Scarlet Eyes - A Shadow Of Memories/Destiny fiction

Warning: This is set after ending A, so possible spoilers ahead.
Pairing: Eike x Homunculus

I can hear bubbles popping. Hundreds and hundreds of them. It's driving me mad; it always does when I'm being summoned. I have to get out of this stupid container...but I can't be bothered to muster up the strength to break it, thanks to that clumsy idiot. Everything was sorted...he was alive; I was free to do as I pleased, instead of wondering when I would be called upon next. But then the Digipad fell, a fragment shattering my fragile skull and sending me back into that wretched stone, imprisoning me until my next master appears and wants a wish granted.
Speaking of which, I wonder what it will be this time... Riches? Eternal youth? All of the knowledge in the world? Another stupid one, probably. It tends to surprise them, finding out that the artificial life they've "created" is actually a genie imprisoned within the stone. Hopefully this next one will not have been clever enough to try the pentagram trick.
While thinking about all of this, I'm attempting to get my eyes to open. The most I can achieve right now is a flicker of my eyelids before getting exhausted. Damn you, Eike, for rendering me useless. I would usually have broken out of this by now, eager to greet the new idiot and steal his soul.
Heh, I remember when Eike first died. He made a comment on that...I think it was "You're the big S, the devil. 'In exchange for your immortal soul' and all that, right?" I almost laughed at him, yet I realized later that's exactly what I do. Upon making a wish, each of my 'masters' surrenders their soul to me when they die. Not that they're actually worth having.