An entire moon has passed since Yoren arrived at Storm's End. She liked him, he was nice and respectful with the servants, whereas so many Lords' children. Well, he has been raised by his mother in a very young city full of immigrants from all around the knowed world after all. She guessed he didn't have any servants there.

Bimau was on her way to Yoren's chambers. She would sweep the floor and tidy anything that needed to be even if there were very little things each time for her to clean there... While she would do the cleaning, Yoren would go study with Maester Brumi, this old goat. Blimau, like the entire staff wasn't fond on the maester. He was as proud as a nobleman, well maybe he has been one before he entered the Citadel but once you forged your chain, you had to give up your name and titles... Maybe he was ill the day the Maesters of Oldtown explained this to the aspirants...

And on top of that, he would cling to the traditions of the past when the smallfolk had perfectly understood the need for change : kings and queens and lords and ladies are chosen for their skills and qualities not for their lineages anymore. So of course, he was cold to Yoren, clearly on Lady Tasha's side she thought as she was cleaning the windows.

The servant loved Lord Gendry, a man from the lowest part of the Six Kingdoms' people who became a Lord. He knew what it was like to starve, to be so frozen you thought you would die. He knew. For his lady wife, on the other hand she didn't feel anything, she was just another lady to serve, just as scornful as Queen Selyse has been. So Blimau had to admit she was rather on Yoren's and Lord Gendry's side, they were both kind and gentle.

And she was done with the broom ! Yoren was the tidy type so she didn't have a lot of cleaning to do in his room, it left her more time for lady Arya's... Gods that girl was something...

The servant knew that after breaking his fast with his family, Yoren would run to the forge to help Privan, his tall and broaded master -She do needed to focus, i'ts a bad idea to daydream while working...- for an hour or so. After that, he would run again but to Ser Hillin this time. This old hand seemed to care deeply for the boy and took him under his wing. They would walk or ride to the nearest city which has a harbor and sail to a market place or something like that...

Yoren also began to train Lady Arya and young Lord Davos to Bravosii fencing. Blimau loved to take the things she had to sew with her and to settle down on a bench in the countryard when they trained. Their motions were so smooth and graceful, she now understood why this style's nickname was 'water-dance'. And if Yoren was this good already, she couldn't imagine how amazing his mother was ! She hoped Lady Arya Stark would stop here, at Storm's End at some point, she would love to see her, at least one time in her life...

So, this is the little routine of the Baratehon children, basically. She was fond on these children, she helped Lady Tasha to give birth to them, she saw them grow up... The servant always kept an eye on them, she hasn't been able to protect poor Princess Shireen, she won't fail twice.

One day, she saw Yoren enter Lady Tasha's chambers, she followed him for she was worried. What was the boy doing ? It was well known that she tolerated him because Lord Gendry has been adamant about Yoren's presence but that was all... So, she eavesdropped the conversation the in the most dicreet way the could.

« -My Lady, I didn't congratulate you when you announced your pregnancy and I'm am sorry about that. I'm not good with words, this is why I wanted to show you my joy about having a new sibling in an another way, if you will allow me. » Blimau was very impressed by the boy, he was as deferent as can be. Apparently, Lady Tasha nodded for Yoren began to chant in a foreign tongue Blimau didn't know.

« -What did you do boy ? What kind of magic was that ? » Lady Tasha's voice was stressed and dry.

The boy answer quickly as if had prepared it long ago.

« -This is no magic my Lady. What I did was a sacred fertility rite from the Island of Naath. Seisi, a man who lives at New Dawn showed me how to perform it when his wife was pregnant. It is meant to protect you and the child until his or her birth. I do hope it will work. » Blimau heard the boy's footsteps, he was exiting the room ! The servant began to move when she heard lady Tasha's voice.

« -I thank you for your gift, the women of Naath are well known for their fertility. There is a thing I have been wondering about. How are you called ? Storm, Snow ? There is no such name for the bastards born outside of Westeros. » Her voice was more pleasant now, she clearly liked the boy's gift... The Seven be blessed !

« -I was the first child to be born at New Dawn, so the problem emerged... There has been a vote and a decision ensued : every child who would be born in our city shall be called 'Dawn', without any regard of any kind to his lineage or his or her parents' marital status. That was the society my mother dreamt, a society where skills count more than blood. »

Blimau coulnd't hear an answer from any of the ladies -Felli, Tasha or Sinda- they were clearly shocked by such a society ! But the servant liked the idea... A place where skills were the only thing that mattered, what a wonderful place !

Her head still a bit in the clouds, she went near the forge to observe the smiths work. Well, one of them especially, she had to be honest with herself. That Privan really caught her eye... She felt a melancholy in him, a sadness she could relate to.

Another day, she was laying the table and she heard a conversation between Lady Arya, Lord Gendry and Yoren. The young girl was complaining about all the baby's clothes her lady mother forced her to embroider. Of course Lady Tasha was doing this, it was well known in the Six Kingdoms that the more seamstresses a baby's clothes had, the more protection the child would have.

Besides, the ornaments must have a signification for the parents. Most of the ladies choose a combination of their lord's husband sigil and their own.

« -And it's soooo hard to embroider a stag ! It is pure hell, have you seen my poor fingers ? I bleed more when doing this than during our fencing lessons, that's for sure ! » Yoren was laughing and Lord Gendry tried not to.

Suddently, Lady Arya asked her brother « -And what ornaments were on your baby's linen ? » He almost answered but turned to their father first and told him he had to guess, or at least to try to.

« -Well, my guess would be that you had none for your mother is very bad at embroidery. » At that, Yoren laughed again.

« -It could have been this way, if Migge hasn't been here. She was a mother of six children, half of them dead when she reached New Dawn. It was her who did the embroideries on my baby's linen. She told me that story before she died, one year ago. She also said those embroideries were the strangest she had ever done. » He stoppped to talk to increase the suspense.

« -Any ideas Father ? I have to say that even if I know what it was, I don't understand why Mother chose this pattern... Will you explain ? » Consumed by curiosity, Lord Gendry nodded.

Blimau heard Yoren pronounce a very simple word, a word which triggered Lord's Gendry hilarity.

« -Acorns. » Yoren and Arya exchanged hopeful looks, the servants saw them cross their fingers under the table, conjuring luck. Blimau knew Yoren wanted to know more about his parents relations but what about Lady Arya ? Maybe she was there for she admired Arya Stark more than her own mother.. And wished to emulate from her more than from Lady Tasha.

The servants heard Lord Gendry tell the children a story of a Brotherhood, a little stone castle and a stupid acron embroided dress. He stoppped when the rest of the family joined them for dinner, well almost all of the family since young Lord Davos was ill again. This poor child was recurrently sick, if the Maester was to be believed, it came from his premature birth.

Blimau almost ran to the kitchens and cooked him a nettle soup, one of his favourite dishes, it always cheered him up. And she would stay a bit with him, until he fall asleep. When he was ill, he had trouble to find rest, so the servant would stay by his side until his breath deepen. It was their little tradition.

What a strange family, especially for a noble one ! Well, Lady Tasha and her two first children are quite normal for nobles but her husband and her two last children... And she didn't take Yoren into account !

Even if her masters were stange sometimes, Blimau loved them still and was happy to be a servant here, at Stomr's End. Those strange children were the changes King Bran has hoped for and she, a mere servant, was here to see them grow up and evolve. Those children would change the world one day, and she would protect them until they do.