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Summary: AU Squinoa fic, my first attempt at writing fan fiction. Squall is a metasite, a human with a creature living within him which grants him many extraordinary powers and abilities. Please read and review thanks!

Chapter 1: A metasite's world Squall's POV

Another typical morning. Nothing out of the ordinary... the nice room, the service, the food, the women...all so ordinary.

I live in Galbadia Garden. I've lived here for the last eleven years. The Headmaster Martine is constantly on the lookout for new metasites and he tracked me down when I was eight years old. My parent's were reluctant to let me go to the Garden at first but eventually, they believed it was all for the best.

When I got to the Garden, I didn't go to school like the other kids. Instead, I went to a special class where all the metasites went. Most of us didn't even know we had such a power lurking within our bodies. What did we know? We were young, naive, and innocent. We were fools. Scientists and experienced metasites taught us how to activate the metasite and how to use the various abilities that the metasite gave us.

Guess I forgot one big thing huh? You're probably asking yourself right about now "What the HELL is a metasite?". Well, a metasite is a parasitic creature that lives within a host. This however is a mutualistic symbioses. In other words, both the host and the parasite are happy. The metasite cannot live on it's own so it seeks out a host (usually humans). The human grows normally and the metasite grows along with it. The metasite can also provide the host with some "pay back". Some hosts go through their entire lives without knowing they are a metasite. Others, find out accidentally and unleash their power by mistake. The most obvious power of a metasite is a organic armor that wraps itself around the host and gives the host strength. This is the basis of all the other powers of a metasite, energy blasts, increased senses and strength, wings, healing, and other goodies. The main weapon of a metasite is the metablade, a weapon that is unique to each and every metasite. MY metablade is a pistol grip single edged sword known as Lionheart. Well, that's what I am and that is where my story starts.

Like I said, I've spent almost all my life at Galbadia Garden and I've made quite a name for myself. When I was young, people all told me that I had a VERY powerful metasite and that my talent with a blade was absolutely astounding. I loved all the attention and how fun it was sometimes at night just to sneak out at night and fly from rooftop to rooftop like the whole Galbadia was just a huge playground. But like you probably know, things get old. And although I haven't gotten bored of my metasite powers, I HAVE gotten bored of all the attention. Eventually, I just drifted off into isolation and that's how I got my nickname, the Lone Wolf. People just could not leave me alone...I needed a change...

AN: OK, there's my first chapter. Sorry if it starts out slow, but the rest of the story just won't be understandable if I didn't at least explain some of the background. Next chapter will be more eventful =) Please R&R thanks in advance!