairy named Lili, was singing and dancing. "Good for you, Angel Wings of Moonlight. Your mother is very proud of you."

The End