As soon as Darlene and Gina entered into the house that they live in, Gina again brought up the question of where was her father and how come he is no where to be found? Darlene took one look at her daughter, she sat next to her. With that she slowly brought herself closer to her daughter.

"Your father hasn't returned and I don't think he will ever come back.",said Darlene.

Gina's mouth was open but, she didn't know what to say. Should she be happy that her father gone? He had been so abusive. Would she ever be sad at that fact ? He would never come back to her and his daughter.

Gina was unsure on how to react to the news. Her mother who could already tell how her daughter has been feeling about the news that she had just received from her. So Darlene brought Gina close to her to give her hug that lasted about for a few minutes. Before they were finished hugging, Darlene look down at her daughter

"How about I'll make us dinner now okay?" ,asked Darlene as she walked off.

Gina's eyes to followed her and she responded with,


On the fact that her mom was making her dinner.

Her Dad leaving did not come up again.