COTE FREAKING DE PABLO was on our screens! For real! It's like 2010 all over again! I teared up for ten minutes just thinking about it during and after the episode. In honor of that, here is the shortest of one shots that will probably grace our screens for the next few months (yes, I am that hopeful). It's meant to be a standalone despite the ending.


Although he is talking to her, he is still convinced she is a ghost. The fact that Diane just left is less than helpful in his current state. Quickly, he is brought to the present, when Ziva explains, "Gibbs, you are in danger. I need you to follow me."

He almost believes her and starts to leave, but soon asks, "How do I know it's really you?"

Nodding slightly, her jaw a little tense, Ziva stares him down before taking his hand. The touch itself is proof for Gibbs. Diane never touched him.

"We have to hurry," Ziva tells him. Gibbs nods before heading up the stairs to pack a bag. Instead of standing around, Ziva follows her old boss and continual father figure explaining the plan.

"The person who tried to kill you is still after you. I have a safe house set up, and it will take us all night to get there."

Raising his eyebrows as he puts his bag over his shoulder, Gibbs asks, "You drivin'?"

Only a hint of a smile graces her lips as Ziva answers sternly, "Yes."

Following his surrogate daughter out the door, Gibbs takes one last look at the door before following Ziva to a car parked a couple blocks away devoid of street lamps.

The pair is quiet for an hour into the trip until Gibbs asks, "How've you been?"

Shocked, Ziva turns to him. She expects the silent treatment the entire way or even short, angry remarks. Keeping her eyes on the road, the former agent answers, "I've been fine."

"Tony and Tali?" He continues.

"Fine," She answers again. The more she hears his two questions, the more it seems like an interrogation.

"We've missed you, Ziver," Gibbs states thinking his emotions are too raw to be useful. First Diane tells him why he decides to burn rule 10, and now Ziva is making him rethink the idea entirely. Rule 10 needs to be rewritten. Forget that Ellie and Ziva made him burn it in the first place.

The pair lapse into silence again until Gibbs notes that they leave Maryland. Finally, the man asks, "Where are you taking me?"

"Where they will never find you," Ziva states wondering if talking like she is in a movie may be a bad idea. Curse her for watching movies Tony writes down for her to watch when she feels homesick. Understanding that he will not get any information out of her, Gibbs settles in for the ride.

Knowing Gibbs is probably in need of company despite whatever he says, Sloane walks up to the front door and notes quickly that it is locked. Finding his spare key under the door mat, the psychologist rolls her eyes muttering to herself, "Really Cowboy?"

Letting herself inside, Sloane makes her way to the basement scanning the living room, dining room, and kitchen for any clues. Nothing seems amiss until she gets down to the basement. An unfinished bottle of bourbon tips her off. Taking out her phone, Sloane dials a number. When the other end answers, she states, "Vance? Jack. Gibbs is gone."