Chapter 1:

Summary: The story picks up from the end of 4x22 where Clary has lost all her memories of the Shadow world. In the real world, she is a budding artist with everything going her way. She has a stable job and new friends to surround her, but best of all, an amazing new boyfriend. Jace, still trying to process his grief over losing Clary continues to check up on her every now and then until one day she can see him. The Shadow world slowly creeps its way back into her life as she regains little pieces of her memories along the way.

Taken right off the TV show, but plays nicely into the continued story.

I do not own these characters.

The sounds of clanking wooden sparring swords sounded out throughout the institute. People were rushing around and doing their jobs, but in the training room, Jace and Simon we at each other's throats.

A year has passed ever since Clary left. Jace had been left devastated, doing everything he can to keep his mind off of her. To pass the time he'd taken up Simon as a trainee since he was promoted to a New York Institute consultant of the downworld. Ever since Jonathan's wrath on the world, the Clave realized its need to include and listen to downworlders to prevent anything like this happening again. The Clave took the Seelie Queen into custody for conspiring against the Clave and new laws were made to include downworlders in Clave activities. This was the most peaceful the Shadow World had been in a long time.

Jace took a swing towards Simons head, but Simon quickly blocked it. Simon moved to his left circling around Jace and swung low. Jace blocked the attack and countered back with a hit that knocked Simon back. Simon regained his balance and pointed one of his wooden sparring sticks towards Jace, "If you would've let me use vamp speed, I would've beat you the very first time," he said, in almost a mocking tone.

Jace caught his breath but immediately went back into a fighting position. "You've got to learn of to fight correctly first."

Then in one fluid motion, he spun and lunged forward to attack Simon. "It's not all about speed," he said as the sparring sticks came into contact.

Simon was about to counter but he left a gaping hole open towards his chance. Jace took the opportunity to poke him where he'd let his guard down. Once he noticed his vulnerability, he quickly moved to attack Jace, but Jace was too fast. Jace had stuck the stick up into his face, poking his nose. "Boop, boop," Jace sneered.

Simon whacked away the stick and continued to fight it out with Jace. He took countless of swings to the left and right at Jace but Jace either parried or dodged it. As Simon was gaining ground, Jace spun around and dodged one of Simon's attacks, countering it with a kick of his own. Simon was quick enough to dodge the kick just in time, but just as he regained he balance again, Jace was on the attack. Jace flipped around and attacked Simon, with the sticks meeting in the middle of the two. All Jace could do was smile. As both caught their breath, Simon said, "When are you going to let me use real swords?"

Jace smiled and replied, "When you can beat me with sticks."

There was a slight hesitation between both boys as they were catching their breath. Simon then readily said, "You mean today?"

With the hand not parrying Jace's stick, Simon jabbed towards Jace's head. He was met with a counter that had his stick in between both of Jace's. Jace pushed Simon's sticks back towards him all the way up to his neck. Once Jace had beaten him, he once again tapped the stick on Simon's nose saying, "boop boop."

Simon pushed Jace off of him and continued to lunge towards Jace. However, every attack Simon made was countered by a dodge of a parry leaving Simon tired and vulnerable. A couple more swings and Simon had gotten himself in a position with his back turned towards Jace. Jace immediately pushed his shoulder into him which sent Simon tumbling to the ground.

Simon got back up with full furry using his vamp speed to get behind jace. This proved to be no use because as soon as he attacked from behind, Jace used his reflexes to counter the attack. Jace then flipped over Simon and attacked him from behind, leaving Simon on his knees at Jace's mercy.

Simon dropped his sticks and sighed "Maybe not."
Jace patted Simon for his effort and moved to put the sticks away. "Now I have to say, all that work is paying off. If any other shadowhunter was training you, you'd beaten them by now."
Jace turned back to Simon to see a disgruntled look on his face. Simon sighed and said, "You've been sneaking out at night to keep tabs on her again, haven't you?"

Jace shocked by the comment avoided eye contact with Simon. He was. He couldn't not check up on her. He needed to know that she was safe and that she was happy. He knew he could never intervene and that she wouldn't see him because he was glamored, but Clary out there in the world alone scared him. Jace replied with a simple, "No," and walked away.

Simon followed him while saying, "Jace, I've seen you."

Jace stopped in his tracks and unwillingly turned towards Simon. "What, what have you seen me?"

"Go to her apartment, her school. I have vamp speed remember?"

All Jace could do was sigh. He lifted his shoulders in a motion like there was nothing else he could do. "Look, it's not a problem. She doesn't have the sight anymore and I'm always glamored."

Simon disappointed interrupted, "No Jace, it is a problem," adamant about his point. "How many times do we have to do this? Look, it takes every ounce of willpower that I have not to check up on her myself, but there's nothing we can do."

Jace looked up at Simon with tears welling in his eyes. Any mention of Clary always made him emotional. He'd lost the love of his life and she didn't remember him. All Jace could do was stand there a listen to Simon, knowing he was right and that he needed to stop seeing her for his own sake.

Simon continued, "Her shadow world memories are gone. She doesn't remember us. You read the note that she left for us. Anything we try to do to change it is against the will of the angels and could make it worse."

At this point Jace was a mess. He was on the verge of breaking down. His Clary is gone and there is nothing he can do to change that. He began to speak with his voice cracking as he tried to hold back tears, "You know, I pray everyday to the angels that they will see that our love is stronger than their spite."

Simon himself tried to put on a strong face for Jace. "I know how much you're hurting, but she'd want you to move on, to find someone else."

Jace swallowed at these words. "Someone else." Imagining Clary with anyone else was the worst pain he'd ever felt since the day he found out she had lost her memories. Tears were streaming down his face but he muscled up the courage to faintly say, "There is no one else."

This was the rawest Simon had seen Jace in a long time. He knew Clary was a touchy subject with him, but it was unhealthy for Jace to keep spying on Clary when she had no idea who he was. The risks were too great and he couldn't put his best friend in danger like that.

Simon walked over the Jace and put his arm on his shoulder, comforting him on the reality of their situation. "You have to let her be, Jace. You have to"

Simon removed his hand and began to walk out of the training room. Jace stood there alone. For the first time in months he had become so vulnerable in front of others because of Clary. Jace knew Simon had lost his best friend, but not even the pain they shared over Clary could compensate for the pain he felt in his heart. There was nothing he could do, nothing he could say to change what had happened. If anything she would never find out about the shadow world again and she would go on to live a happy life, without him. He couldn't stand that thought of being without her. Sure, he'd already lasted a year, but that year had been the most agonizing year of his life. The memories they shared, gone. The battles they've won, gone. The relationship they built, gone. He would give anything just to feel her touch one last time.

Author's Note: Sorry if this was short. I tried to keep it based of the show and you can probably guess what the next chapter will be. Thanks for reading and a review is always appreciated :)