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**Insatiable Eighteen**

Chapter one

Light music danced throughout the semi-dark, small room. Heaps of clothing lay lifelessly, scattered carelessly on the marble floor. Books, mainly comics were stacked like a hill on the desk. A gust of wind blew the curtains, allowing some sunlight to seep into the room. And there, the lump hiding underneath the dark green bed sheet twitched.

Suddenly, the figure sat up. Golden orbs blinked in confusion for a couple of times. The boy lifted his hand to scratch the back of his head as he continues to look around the room. His mouth dropped open at the sight of his alarm clock. The poor thing made its graveyard on the floor after being hurled unconsciously by the boy.

He hopped out of bed and walked to the desk with only his black cotton briefs on. Hey, what can he say? He liked sleeping naked. Frantically pushing the comic books away, he finally found his wristwatch. Looking at the 'wonderful' digits shown, the boy cursed under his breath. Shit.


Abruptly, the window slid opened. Scaring every student in the classroom. Fifty curious eyes met one pair of innocent golden orbs. The weird boy with ruffled brownish hair placed a finger lightly upon his pink lips to hush the others before jumping skillfully off the windowpane and into the classroom.

To his relieve, there was no teacher in sight. He guessed it must have been lunch break. Taking a seat at an empty chair, he smiled to himself brightly. Lucky! But… why was everyone looking at him so oddly? He looked down and… yes, he was wearing his uniform and not his pajamas. So what's the big deal?

As the boy sniffed under his armpits for any strange body odor, the rest of the class was thinking about the same thing. Their classroom is on the seventh floor. And there's no way to get here except the staircase or the lift. Since when did the window become the third option?

None of them came over their shock as the bell rings. Almost immediately, a young man walked into the classroom. They rushed back to their seats as if nothing happened. Cho Hakkai smiled warmly at his students. Nearly all of them blushed and smiled back shyly. "Let's continue where we left off earlier on, shall we?" Hakkai couldn't help it but chuckled softly when he noticed half of his students, including the boys were staring at him dreamily. Now this wouldn't do. How was he supposed to teach when nobody is listening? "Please, may I have your… A re?"

In the sea of his black-haired student, Hakkai easily spot the brown-haired one, which stood out loudly. The boy had his head low, trying his best to block out Hakkai's view using the student sitting in front of him as a shield. Once again, Hakkai smiled. "Will the student who came in late today please step out?"

At first nothing happened. Finally, the boy sulkily stood up. He made his way to the front, keeping his eyes glued onto the floor as he walked, dragging his feet as if they weighted a ton. He stopped in front of Hakkai and lifted his head.

Hakkai almost had a heart attack as he saw tears brimming within the youngster's golden eyes. "A-ano…" Was it really THAT bad enough for the boy to actually cry? Before he could finish, the boy grabbed the sides of his arms, succeeding in making the whole class gasp.

"Sensei!!!" He shouted. There was a pregnant silence as everyone placed their attention on the boy. Many frustrated, jealous yells and envy sighs rang out as the boy hugged Hakkai tightly. A loud rumble coming from the boy's tummy shuts everyone up again. "I'm… hungry. Feed… me…"

It ends with the weird boy slumping down onto the floor with a 'thud'.


"I can't believe you hugged Hakkai in front of the class!! MY Hakkai to be precise!!! It's bad enough that everyone's drooling after him, do you have to join the club too?!" The two audiences ignored his nagging. Hakkai hummed while in process of making tea. Saru had eyes and ears just for the bento he was currently attacking now.

"Chew properly. I don't want you to choke yourself." Hakkai placed a cup in front of the hunger-stricken boy and thoughtfully poured some tea for him. He then resumed to pour a cup for himself. The third person felt annoyed and left out. So he grabbed Hakkai's cup for himself instead.

"Sank you!" The boy chirped at his new teacher. He playfully stuck out his tongue at the third person, which also happens to be his new teacher. "Ha! Hakkai cares about me more than he cares about you, ero-kappa!"

Sha Gojyo gritted his teeth in anger. His face flushes almost as red as his outstanding crimson hair and eyes. He pointed a finger at the boy. "You… you little… brat!" Taking his chance, Gojyo leaned onto Hakkai's shoulder and pretended to cry like a five-years-old. His hands are taking advantage of exploring Hakkai's perfect body at the same time. Hakkai played along by petting his lover's back softly.

The boy rolled his golden eyes and turned his back to the two men. He casually ignored the gentle moans and groans coming from behind. He'd rather die then knowing what the hell are those two lovebirds up to at the moment. After three months of having Hakkai and Gojyo as his neighbors, the boy was already used to seeing them as a pair.

"By the way, exactly why were you late today? Didn't he wake you up?" Hakkai spoke and the boy assumed it was safe to turn around. It was a sight to see Gojyo's white lab coat shoved aside and Hakkai running his finger down the naked piece of flesh. The boy unwillingly witnessed Gojyo's hand rummaging underneath Hakkai's clothes too. He blushed and averted his eyes to somewhere less interesting.   

"No. He's just being an ass for not waking me up." The boy finished up his tea in a gulp and rushed to the door. "Erm… I'll be going now." His hand grabbed the doorknob and he continued. "Don't worry, I'll lock the door."

As soon as he was out of the nurse office, the steamy, passionate scene continued. "Smart kid." Gojyo mumbled upon Hakkai's sweet lips.


It was quiet. And that's the way he prefers it. No yelling or shouting. No paper plane thrown. No laughing or giggling. His foul mood lightens up a bit. Everything was at least going his way today. Well, so far anyway.

He did not care whether his students were gaping mindlessly at him or the fact that they were concentrating on him instead of the blackboard. It did not matter as long as they keep their fucking mouths shut. He took a glimpse at his watch. Ten more minute and school's over. Ten more boring minutes and he'll be free from this prison.

The door slides open. He frowned, looking at the teenage boy standing at the doorframe. He gave himself a mental slap on the forehead. I KNEW it was just too good to be true. "What do you want?" He asked, not too kindly he might add.

"I want to tell you something." The boy smiled. It made the teacher shiver slightly at that angel face but devil grin. The boy was up to something evil and he knew it. "Please, Sensei. I'd like to have a private word with you."

The teacher grunted. As if he would fall for the boy's stupid trick. "There's no need for 'private' if it's YOU I'm talking to. Now spit it out, what the fuck do you want?!" Just talking to the brat could shatter his nerves. His violet eyes sent a death glare at the boy. He seemed to have forgotten the presence of sixty or so students listening to their childish conversation.

The boy's grin widens. That dumb blond had fallen in his trap again. Working up the sweetest, ickiest voice he had, the boy turned his playful stare into a loving look. "I was just wondering, are we going to do it in your room or mine tonight?"

Blankness invaded the blond-haired man's mind for a mere three seconds. But it felt like forever before the boy's teasing words sunk into his mind. On the outside, he was a hot-tempered and cold Sensei. But the boy knew just the way to embarrass this man. And sure enough, a shade of pink crept up the man's cheeks. "What are you saying?!!"

There was ushering among the students, clearly gossiping about the weird boy and their Sensei's 'relationship'. The noise really bothered the man… wait, or was it the boy's innocent teasing that was making him hysterical? "Aw, don't be shy. You know we do it every single night. And you just can't get enough of it!"

The boy had to bite his tongue to stop his exploding laughter. Damn! Revenge sure is sweet! Just look at the students making havoc for their poor teacher. It was worth ruining his pure and innocent reputation. He winked naughtily at the young teacher. "So I guess I'll see you tonight in my room then."

More gasps and talking erupted. The teacher's face turned from pink to black and with dark clouds hovering above his head. Oops, looks like he's gonna blow. The boy sent a blow kiss to the teacher. "I love you, Sanzo!!" And he ran off.

His 'confession' brought squeaks and sniggering to the class. Genjo Sanzo slammed his thick history textbook down onto his desk. Magically, the noise stopped. Calm down, you're going to die early…BUT NOT BEFORE I KILL THAT SARU FIRST!!!


Son Goku stuck out his pinkish tongue and kept jogging at an even pace. He had to get as far as possible from that beautiful but mean blond-haired man. Well, it wasn't his fault. Baka Sanzo deserves to be embarrassed. But did he gone too far this time? Goku felt the guiltiness suddenly flooding him. He shook his head to get the guiltiness out.

He wouldn't have done that if Sanzo had been nice enough to wake him up on time this morning. Or would I? Goku smirked. Making fun of Sanzo was certainly his life mission. 


"Ne!! Sanzo Sensei~" The girls moaned in union as they successfully blocked Sanzo's way. Sanzo cursed silently at the human-made-wall. "Who was that boy??" They asked eagerly. Most of them just wished to kill off the golden-eyed boy that took away their beloved teacher's heart. But there were some who was more interested in Goku, hoping to get hook up with the cute boy somehow.

"Urusai…" Sanzo tried to push his way through the crowd and was bounced back to his earlier position. He felt a vein throbbing intensely but sighed in defeat. He will never get out of here or arrive home to kill a certain saru if he refused to answer their question.

A boy in the crowd smirked. "Heh, must have been his lover. That's so dis-…"  


Everyone, save Sanzo, watched with widen eyes as the boy crouched, holding his head with both hands. That'll show him not to anger Sanzo-sama. All eyes were on the paper-fan-of-doom as Sanzo quietly kept it back into his overcoat.

"Goku's my baby brother."

End of Chapter One

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