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It started at the end of fourth year, leaving behind his friends and going off to his own private hell. Harry knew deep in his heart that something was going to go wrong. He wasn't sure what, but he knew that it would be big. And he was right.

Not even three weeks into the summer, Harry was slaving his slight form over the many chores placed upon his shoulders. Weeding, cooking, and cleaning- some of the few chores placed upon him- took up much of his day.

"Boy!" yelled Vernon, his voice shaking the house. From the dining room popped out a shaggy black head. Bright green eyes stared balefully out from under the unruly cap of hair. "I have had it with you! Get your trunk. NOW!"

With a disgruntled and worried look, Harry raced up to his room. Moments later, he dragged the heavy trunk down the stairs. He stared at Vernon in trepidation. Whatever was going to happen, it was happening now.

"Follow me, boy, and keep up!"

Out the door they went. Soon Harry was all packed away and sitting calmly in the passengers seat, not saying a word. He hadn't said anything at all since he came back to Private Drive; he didn't need to. The Dursley's didn't listen anyway. So what was the point?

They took off with down the street, Vernon doing well over the speed limit. 'He is in a hurry, but why?' Harry thought to himself as the houses blurred on past. In what seemed like no time whatsoever, they arrived at London.

Vernon drove around, taking turns through dark allies and making confusing zigzag turns. Soon Harry didn't even know where he was! Suddenly Vernon slammed on his breaks. Harry slammed toward the windshield. The seatbelt dug painfully into Harry chest, constricting his air passages, as it caught him inches away from the dashboard. 'What the-'

"Get out," said Vernon.

Harry stared at him blankly.

"You heard me-get out! I am tired of having a freak like you plaguing my household. GET OUT!" Vernon stuck out one pudgy hand and pushed. Harry opened his door and reluctantly stepped out. Moments later, a thick trunk followed and landed next to him with a thump.

The car revved and left Harry standing all alone. He stood there in the middle of the dank and dark ally watching the headlights disappear down the road.

"Great," muttered Harry, his voice rusty with disuse. "Now what do I do?"

Well, his first move was to find shelter. Hedwig was currently visiting the Burrow, so Harry couldn't write to any one. And on top of that, he didn't even know where he was! He looked at the crumbling and abandoned buildings.

Many had holes where the windows were supposed to be. Spying a likely hiding place, Harry marched off to the small building on his left. The peeling paint and broken glass nearly kept him away, but the sights of a whole roof made him rethink his motives.

Glass crunched under his feet as he neared one busted out window. Harry looked over the rubble littering the ground. Grabbing a whole box, he dragged it over to the window. Throwing his trunk in took a little effort but climbing in was the hardest. He was still well under the average height for a male his age and lacked the muscles to pull himself in.

Finally, with a lot of hard work, Harry found himself sitting on a dirty but still whole wooden floor. The place was dark, as little to no sunlight could penetrate the forest of buildings but the darkness didn't bother him all that much. Sitting in the cupboard all his life made him use to it.

'How could they just abandon me like that?' he thought to himself. 'I knew they hated me, but I never thought they would do something like this to me!' Tears stung the corners of his eyes but Harry never let them fall. After all, why should he cry over them?

"Don't be sad, little Prince," a deep voice said.

Harry had his wand out and pointed at nothing in an instant. His eyes tried to pierce the darkness but he couldn't see anything!

"Who's there? Show yourself!"

A masculine chuckle echoed across the walls, sending slight shivers up Harry's arm.

"I am here, little Prince, and I shall show myself at your command."

Instantly a tall figure materialized out of thin air. A graceful figure conjured a small ball of mage light high over his head, for it was a male, so Harry could see him. Tall with long dark hair and bright silver eyes met his gaze. But it was the dark wings that made him gasp. The black as night wings stretched out from his back like a dark wave. Harry had never seen anything like that before!

The figure saw Harry's gaze and smiled. Then, to his utter surprise, dropped down onto both knees, bringing his head down to meet the floor.

"It is my honor to finally meet you, Your Majesty. In all my years of searching, I am happy to have finally seen your face."

Harry's mouth opened in surprise. What was this man talking about?

"Uh. I'm sorry but what are you talking about? And what is your name? Please," he motioned for the man to rise, "don't bow to me. I think you have the wrong person."

The man smiled but did as Harry bade. Leaning back on his knees, he smiled at Harry and he noticed the man was really pretty.

"Oh, but you are exactly who I said you are. You are my Prince, Prince to the Royal Monarchy of the Demon Realm of Alenzar. I am your humble servant, Roltac."

"Prince of Demons? I really think you have the wrong person Roltac. But it was nice to meet you. I think I must be going though-"

"What if I told you I could prove it?"

Harry stopped in mid motion for his trunk. He really hopped Roltac was lying. Why couldn't he just be normal?


Roltac stood and removed a small glowing sphere from his robe pocket.

"Here," he placed the globe in Harry's hands, "hold this. It is a Detector. It can detect anything from DNA questioning to Royal blood. If it turns silver, you are not my Prince. If it turns red, then you are who I said you are."

"Why should I trust you?" Harry asked, suspicion evident in his voice.

Roltac just smiled. "I have not harmed you in anyway and I do not plan on it. Besides, what do you have to loose?"

Harry thought about it for just a moment before he shrugged. True, Roltac had not harmed him and he remembered reading about Detectors in his Dark Arts book. The sphere was not an object made to harm, it was made to detect objects or answers.

Harry looked down at the small crystal he held. Suddenly colors shot up from its depth, turning in swirls and rainbows of colors. Flashes lit up the dark interior of the room. It started to slow down, colors flashing and swirling before his bright green eyes. Then it stopped.

Harry gasped in shock. It couldn't be true! He held in his small hands a pure red globe- he was the Prince of Demons.

"H-how?" he stuttered. "I'm a wizard! My mum and dad where human! How can this be possible?"

Roltac sighed. "It is a long story. But are you willing to listen?"

Harry nodded.

"Then sit down. First thing you need to know," Roltac arranged his robes around his feet, "was that your mother was not human."

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