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Manga: Chapter 95.5


(A/N): A small snippet of Kimetsu no Gakuen, as I haven't written the next chap cuz real life got in the way. Won't continue this skit either, just a short one-shot `3`

And regarding the man who took care of Tanjiro from the last chap, remember the scene where Daki went berserk? When her hair turned from black to white? There was a man who scolded them for causing a ruckus in the middle of the night. Nezuko immediately stood in front of him to protect him from Daki's strikes. Although it was a bit too late and, not only it cut Nezuko's chest, the attack also managed to cut the man's wrist (it happened in canon too, btw). That's who the man is. Just a background character who got involved in the mess of hunter and demon `3`



Today, in Kimetsu Academy, we will be spending the day closely observing the bright, energetic girl named Kamado Nezuko.

Her family consisted of a mother—Kie—one older sibling—a selectively mute brother (not because of something traumatic. He just thought that stuffing himself full with food is more important than talking), Tanjiro—herself, and four younger siblings—Takeo, Shigeru, Hanako, and Rokuta, in which Hanako is the only other girl besides Nezuko. Their family runs a bakery. A very popular one because her older brother is very skillful with heat control, hence producing a tasty bread that everyone loved. After their sickly father had passed, Tanjiro pointed himself as the backbone of the family, waking up at 3 o'clock in the morning to prepare a thousand batch of loaves. Nezuko was not very good at waking up in the morning, but she tried anyway. To lessen his burden even for a little bit, no matter how the person himself told her not to do that.

"Neechan! Niichan is going out without his sunscreen again!"

"What?! I told him multiple times not to do that!"

And also, for this reason as well.

After the incident of him getting burned by the charcoal in an attempt of saving the youngest Rokuta when he knocked down the brazier, Tanjiro started to develop a skin complication. She didn't want to put all the blame on the brother's shoulder, but honestly. You did not go to the hospital on foot when your body is covered in the first-degree burn from top to bottom. Especially not with the second-degree burn on his bleeding forehead. Nezuko had a field day in lecturing him that day (I don't care you already soak that injuries in ice for five minutes, you're still hurt!) while the boy could only shrink in embarrassment for his recklessness.

He should. He made all of them cried in worry.

Because of that, his skin is very sensitive now. The moment he stepped out of the house, it will turn red within a second that he basically resembled a boiled crab in a pot*. She told him many times to use sunscreen in the daytime but no! Tanjiro just loved the warmth of the sun that he never forgot to greet the day with a smile that brightened everyone's life. Her brother is so nice but thick-headed at the same time, she was wondering if he did this on purpose or not.

(No, he did not. He's just that clueless)

So, with sunscreen applied, covering his body with a baggy hoodie and a mask to protect his lower face, they went to school.

Their ride to the Kimetsu Academy was pretty uneventful.

"Kyaaa! A pervert!"

"Oh my god, it's him again?!"

Yes. Including this.

Once more, they had to lend their strength in taking down Enmu, the pervert who 'drool' over any train he rode (disgusting, he even had his pants down this time urgh) by punching the hell out of him (Nezuko) and sat on top of the down man in an attempt to restrained him and wait for the guard to arrive (Tanjiro. He was munching on a rice cracker as he doing so too). They couldn't be late to school, and Nezuko was pretty sick with this sicko (everyday! He did this. Every. Day) so Tanjiro tied the weirdo up and handed him to the attendant, Saburo-san. Unfortunately though, Saburo-san always loses sight of him for some reason.

Did Enmu master the art of rope picking, she didn't want to know.

Poor Saburo-san. They need to give him a raise in salary for this, really.

"Ahaha! I'll challenge you to a duel, Nedukon!"

"Not interested, thank you."

Along the way, they met Hashibira Inosuke; a boy who was raised by the boar before the authorities saved him, he was the talk of the town for several weeks because of this. He's also her teammate in a judo club. The pretty boy immediately went to headbutt Nezuko's back, though Tanjiro halted his advance by offering him food to chew so all well that end well.

"Uum…Tanjiro-san. You know earring is prohibited right?"

They also encountered Agatsuma Zenitsu; the moral committee of this problem academy. A coward with a nice heart, she was pretty sure their spartan of a teacher was forcing him to do this job. It was clear the sunny boy didn't want this position. Zenitsu was dutifully standing in front of the school gate, doing a regular uniform check as per the usual duty. And was now warning the ginger-haired teen for his truancy with a deadpan gaze. The oldest Kamado was a regular lawbreaker, see. Wearing the hanafuda earrings, a memento from their late father, to school no matter the warnings. So, he did get in a lot of trouble. Not to mention he loved to eat some food in the middle of the class just because; he wore a big backpack instead of the school appointed shoulder-bag so he could bring a lot of snacks in it. The teacher was too tired with him, that they didn't even scold Tanjiro for disturbing the class any longer.

There is one exception though….

"Yes. It's a violation of rules, it is."




The black hair gym instructor tsked when Tanjiro evaded his shinai with a magnificent cartwheel while bowing in apology at the same time. The students around clapped in amazement.

Here it is. The spartan teacher of Kimetsu Academy.

Nezuko sighed as Tomioka Giyuu chased after Tanjiro, ready to smack him upside the head and confiscated the earrings when/if he finally catches him. Both of them were never tired with this 'cat and mouse' game, these two dorks...

(By the way, she likes to think that she is a pretty good student, no rules breaking nor excessive violence if the situation didn't call for it. But maybe that was the reason why she was enrolled in this school? A place full of problem student that needed to be taught a proper way to live in a proper society? Instead of solving the problem by smiling her way out like her brother usually did, Nezuko just shoved it away by giving them her famous mean hook)

(She admitted her punch can be pretty…deadly)

First period, History.

"Now, become the Samurai of the Old Tokyo!" screamed the hyper History teacher, Rengoku Kyojuro, "Nezuko-san! You're Onna-Bugeisha! And Tanjiro! I told you so many times that this side of the building is for Middle School students only. So please, go back to your classroom!"

Everybody loved Kyojuro's class. Not only he was enthusiastic with his teaching, his lesson is also basically a cavalry battle. Of course her classmates, especially the boys, were pretty much vibrating. Tanjiro wanted to join in on the fun.

Next class, Art.

"Stop spraying water on my flamboyant face, brat! I'm doing an experiment here!"

"Yeah, not gonna happen. That's dynamite, not a science project."

Nezuko poured a whole bucket of liquid toward their Art Teacher—Tengen Uzui, the husband of three wives—to stop him from his attempted bombing. The students around were cheering for her, some were tearing up in relief, because she was brave enough to stand up over the irresponsible adult.

Last period, Music.

"Please, please Nezuko-san. Please ask your brother to drop my subject. I beg of youuuuu!"

She bowed apologetically towards the distraught Music Teacher—Kyogai—offering him her handkerchief and consoling him along the way. The sister felt bad because Tanjiro was tone deaf and it was pretty much a torture for a perfect pitch like him to hear someone butchering the notes so horribly. But there was nothing she could do. Her brother loved this class somehow. Maybe because Inosuke was here to accompany him (who, also, tone-deaf) or he thought the emotional teacher needed moral support so he didn't want to leave the older man alone (even though it was Tanjiro's existence that caused Kyogai's apparent breakdown).

After school.

"Get him, brother!"


They caught another pervert who stole the underwear of 16 years old girl in a balcony of a quiet civilization. Nezuko pointed to the second floor as Tanjiro climbed the side of the building, nimble like he was some kind of a monkey. Without wasting any time, the oldest Kamado jumped to the sky and tackled the man-with-cloth-on-his-bangs head first. The pervert must've been unconscious right about now because Tanjiro's forehead is as solid as a rock.

Tanjiro got hungry after that beautiful takedown so they went to Aoi-senpai's family restaurant to have a bowl of chicken rice.

"You did a good job, Tanjiro-kun! Here's your seventh bowl!"

"Hn hn!"

Ooor…a couple of it. She blamed Kanroji Mitsuri—the very known gluttony of the town—for egging her brother on. As if he was not greedy enough already.

Nezuko won't pay for his portions. No. Nope. Nada. Don't look at me with that puppy eyes, I won't coddle you anymore, niichan!

(She coddled him anyway)

And so, everyone, that was how Nezuko spent her peaceful, everyday life.

Also, reminded her to visit Oyakata-sama, the headmaster, tomorrow morning. She said she wanted to protest about the rule of having to wear the embarrassing bloomers as their gym uniform. And convinced him to fire Maeda from this school or else she'll 'take care' (read: punch) the Scum Glasses in her own accord.

(A/N): *because demon!Tanjiro doesn't really use his bamboo that much, I highlight the demon's weakness a lot more (they'll burn under the sun) rather than him biting onto a piece of French Bread (a replacement of his bamboo) like demon!Nezuko did