Scarlet Eyes Chapter 3

Warnings: Ending A, Eike x Homunculus

Disclaimer: Me No Own, You No Sue.

His fingers are covered in the red, sticky substance he has in his sandwich. I watch as he brings one hand up to his mouth, smacking his lips as he licks it off each finger with his tongue, tongue darting around each long, slender…

Wait. Why am I so enthralled by watching him eat? I have seen humans eating for many hundreds of years, what makes this time different?

Because he's different. A tiny voice whispers from somewhere inside me.

He's not different. He's just another master, another idiot whose soul belongs to me. He's just another cursed human. And until he makes his wish, I am a slave.

I wish it could be more…

I lick the remaining jam from my fingers and look up at Homunculus. My eyes meet his for a second before he looks away, closing his eyes.

"Have you decided on a wish yet?" I can't be sure from this angle, but it looks like he has the tiniest hint of a blush over his pale cheeks.

"Not yet, no." I smile a little.

"Well…you will have to do so soon." There is a hint of anger in his voice. 'I wonder why…'

"Fair enough, but until I do, you should try to be at least civil to me…please?" He turns to look at me and opens his eyes, the tiniest hint of confusion swirling in the deep red. He does have the slightest tint of rouge flushed over his white skin, the delicate colours contrasting yet mixing perfectly.

"You don't have to, if you don't want to. I don't want to be a normal master to you, just using that one wish and then discarding you." I look down. "You're worth more than that."

"I…I am worth only what I was fated to be when I was sealed within that stone."

"Fate…" I look up at him again. "You're the one that kept meddling with fate. You used other people's fates to ensure your destiny, so why not mess with your own? Or is your entire existence worth no more than a single wish?"

I miss the flash of hurt within his eyes before that all-too familiar smirk appears again. "My, my. Weren't you the one telling me not to meddle with people's destinies so casually? Eike, stick to one story, will you? You humans are constantly changing your minds…It is very tiresome."

"Tiresome?" I narrow my eyes. "I wish…no," I pause, thinking out another way of phrasing myself. "I regret releasing you from your stone. I…I just felt guilty for being the one who put you back in it, even though you used me. But of course, you wouldn't know anything about guilt, because you're not human, unlike me."

I flinch as he uses my own words against me. I ball my small hands into fists, closing my eyes and turning away.

"If you don't want to stay, then just go. I thought that maybe I could help you, but evidently you don't want that."

"I can't. Because you summoned me, I am tied to you until you use that damned wish."