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Chapter 1

Carrying her score across campus to the music building, Ally Dawson hummed the overture to Guys and Dolls. It was the first day of rehearsals for the college's fall musical, jointly put on by the theater and music departments. Ally had been in the pit bad every year so, as a junior, she was one of the most senior members. No one had ever seriously challenged her as the best piano player on campus, though. She had played since she was two, so playing piano was like breathing for her.

Only five or six other players were there when she arrived, so Ally warmed up with some scales. Behind her she heard a loud "Out of my way freshman!" and she smiled. Her best friend Trish had never entered a room quietly.

Ally turned and asked "Trish, what are you doing here?"

"What, not happy to see me?" Trish asked jokingly, then said, "The rehearsal schedule this semester is identical for the actors and the pit so that we can more easily start joint rehearsals of songs earlier than usual."

"Oh thank God," Ally replied, "tech week won't be as much of a train wreck then. I'm so excited you're playing Adelaide, you get so many good numbers."

"Plus plenty of time to nap during other people's scenes! The couch back stage is sooo comfy!"

Ally laughed at her friend as the conductor walked into the room. Trish waved a quick goodbye and rehearsal got started.

Some of the players were a little rusty and the music was fairly complicated so they stumbled through first-reads of the songs in the First Act during the hour and a half rehearsal. While everyone else packed up, Ally asked the conductor a question about how her part in the overture interacted with the horn line and pored over the combined score until everyone else had left. Just as she was packing her bag up to leave, the door to the rehearsal space opened.

In walked a blonde guy, wearing tight jeans, a leather jacket, and a big, friendly smile. Upon spotting Ally, he came over and said "hey I'm just returning a tuner we borrowed for rehearsal, can I just leave it here?"

Ally dodged his eye contact but said awkwardly, "uh, sure, I can get it back in the instrument closet."

Beaming, and without noticing her shyness, he replied "Great! Thanks! I'm Austin by the way, Austin Moon. I'm playing Sky Masterson.

"Yeah, I know who you are. I'm Ally Dawson, I play keyboard in the pit."

Austin practically bounced up and down as he said, "Awesome! I love playing piano! And guitar! And drums! But also singing and dancing, obviously." He unceremoniously grabbed the score from her hand and plopped down at the piano, opening it to a random page. Before Ally had a chance to protest, he started perfectly playing "If I Were a Bell." Ally silently watched him carefully, realizing he was actually talented, but was also irritated by his ego.

When he was nearing the end of a page, she took a step forward and turned the page and he smiled up at her gratefully. She sat down next to him and suddenly he said "you take right hand." Surprised, she jumped in and they played together.

At the end of the song, they turned to face each other on the piano bench and said simultaneously "Wow, you're really good." They both laughed and Austin bumped Ally's shoulder with his own, saying "Jinx." Ally blushed, broke eye contact, and quickly stood up to get some space between her and Austin.

Grabbing the music she mumbled "I should get going, lots of reading to do" as she stared at her feet. Once more Austin didn't notice her awkwardness and said "Okay!" I'll see you around… Ally right?"

She glanced at him and nodded before giving him a small wave and hurrying out of the room.

Ally had never actually talked to Austin Moon before, but everyone on campus knew his name. Sure, it was a small college, but Austin was one of the popular people. Not in an annoying, climbing the social ladder kind of way, but in an effortless and incredibly friendly kind of way. Nobody had anything against Austin, he was just talented at everything he tried, from basketball to music. Ally, on the other hand, always kept her head down and lived in the music building, practicing piano and writing songs. It was no surprise that Austin didn't know her name, even though she had spent the last two years watching him sing and dance on stage while she sat in the pit. Even though the cast and pit were musical theater geeks, they ran in very separate circles for the most part and the actors were the well-known ones on campus.

On the walk back to her dorm she texted Trish, her one friend among the actors, and said "LOL just wound up playing piano with Austin Moon. That was…weird." Within a minute Trish texted her back: "haha sounds like Austin, obliviously walking into situations and showing off." Ally smirked a little, then filed the conversation in the back of her mind and focused on reading for her History of Baroque Music class.