This story is going to shred my heart to pieces. I already know it. This IS a Cheatfic. There will be a B&Ed HEA, but it's going to do incredibly heartbreaking things to my soul first (maybe yours as well). There will be lemons (do we still call them that?) between Bella/Emmett. I know some people were thoroughly pissed about that in YMBF, but it's just what I do, so this is my pre-apology. My favorite thing to do each morning is to open my email and read reviews, so don't be afraid to write one even if it is a guest review that cuts me down to shit. haha :)

This prologue is a shorty. Chapter One will be posted today.

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What am I doing?

What am I doing?

What the fuck am I doing?

The unfamiliar lips on mine are both unwelcome and fucking soul changing.

The hands holding my face are too soft nothing like the roughness I'm so used to, but perfect.

He's not my husband.

He's not my goddamn husband.

I jerk away from him, and his glossy green eyes scorch me from the outside in. "We can't do this…"

He pushes closer, his hands tangling in my hair. "Why not?"

Why not?

"I'm married…"

"So am I."

Oh shit.




"I'm fucking married!"

"So…the fuck…am I." He pushes me into the door, his erection digging into my stomach and yanks my head back. "Don't fight it, princess," he whispers, his lips once again back on mine. "This, us, it's undeniable. It was always going to fucking happen."

Fuck me.

My hands unwillingly find their way up the back of his shirt, digging in and scratching. He groans into my mouth, and I kiss him deeper.

I can't fucking stop it.

I cannot fucking stop this.

His hands wander. They fucking wander every part of my body, and I am begging for it. His touch, it's so fucking different, so fucking right.

How can that be?

When our clothes are gone and he's sliding into me, I feel fucking euphoric.

This shit is otherworldly.

Life changing.

So fucking life changing.

I want to cry.

I want to rip his fucking hair out.

I want to know why the fuck he moved in across the street and turned my world upside fucking down.

Who does that?

Who the fuck waltzes into someone's life and changes their entire perspective?

I want to fucking scream.

Instead, I pull him closer and kiss him even deeper, wanting the feel of him inside me to never ever fucking end.

It's going to end.

It's going to fucking end.

It has to.