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Written at 00:30, literally an hour and a half after I first saw X2 -- it wouldn't let me sleep until I wrote it...

Oh, and I THINK this makes me the first X2 writer. Could be wrong.



Family. I thought I knew who my family was. I thought...thought that they were back home in Boston. Mom, Dad, Ronny. Family. I never thought that Mutant High was anything else except a school...well maybe not just a school...but...

I thought family stood together.

I thought that families loved each other, no matter what.

Turns out, I was right with those last two. But the first... I guess there's just two types of family. Standing there, with Rogue and the rest... I knew they would be there for me. I knew that we were standing together...

...the way Mom and Dad didn't...couldn't. Wouldn't.

Part of me says I should be angry that they cast me out because I'm 'different'. Part of me says I ought to go back to Boston and rip Ronny a new asshole for what he did...

I can't. Won't.

I still love them. They're still my flesh and blood.

But they're not family any more.

And home isn't Boston.

And maybe I'm not sorry about that.