Title: Cicada
Author: sylphide (kampflied@hotmail.com)
Pairing: Schuldig x Youji
Keywords: yaoi, heavy angst, violence, romance
Warnings: deathfic, implied violence, rape
Rating: R
Spoilers: The Weiß boys' pasts, Ep 4 - Verrat, Ep 16 - Schatten, Ep 21 - Trane, Ep 24 - Ende des Weiß, Dramatic Collection II - Endless Rain

Disclaimer: Of course I don't own them; if I did, I would be doing a lot worse than merely writing them into situations... ^.~

Notes: Just some info on the setting. The story starts a month after Episode 24 "Ende des Weiß". The Weiß assassins are currently staying at a mountain resort, which is where their target is residing. The fic opens on the morning after they concluded their mission. The Schwarz ones are currently nearby at their own private retreat, keeping a low profile to avoid SS. That both groups are in each other's general vicinity is pure coincidence, but hey, what's life without a few? (besides, I need to bring them near each other if I want an inter-group pairing to take place, right? ^^;;)

In case the warning got lost in that mess of words up there, let me state it again: this is a DEATHFIC. Some characters are going to check out for good, and if I write it right, it would be damned angsty (it would be damned melodramatic if I don't write well, but let's not go there...). You've been warned.

15th June 2k3: One last note: I've decided to html-lise Cicada (up until now, I've been uploading this to ff.net in text format) but ff.net has a habit of wrecking havoc on html tags, so, if you find reading/deciphering where one part ends and another begins, do tell me, okay? I promise to rectify the situation ASAP (after I curse ff.net, of course...).