Solar Demise Chapter 10 - Teaser

Notes: (March/April 2004) Hey guys, I know it's been a while. Well, it happens to people all the time yet I never thought it would happen to me. Laptop crashed. Everything lost. Chapter 10 was on it. My notes for the fic until the -end- were on it. Looks like the ending won't be the same as I had originally envisioned, after all now. Oh well~

(Would you kill me if I said that all this time I'd been simultaneously working on an Inuyasha fanfic, too? Eh heh heh, just what I need, to spread myself even thinner. .; )

If you are curious, my days are very full, and fanfic writing is reserved for when I'm ready to go to bed. I put my laptop on my lap in bed and write until I fall asleep. Sometimes I get a lot done, sometimes I just pass out and it's up to my husband to put the computer away. The process makes for slow updates but it's really the only time I have. I literally work 'till I -drop-, people. XD

Anyway, as a token of good will and a sign that, yes, dammit, I'm going to continue this fic, here's a tentative chunk of chapter 10 for you guys to maw on:


Shit, he thought to himself. It was well past twilight and he was lost in a maze of streets, hopefully far from Nerima by now. He had walked long enough; he figured he was in the next town by now. Away from Her. A chilly breeze bit at Ryouga's shoulders as he trudged down another street. He shivered, cursing at the fact that it was hard to see without streetlights. Walking through a dark forest was better, he decided. He could start a fire without worrying about whether or not he'd get arrested for arson. It wasn't like he couldn't take on the cops, of course, though it wasn't like he -wanted- to start trouble. Hibiki Ryouga was brought up to be polite and well-mannered... unlike a certain rude jerk of a-- no, he wasn't that bad actually. Ryouga sighed in resignation.

Saotome Ranma had too many things that Ryouga wanted, and did nothing to get them, either. Girls fawned over him even though he neglected their feelings. He fought so many strong people, always managing to win somehow. He picked up new fighting techniques and even learned to create his own. Ryouga felt as if he had to push himself beyond his limits just to barely keep up. Every time he saw himself in Ranma's shoes a familiar anger burned in his belly. He would have handled things so much better than Ranma did.

"I'm such a kid," Ryouga sighed. He thought he'd gotten over this, but the memory of seeing Akane and Hiroshi replayed in his head. The look on her face was so cute and flushed as he kissed her. Would she look like that with Ryouga? How soft did her lips feel? Ryouga shook those thoughts out of his mind. "No!" he stopped walking for a second to compose himself, using one hand to lean on a wall. The image of Akane's lips appeared in his mind again. In a small fit of frustration, Ryouga began poking holes in the wall his hand was previously resting on. He groaned, agitated, increasing his pace.

"Hey! Quit vandalizing my building!"

"Huh?" Ryouga spun around quickly to face the voice. "Oh, I'm sorry--"

The figure folded its arms, walking out the front door towards Ryouga. "You lost again?"

*Aw, dammit.* Ryouga's stomach sunk. His feelings became an open book when he slumped, reshouldering his backpack. "Yeah, I guess so, Ukyou."

She snorted, rolling her eyes. "Well, considering how late it is I suggest you get your sorry butt in here and stay for the night."


Ah hah hah hah, I'm having a few dillemmas about how things are going to transpire so let's see what happens in the finished version. Until then...