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The large scarlet steam engine stood impressively in the train station. Students were filing on to the magically hidden platform and after hugging their families goodbye got onto the train.

About ten minutes before the train was due to leave two black-haired individuals stepped onto the platform. Harry Potter and Sirius Black. They had been living together since Dumbledore had closed the school last term so that the protection wards around the school could be rebuilt.

Sirius hugged Harry briefly as they stood at the platform.

"the manor will seem so huge without you there." Sirius said sadly

"what are you implying?" Harry replied in a mock-offended way.

"Nothing, nothing.."

"I should get onto the train, find my friends.." Harry was feeling slightly uncomfortable as he had never had to say goodbye to 'family' before and was unsure how to do it.

"Yeah.." said Sirius standing back "I'll see you soon."

"bye." And with a last hug Harry clambered onto the train.

He found Ron and Ginny sitting at one of the carriages at the back of the train. Ginny jumped up and gave him a kiss.

"Hi Ginny."
Although Ron was ok about Harry and Ginny now, he still looked awkward at any open displays of affection. Ginny, looked at him in annoyance and left to see her friends.

Harry sat down opposite Ron. "Where's Hermione?"

"Dumbledore made her a prefect. She's sitting with them" Ron said gloomily

"I thought all the prefects were named in the fifth year."

"They were. Seamus got fired because he was always using the fact that he was a prefect to be late for class and wandering around at night."

"Why was he wandering around, I mean, where would he GO?" Harry asked in confusion.

"I'm not sure I want to know. Probably sneaking into the Hufflepuff dorm to see his girlfriend." Ron looked vaguely sickened then continued "so. How are things between you and Sirius?"

"same as they were last time I saw you. It was only a week ago."

"right." Ron said suspicoiusly

"ok, since when are you the empath, reading emotions is my job."

"come on Harry."

"At the station, I got the feeling that he was hiding something."

"Like what?" Ron asked

"Don't think it was anything serious. I just get edgy when I think I'm being lied to."

"Who doesn't?"

Ron relaxed back into his seat and took out a half-eaten packet of Bertie Botts every flavour beans from the pocket of his robes. Harry relaxed happily into his seat and stared out of the window.
After the long train ride, Ron and Harry met up with Hermione than went up by horseless carriage to the castle.

Upon entering the great hall and sitting down at the Griffindor table, Harry looked up at the staff table. This time there was no new DADA teacher, Remus Lupin was sitting up there in his usual spot talking with Hagrid. What Harry was interested in was who the new divination teacher was.

Hermione pointed out an aged woman sitting next to Professor McGonagall. Harry stared, it was the woman who had babysat him as a small child, Mrs Figg! Recovering his senses he looked away before she caught him staring.

He supposed that he should have suspected it long ago. Her house was full of cats, she had an old open fireplace and, unlike the other neighbours, never listened to the Dursley's insults and lies that they spread about him to cover up the fact that he was a wizard.

"so, that's the new divination teacher?" Ron said curiously.

"Must be." Hermione replied.

"Wonder what she'll be like. She can't be worse than the last one."

"Her name's Mrs Figg." Harry said, surprising his two friends.

"How do you know?"

"She used to be live next door to the Dursleys. Babysat me when the Dursley's went out."

"Is she nice?" Ron asked

"Yeah. Bit mad though. She used to make me sit for hour and hour looking at photos of her cats."

"Did you know she was a witch?"

Harry's expression darkened. Why hadn't she told him? It's not like he would've told anyone. She let him grow up believing his parents had died in a car crash. If she had said something he wouldn't have believed the Dursleys when they called him a worthless freak.

"No, I didn't know."

"Dumbledore probably said that she wasn't to interfere." Hermione said reasonably.

At that Moment Dumbledore stood up welcomed them back to the school. Everyone then watched as the sorting hat allocated the new first years. Ron was (as usual) complaining about being hungry.

Eventually Dumbledore stood again and did his usual beginning of the year talk, forbidding anyone to go into the forbidden forest, informing them of Filch's new rules etc. He then continued

"And finally, tomorrow morning 4 new members of staff will be coming to Hogwarts. Their purpose is to be a guardian for each of your houses. They will sleep in rooms near to each common room. they can be contacted by you at any time of the day or night if an emergency should arise, and will provide extra protection to the castle as a whole. I'd like each of you to be ready half an hour early tomorrow morning to meet your house guardians."

The feast then began.

"I bet Bill is one of the guardians." Ron said through a piece of chicken "He said Dumbledore offered him a job that meant he could return to the UK, but got all secretive when I asked what it was."

"I hope he's the Griffindor guardian. It'll be weird now that two of your brothers have left, like, there won't be enough Weasley around." Hermione said.

"Enough Weasley?" Harry asked, eyebrows raised.

"well you know..." Hermione said, reddening slightly. "I spent all summer at the burrow."

Ron and Hermione looked at each other with an expression that made Harry want to reach for a bucket.
The next morning the Griffindors got up early and gathered in the common room. their 'guardian' was late.

"Maybe they got lost." Ginny said.

Harry looked at the portrait hole and suddenly realised that there was someone standing on the other side. A very annoyed someone. He jumped up and pulled it open.

He found himself face-to -face with his godfather.

"Harry." Sirius sighed in relief. "the fat lady wouldn't let me through. Said that I was mad and dangerous."

"Well, if you hadn't slashed the painting."

Ignoring this Sirius clambered through and faced the Griffindors. Bowing deeply he said "Sirius Black, guardian of Griffindor tower at your service."

Except those in Harry's year who knew him, the Griffindors all backed away slightly. "This is going to be fun" Sirius muttered under his breath.

"I am here to protect you. My room is just opposite to the entrance to this tower. Any problem, day or night, come to me."

Harry raised his hand. Snorting with amusement Sirius said "yes Harry."

"Why didn't you tell me that you were coming here?"

"Wanted to surprise you."

"ah." This was typical Sirius. Deciding to relieve the tension that had built in the room Harry pulled one of the water bombs Fred gave him out of his pocket (charmed not to burst until thrown) and lobbed it at Sirius.

At the shocked, spluttering look on Sirius face, the Griffindors began to laugh, albeit a bit nervously at first.

"Thank you Potter." Sirius said in irritation, to Harry who smiled sweetly back. "ok, get going to your classes. Harry, walk with me." The Griffindors left leaving Harry and Sirius alone.

"Sorry Sirius, I just thought that I could relieve the tension in the room." the two started walking towards charms

"By making me a laughing stock?"

"am I in trouble?"

"No. it probably had the effect you were aiming for. Thanks. Just don't do it again."

As they walked they passed Remus in the corridor "hi Harry, Sirius" then eyeing the wet robes added, "dare I ask?"

"NO." Sirius said, wringing out the robes as best he could.

"Who are the other guardians?" Harry asked

"Bill Weasley for Revenclaw, Mundungus Fletcher for Hufflepuff and Albus's nephew Barnabus for Slytherin."

The two reached the class and Harry entered, waving bye to Sirius as he did, feeling relieved that he had his Godfather so close at hand. Especially if this year was going to be anything like the previous one.

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