Chapter 4:
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"So he kissed you?" asked Clary's friend, Beth.

"Yep, right out of the blue. It was just so strange, he knew me from somewhere, but I didn't"

"Have you told Wyatt yet?" asked Nicole

"No, but I am going to."

Beth was the funny one of the group. She always had a witty comment or response to every situation. Most times Clary went to her for a clubbing partner or someone to talk her down from something she was taking way too seriously. Nicole was the introvert of the group, but she was the one they got all their gossip from art school from. Although Nicole was rather quite, she knew just about everything drama that went down in New York from mainstream celebrity headlines to local gossip. Some would call her a stalker, but she would call herself a detective.

"Speak of the devil," said Beth.

Clary turned around towards the entrance of the bistro to see Wyatt walking in with box of food leftover from earlier this morning. "Hey babe," he said as he put his hand on Clary's shoulder.

Wyatt was a tall, broad-shouldered man who stood out like a sore thumb in art class. He didn't seem like one to take art because of his athletic build. He had a square jaw with narrow, dark brown eyes. His nose was flat with freckles littered all over his nose, and cheeks. His lips were large and full and when he smiled, he had dimples that appeared between his freckles. His light brown hair was spiked up showing off his fade.

Clary got up from her chair and gave him a hug and a peck on the cheek. "Thanks for meeting me here, we can leave for the park as soon as I finish my coffee," she said as she sat back down.

Wyatt pulled up a chair and said hi to Beth and Nicole. "So what was the thing you wanted to tell me last night?" he asked turning to Clary.

She took a deep breathe. For some reason, she found it hard to explain to Wyatt what had happened. She was always open with him and she knew he would be considerate of the story and then voice his opinion, that's just who he was, but she couldn't explain what came over her. She took one more deep breath before relaying the story once more for Wyatt.

"I mean, you didn't know the guy right? He just kissed you randomly so it didn't mean anything," said Wyatt warmly.
"Exactly," replied Clary, finishing her last sip of coffee, "I just wanted you to know."

"Well I'm glad you told me." Wyatt took Clary's hand into his and placed a gentle kiss onto her lips. She smiled back towards him after, and turned to Beth and Nicole, "I promised Wyatt we would go to Central Park. I'll see you guys later"

Wyatt and Clary started dating about 5 months ago. He stuck out in the art classes they shared, but she took notice of him staring at her during class. He finally got the courage to ask her on a date and they had an instant connection. He would always be there for her when she was struggling with a piece or just needed someone to talk to. He was her first "anchor" in her life that she could remember.

There was a period in her life that was always a blur to her. She didn't have anyone from that time in her life that was still around to tell her what had happened, so it was basically like she was starting fresh. She didn't share that blurry period in her life with anyone, not even after she began dating Wyatt. She was comfortable around him but Clary believed that if she had mentioned something like that, it would scare him off, and she needed an anchor in this world so that she could sort out the truth of her past. She remembered her mom and Simon, but now, in the present, they weren't in her life, and she had no clue why. She made up a story that she told everyone about her past and when she told it to Wyatt, he seemed to attach to her, like he was guiding her out of this gray area of her life. He was good for her, and she was good for him.

Clary got up and Wyatt followed her through the entrance onto the street. But as soon as the light hit her, Clary's knees buckled and she fell onto the sidewalk. Wyatt was there to catch her but Clary laid there, motionless, in his arms in the middle of the sidewalk.

Clary had a vision, more like a dream state. She was surrounded by this bright, white light and the only thing she could see was a pedestal with a cup on it. She tried to make her way to the cup, but no matter how far she walked, she always stayed the same distance away. Finally she began to see something else: a figure with bright wings make its way down to the cup. The figure began to lift it up before being attacked from all sides by this darkness. The darkness began to creep its way into the brightness of the white room that surrounded her. She herself, was safe from everything, but she witnessed the white figure crumbling under the force of the darkness. Once the white figure was no longer a threat, the darkness took the cup from the pedestal and vanished. Everything around Clary that used to be bright white, was now dark and black. Before she awoke she heard a voice "Clarissa Fairchild...piece by piece, take back your memories... There is a greater threat"

She woke up in an unusual place and not where she originally passed out. She wasn't with Wyatt or Nicole, or Beth. She was surrounded by 3 unknown faces and then one she recognized. Jace.

Sorry for it being so short and leaving it on a cliffhanger. This does help with where I'm trying to go with the story however and I plan to have new chapters shortly. :)