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**Insatiable Eighteen**

Chapter six

Hakkai studied Goku's peaceful feature. The boy snored softly, his brown hair covering half of his boyish face and his body entangled with a white blanket. He slept soundly, as if he was sleeping in his own bedroom, not Gojyo's. This reminded Hakkai, what happened to the pair of brothers yesterday night?


He gave his lover a cup of coffee, the red-haired man looked up from the assignments he was marking to smile warmly at him. This special smile was never seen in public, for it was only reserved for Hakkai.

Wrapping his arms around the man's slender waist, Gojyo snuggled against Hakkai's firm stomach, muttering sweet nothings while breathing the musky scent. He was rewarded with a blushing Hakkai gently massaging his back.

When things started to 'warm up', the doorbell ranged, ruining the lovers moments alone. Gojyo followed Hakkai to the door, cursing whoever it was with colourful vocabulary on the way. As soon as the door opened, a small figure lunged into Hakkai's embrace, getting Gojyo all angry and jealous. But his anger lessened when they realized it was Goku.

The boy pleaded loudly if Hakkai could let him stay for the night. Gojyo teased him, asking him if he had a fight with his big brother. It was obviously the wrong thing to mention for Goku only clung onto Hakkai tighter.

Later that night, Goku still refuse to explain to them what happened with him and Sanzo. Hakkai could sense that the boy was facing some serious problem. So despite Gojyo's objection, Hakkai decided to let Goku stay at their place for a few nights. He changed the bed sheets on Gojyo's bed while Goku went back to pack some of his belongings. Gojyo and him shared the bed in his room since they moved in; Gojyo's room was normally unused and hardly existed to them.

It was after Goku went to bed that Hakkai rang Sanzo up. He wasn't eager to poke his nose in the affair of his friend. Nor did he want to invade the privacy of others. He called just to have Sanzo's permission. Sanzo was, after all, Goku's big brother.

End of Flashback

Goku stirred awake as someone nudged him and called his name repeatedly. The sunlight stung his golden orbs, he winced and wondered where he was. Hakkai's smiling face reminded the boy that he was in Gojyo's room. Rubbing his eyes wearily, he greeted Hakkai groggily. "Is it morning already?" He felt like he had just fallen asleep two seconds ago.

"Hai, you better go get dressed and come down for breakfast. Don't want to be late for school, ne?" Hakkai watched the boy yawned with his mouth wide opened and nodded in reply. He helped Goku to withdraw the curtains. Outside, the snow was probably two inches deep.

Goku climbed out of bed, it was a long time since he actually was able to get up this early. "If only Sanzo could be like you." He whispered, probably still in his sleep-mode.

"Pardon, did you say something?" Hakkai whirled around to find Goku staring blankly on the ground. "Goku?" The boy snapped out of his blankness at the call of his name. He shook his head furiously, hoping Hakkai did not see the redness on his face. Hakkai gave a concerning look to him before leaving the room.

Goku was blushing at an image that took place in his wandering mind, an image of Sanzo waking him up every morning with a morning kiss. It was more embarrassing when the Sanzo he imagined had been naked.

Something is very wrong with me. I think I'm sick. To forget about the unwanted image, Goku started to explore the room. It wasn't big, there was just a bed, desk, chair, wardrobe and a book shelve. Goku found some 'interesting' magazines and videotapes underneath the desk, which belonged to a certain ero-kappa.

The room looked like it had not been cleaned or used for long. Goku made a note to do some cleaning later, maybe after school. He wasn't a clean freak but Gojyo's room was a hundred times worse than his. Doesn't that idiot kappa know anything about cleaning?

He couldn't find anything dust-free, save the picture frame on the table. Wait, picture frame? It was a photo of Hakkai and Gojyo together. Gojyo had one arm hooked around Hakkai's neck while the man smiled gently. They looked so blissful together that Goku somehow envied them.

Touching the picture frame with one finger, Goku confirmed that it had been cleaned recently. Despite the playboy personality Gojyo shows, underneath it, he had dedicated all his love to one person, namely Hakkai.

Goku found himself thinking if there was any picture in Sanzo's bedroom. No, there wasn't. No picture of himself, his parents, his friends, his colleagues or his students. No picture of his baby brother either. Unlike Gojyo, Sanzo did not have anything to cherish.


He had no problem at school. He stayed in his classroom all the time, keeping the chances of knocking into a certain blond-haired teacher at the lowest percent. It was the last class for today and soon he could go home. It's not home when it's Hakkai and Gojyo's place. He reminded himself. "Goku."

Hakkai called him for the second time before the boy snapped out from his daydream. "Take this to the teacher's office please." The stack of papers was thrust into Goku's awaiting arms.

Hakkai did it on purpose. Goku cringed his button nose and thought as he walked down the corridor. Just when the last thing he wanted to see was his big brother, Hakkai had to ask him to visit the teacher's office.

But in a way, he was also glad. Avoiding Sanzo was tiring and not seeing him was kind of… depressing. Like wanting something so badly but you know you weren't supposed to have it.

He felt his face grew hot and his heart beating faster as he saw the man he has been thinking about all day coming his way at the other end of the corridor. Oh shit, oh shit, what am I going to say? He said he loves me. This is embarrassing. But… he looks so gorgeous! Wait, what the heck am I thinking of? Goku lowered his head when Sanzo was getting closer. Please don't talk to me! Please don't call me!

Sanzo walked past Goku without even giving the boy a glance.

What the? The boy whirled around sharply, he watched as Sanzo calmly walked and disappeared around the corner. If there was anyway to describe Goku's feeling, it could have been 'crushed'. Suddenly, he felt like throwing a tantrum. He wanted to throw the stack of papers down and run to Sanzo, demanding what kind of attitude is that.

The teacher's office was quiet, most of the teachers were still in the classroom or they had left the school compound. More exact, there was only one teacher around. Goku walked to Hakkai's table.

"Hey kid." He was still in a foul mood when someone tapped his shoulder. Goku dumped the papers on Hakkai's table before turning around. He couldn't help but stare at the pair of mismatch eyes of gold and blue. Well, everyone tends to when it is Homura Sensei talking. "You're Sanzo's little brother, aren't you?"

Goku frowned. The man called him Sanzo's little brother. Don't ask him why but he hated being called that way. Instead, he liked Sanzo's way of calling him a baby brother. Maybe it was because it sounded realistic and doesn't remind Goku that he was adopted. "Yes, Homura Sensei. I am."

He is a very good-looking man. Goku decided. But not as good as Sanzo. "If there is nothing else, I'll take my leave Sensei." It was five minutes till the bell rings and there's still time for him to catch Sanzo if he hurries. He cursed under his breath as Homura stopped him from leaving. He did not hide the annoyed look when he glared at the teacher.

"I won't keep you up for long." Homura seemed to have noticed the boy's death glare. His glare is almost like his brother's. They don't look alike but they sure have the same glaring technique. He chuckled and received a confused look from Goku. "Do you know if your brother is free this Sunday?"

Goku took a step back in surprise and hits his bum on Hakkai's table. "Why are you asking that?" The answer was obvious but Goku was not going to believe it. No, he couldn't be. He shouldn't be! He can't be!!

Homura raised an eyebrow, considering how to answer the boy's question. It wasn't long before he smiled. "Because I'm very interested in Genjo Sanzo. I've been watching him and I want to know more about him. So I'm asking him out…"   

Goku could barely hear the other useless ranting of Homura. His mind focused on an important fact. Homura is interested in Sanzo. Sanzo, MY big brother, MINE??!! "Excuse me!" He said, almost in a shouting tone to interrupt Homura's rambling. "Did you know that Sanzo, MY big brother, is a male?!?!?!" That isn't the point. The point is nobody was supposed to hit on Sanzo! Nobody should have funny ideas with Sanzo in it!

"I'm aware of that." Homura answered without hesitation. "It makes things more challenging." From the exasperate way of Goku's action, Homura's sharp senses suspected something.

Goku was fuming by now. He doesn't understand why the heck was he acting this way. Isn't Sanzo supposed to be nothing but his big brother? You don't get jealous when your big brother gets an admirer, do you? "You can't ask Sanzo out." It wasn't a request. "I won't let you!" The words came out without him realizing it.

Homura rubbed his chin. As he predicted, things were getting interesting. He grinned. "Correct me if I'm wrong. Sanzo and you… are more then brothers." Oh yeah, this is fun. Watching the boy blushing cutely into different shades of red is also fun. Maybe after he is done with Sanzo, Goku will be his next victim. The boy was cute and sexy, after all.

"No, you think too much. I'm just an ordinary, over-protective little brother." He hurried to the door, eager to escape the mismatch eyes that'll probably haunt him tonight. He sent another warning before slamming the door.

"Lay a finger on him and I'll break it!!"


"Eh?! That pervert tried to hit on Hakkai too??"

Goku was horrified by the new information. He gaped at Hakkai who was currently washing the dishes before returning his view to Gojyo. Eyeing the red-haired kappa as if he were a hero or something out of the ordinary. "What did you do?"

Puffing out his chest, Gojyo bragged. "Of course I fought with him. He should know better then to tackle MY man…"

"A no… I think he stopped harassing me when I asked him to, Gojyo." Hakkai interrupted, his hands moving skillfully rinsing and wiping the dishes. "He's not a bad person. I suppose more likely a gentlemen if compared to Gojyo." The atmosphere went cold and awkward. Gojyo gazed teary eyes at his lover, but Hakkai did not heed him.

Seeing that he does not fit into this picture, Goku sighed and decided to head for the backyard. Gojyo must have done something to piss Hakkai off. And believe him, it's not fun when Hakkai's not in his happy-mode.

It was dark but not completely as the moonlight provided some light. Goku huddled himself, it was damn cold and the snow buried his shoes. He walked over to the wall that separates Hakkai and Gojyo's place with Sanzo's. He should be home by now. What is he doing? Have he taken dinner? Had he water the plants? Does he miss me? In truth, Goku wanted to go back to his rightful home.

His eyebrows were tied into a knot when he heard strange noises coming from the other side. It sounded like… Sanzo wasn't alone. Two different voices can be heard, their words not clear but Goku noted down that one of them were surely Sanzo's. The other he had no idea who does it belong to, but it sounded familiar though.

Goku thanked god that he grew taller last summer, he was able to push himself up the brick wall to have a glimpse on the other side. What he saw almost made him slip and fall to a snowy white death. His breath came out forming white mist as he watched the scene.

What is Homura doing in the kitchen?! If it was someone else's house, Goku could have laughed. Homura was wearing an apron, a pink one with frilly frills to be precise. And he was moving swiftly behind the kitchen counter. Sanzo sat at the dinning table, reading his newspaper as he usually did before dinner. Even Goku had to admit it. They do looked awfully like a pair of husband and wife.

"Maa… what a heartwarming picture, don't you agree?" Goku sweat dropped as Hakkai suddenly appeared on his left.

"Ch', isn't there any action around here? I was hoping to see Sanzo scream like a girl." Snapping his head to glare at Gojyo on his right, Goku's mouth gaped open wide and he couldn't seem to get it shut.

"W-where did you get that binoculars?" He knew Gojyo was an absolute pervert, but this… this was too much! "Don't tell me you have been spying on Sanzo or me for the past three months."

"Okay, I won't." Before the boy could strangle him, Gojyo shushed Goku and pointed a finger at the scene. Goku was about to go crazy when he witness Homura leaning towards Sanzo. And to Goku's horror, Sanzo doesn't look irritated. In fact, he wasn't struggling when Homura held his chin up.

"Heh, now that's something new to watch. Oi saru, I think your big brother finally gotten himself a lov-" There was a pause as Gojyo left his words hanging. Hakkai turned sideways and realized why.

The pair of pure innocent golden orbs now clouded with anger and jealousy. His brows frowned and he was particularly snarling. Goku was barely breathing, his knuckles turned white from gripping the brick wall too hard. "Goku? Are you all right?" Hakkai asked in a worried tone.

Goku exploded when Homura run his fingers through Sanzo's blond locks. His blood boiled and right then Goku realized it.

He doesn't want to share his big brother with anyone.

The blond-haired beauty belongs to him.

"Don't touch SANZO!!!!!!!"

End of Chapter Six

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