This is the challenge from WIKTT:

The Basic Plot: Severus and Hermione are destined to be together. Their spirits continue to meet up in different time periods, courtesy of reincarnation, and are drawn to one another time and again.

The Details: The story must contain at least three vignettes. Each vignette must take place in a different time period. All other details (setting, etc.) are up to you. In other words you could use, for example, ancient Greece and 15th century China or 13th century England and 16th century England. One of the vignettes must be set during the canon time period with both characters as we see them in cannon. It may be set either during or after Hermione's studies at Hogwarts. All vignettes must feature, at the very least, romantic tension between Severus and Hermione. At least one vignette must feature Severus and Hermione becoming a couple (secretly or openly) or confessing their feelings for one another (this 'confession' need not be verbal). Any rating. Any genre. Side plots involving other characters or pairings welcome. The basic personality of each character must stay consistent across time periods. All other characteristics (appearance, form, etc.) may change. You must pick a distinctive object or phrase that will appear in each vignette (i.e. a pink Cadillac, Hermione saying, "The price is wrong, bitch!"). For the purpose of this requirement, anachronistic items are welcome. The characters may realize or sense the reoccurring nature of events, but they don't need to do so.