Coming Silence

Ch: 22

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After another week lying in the infirmary, Harry was finally given a clean bill of health and released. In a way, Harry didn't want to leave as he was basking in the warmth Severus poured on him at every opportunity. Then again, staring at the boring walls while his Mate was off teaching day after day got rather boring after a time.

Dumbledore and Draco Malfoy both survived the final battle and Draco even came to visit Harry in between his N.E.W.T tests to give Harry some company. He confided in Harry one sunny day that he had managed to kill his own father but felt nothing over his death. 'It was necessary' was all he had said about it. Harry realized that Draco's family life was just as messed up as his own had once been and told Draco to visit Alenzar one day.

Ginny, blushing furiously with a wide smile, happily reported that her and Blaise were officially engaged. Harry was happy for her and wished her a life full of happiness and many, many children. Given her Weasley blood, many children were inevitable.

As for Ron and Hermione, sadly enough, both managed to make it out alive, but not in good shape. Hermione was hit with multiple Crucio's and she needed to take ten different potions a day for the next three months to heal the damage that was done while Ron lost bones in both legs and his right arm by a backfired Reducto. How Reducto had managed to disintegrate his bones, no one knows, but he ended up drinking a large amount of Skele-grow. Harry was most pleased by the amount of pain Ron went through.

Neville was pardoned by the ministry for being used by Pansy and managed to make his grandmother proud as he captured six death eaters before they entered Hogwarts. He kept them unconscious and in one piece for the ministry officials and was awarded a First Class medal.

Being officially released, Harry and Severus were able to hold their hand fasting ceremony in the Great Hall with their loved ones and family, though Harry assured Severus they would have a proper ceremony when they reached Alenzar so he would officially become a Royal Prince. There couldn't be two Kings, so Severus would end up being a Prince. Now, they were in their rooms packing, readying themselves for their trip home to Alenzar, Harry keeping the letters that would share his good news with his godfather and Remus away from his Mate. The letters would reach them after the two men leave.

"Severus, you can't burn that!" Harry shouted as he lunged at his Mate. It was Saturday and the day for packing. Severus smirked as he held the 'evil' picture Harry had somehow managed to take one night while he was sleeping above his head and smirked. "Don't you want to keep that for the children?"

Severus rolled his eyes. "I sincerely doubt any children of ours would be interested in a picture of me drooling with my hair all over the place. I honestly have no idea how you managed to take this thing without me noticing."

"Because I had tired you out. Now, give it back. I happen to think it is absolutely adorable." Harry again tried to jump at the picture but was smacked by Severus's long black wings.

"I said , no. I'm keeping this one. That way you can't blackmail me."

"Me?" blinked Harry innocently. "I would never do that!"

Severus stared at him in disbelief. "Of course you would. If I recall correctly, you tried to sweat talk me into jumping into that rift. Then, you knocked me unconscious. So, I completely believe you would try to blackmail me."

Harry sighed. He knew Severus was right. "Your no fun." He flung a small black pillow at his Mate, smacking him straight between the wings.

" No fun?' I'm too old to be fun Harry. Now get to work boxing those sheets."

Harry started shrinking various sheets and pillows and stuffing the shrunk items into the open trunk. Why Severus wanted to take all these old linens when they had plenty at the castle made no sense. 'Sentimental reasons' Severus had responded when Harry had asked. The other man was insufferable but Harry loved him anyway. A knock at the door pulled him away from the tedious task.

"I'll get it Sev."

Harry opened the heavy door while Severus shrunk his wolf statue and silver candle sticks. As Harry opened the door he gently placed the picture at the very top of shrunk items and gently closed the lid of the trunk.

"Sirius? What are you doing down here?" Harry hugged his godfather and pulled him into the room.

"I brought you dinner," Sirius maneuvered the silver tray full of roast beef sandwiches into the room and looked around. "I also came to help but it doesn't look like you need it."

Harry smiled as he took in the torn up room. Objects of various size littered the ground in separate piles, waiting to be shrunk and placed in the proper trunks. The room was completely bare of all personal belongings but to Harry, it still contained the essence of Severus and it always would.

"We could always use the help. Even if he won't say it, I know Severus would thank you."

"I doubt that, Harry," said Severus as he joined the two men. "However, I appreciate the food."

Sirius rolled his eyes. "You scared I'll find something incriminating, Snape?"

"Hardly. I just don't want you running away with a pair of my old knickers. You've always been obsessed with me and don't you deny it."

Harry smirked at the astounded look on Sirius's face. "Breath, Sirius. Sev was joking."

"That's why I'm astounded. He was born without a sense of humor."

Harry shook his head as Severus continued to bait Sirius. Before the conversation could take a bitter turn, Harry said, "I'm going to miss this place."

Both men turned and observed the room around them. A lot of history had taken place there, even if no one knew of it but Severus. Harry was right, he was going to miss this place. Hogwarts had always been his home and now he was being whisked away to a place he had visited only for a short time.

"You know, I am going to miss you, Snape." Sirius gave an ironic laugh. "After all we had been through, I will miss you. No one has ever been able to give good insults the way you do. Why are you leaving?"

"Harry has a kingdom to run-he can't stay here. My job is over and I can finally live my life, even if it's away from here. I'll miss Hogwarts and everyone in it-except maybe the little brats that run around-but it's time for me to leave. Harry and I decided I could do more in Alenzar as his Mate and Prince. Besides, I'll still have my potions. Oh, and Black? I WON'T miss you."

Sirius scooped up a leather bound book and tossed it at Severus. In turn, Severus threw a shoe hitting Sirius straight in the stomach. "Oh, it's so on now, tough guy!"

Harry's eyes widened as Sirius scooped up a fresh sandwich and let it fly. He managed to duck the flying entrails of the sandwich but Severus wasn't so lucky. A small splat was heard followed by a laugh from Sirius. Harry had to admit, the scene that followed was rather funny. Severus stood looking shocked as pieces of beef clung tightly to his silky black wings.

A snap was heard from the doorway. There, stood Remus, wizard camera in hand grinning like an idiot but snapping away.

"Picture of the life time, Harry. My grand-godchildren will love this one."

"Make copies," advised Harry. "Lots and lots of copies."

"Not funny Black! I will get my revenge. Lupin! Give me that camera!" shouted Severus as he noticed the werewolf.

"Nope. This goes down in history as one of the most memorable Snape experiences in my life. Just think of how nice it will look on your mantle."

Remus grinned and turned, running as Severus tore after him, screaming, "GIVE ME THAT CAMERA!"

Harry moved slightly to the left to avoid the spread wings of a running Severus. He had to admit, seeing Severus run was highly erotic. Sirius grinned and both men burst out laughing before collapsing on a tightly closed trunk.

"Monday is the last day of the term. I can't believe its over already. You will come to visit, won't you?" asked Harry.

Sirius wrapped his arm around Harry and smiled. "You know I will, as often as I can. Don't tell Snape but I'm going to be made Potions Professor next term. He'll have a hernia if I tell him. So, being the loving godchild that you are, you will let him know once you arrive in Alenzar for me, won't you? And get a good picture. They are worth a thousand words after all."

"Using me as a way to torture Severus? How devious of you."

"I am a Marauder after all!" Sirius smiled and both men fell into a comfortable silence, leaning against each other for comfort. Harry smile widened as he thought of his own good news. He hadn't told anyone yet but he wanted Severus to be the first to know. His hand drifted to his still flat abdomen where life was slowly beginning to grow. They had talked about children before, Severus wanting one or two, maybe, Harry dreaming about ten with his eyes and Severus's brains tearing through the castle. He chuckled softly to himself as he remembered how wide Severus's eyes had gotten.

Remembering how drastically his life had changed since he received his first letter from Hogwarts and all the hardships he had had to endure, Harry thought to himself that he wouldn't have had it any other way.

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