Bikes, Cars, and Submarines




Elizabeth gave a final twist to the camshaft she was replacing and turned. "Hello Gram, what brings you by? Is the car acting up?"

"No I came to speak with you." Audrey Hardy carefully stepped around an oil stain on the ground and moved towards her granddaughter.

"Okay." Elizabeth moved to the sink to wash her hands. "What's up?"

"I wanted to talk to you about last night." Audrey winced and gestured with her hand. "Honestly Elizabeth can you turn that down?"

"Sorry." Elizabeth turned off the radio and picked up her rag. "What about last night?"

"You came to the ball with Jason Morgan."


"I was concerned about that, though I heard he left with Robin."

"Are you worried about me?" She couldn't help but be happy at the thought.

"No that was for the best." Audrey shook her head firmly. "I wanted to know what possessed you to go there with him in the first place."

Elizabeth's smile faded, she picked up a clipboard and headed into the small storage room in the back. "He asked me."

Audrey sighed, shouldered her purse and followed her wayward granddaughter. "I didn't know you were dating him."

She checked the list and the shelf. "Not were we still are dating. He just had to talk to Robin that was all."

"Oh Elizabeth."

Two words, one of them her name said with such censure and disappointment she almost felt like she were at home, almost. "What?"

"I honestly don't know what you're thinking by dating Jason Morgan he's a criminal."

"Alleged, he's never been convicted of anything." Elizabeth corrected bending to check off another part number.

"So now you know the lingo?" Exasperated Audrey clasped her hands. "I worry so about you."

"Look Gram, I know you worry but I'm fine." She looked at her Grandmother and smiled. "Jason and I are good together, and if you give him a chance you will see that."

Audrey shook her head. "I thought you had changed. I thought you had grown up. Elizabeth you have so much potential, and to see you waste it in a garage, and on a criminal, it disappoints me so."

Elizabeth sighed it was an old argument, except for the Jason reference. "I'm happy with my life, and I know what I'm doing."

"Do you? You thought you knew what you were doing when you ran away from home at 17, remember how that turned out?" Audrey moved closer. "You thought you knew what you were doing when you got married at age 18." She paused to let her words sink in. "You moved here for a fresh start and what's the first thing you do? You get a job here."

"I'm a mechanic they tend to work in garages." Elizabeth snapped slamming the clipboard on a crate.

"Don't use that tone with me young lady." Audrey retorted before taking a calming breath. "It seems you haven't grown up at all."

"If growing up means I have to label Jason a criminal or myself a failure because I'm a mechanic, then no I haven't." Elizabeth faced her Grandmother. "I love you, but I won't justify myself, my actions, or my friends to you."

"After what happened last time, I just don't want to see you hurt again."

Elizabeth could see the love in her Gram's eyes and swallowed her anger. "I know you care but I really am okay, my relationship with Jason is nothing like what happened before."

"Mrs. Hardy, Elizabeth." Jason said from the doorway.

"Jason." Audrey turned glancing at him briefly before focusing on Elizabeth. "I'll expect you for supper on Sunday."

"I'll be there."

Audrey nodded and left.

Elizabeth looked at Jason she wondered how much he heard. They hadn't talked about her past yet, and she wasn't real eager too. "Hey."

Jason moved in the room. "Did you two fight?"

Elizabeth shrugged dismissively. "We don't fight we disagree." She bent down to continue checking the parts.

"And today's disagreement was about me." Jason leaned against a metal rack watching her.

"You're name was mentioned." Elizabeth conceded. "But it also had the usual stuff, the you're wasting your mind working as a mechanic, and so on."

"Come here."

She shot him a look. "I'm working."

Raising an eyebrow he merely waited.

Elizabeth got up, and crossed to him slowly, deciding to let him pull her into his arms. "I'm sorry I added to it."

"I'm not," she murmured leaning against him. "In fact I wouldn't have it any other way."

He rested his chin on her head. "You know a lot of people will try to warn you about me."


"So you should be prepared." He didn't want her to regret what she was doing later on.

"Jason I'm in love with you." She tilted her head back to look in his face. "That means every part of you, even the parts that you can't or won't tell me about."

He brushed a hand over her cheek. "So you're okay about what…"

"I'm not going to try to change you," knowing where this was heading she interrupted him quickly. "I'm only going to ask that you be as careful as you can be."

Reaching up she brought his head down to hers. Their lips met, and for once the passion was banked. The kiss was tender, soft, and sweet. His lips brushed over hers, her mouth opened and he sank into the softness. His hands framed her face as he explored her mouth. He thought he knew her every taste but she always surprised him.

They broke for air, she was still leaning against him for support, both felt a little unnerved at the reaction they had to just a simple kiss. She shook her head and reminded herself, nothing was simple when it came to Jason.

"Will you go to Luke's with me tonight?"

His words caused his chest to rumble against her ear. "Two dates in two nights, I'm not sure I can take it."

He laughed. "I promise, this date will be much better than the last."

She drew back to look at him. "You have a deal on one condition."

"What's that?" He rubbed a grease mark off of her forehead leaning back against the shelving.

"I drive." She told him moving in between his legs.

"No one drives my bike but me." Jason shook his head.

"I did before." She leaned closer and rested her forehead on his.

"That was a one shot deal."

"Really?" She grinned up at him slyly, "Wanna bet?"


"Well hello Natasha." Luke called from behind the bar. "How are things at Spook Island?"

"I wouldn't know Luke, you're sister doesn't like me to come over very often." Alexis reminded him while taking a seat.

"Now Natasha, you know Count Vlad must miss you, and just think of all the fun we had sneaking around the tunnels, the plans, the plots…"

"The almost killing of an innocent bystander." Alexis finished for him. "No more plans with you Luke."

"That's always advisable." Sonny said from behind her.

"Corinthos. What have you been telling her about me?" Luke glared at Sonny.

"He doesn't have to tell me anything." Alexis told him.

"Well ex-partner can I get a drink?" Sonny asked taking a seat beside Alexis.

"Depends on who you're socializing with." Luke said pouring him an unblended scotch.

"I'm still waiting on mine." Alexis said.

"I can't believe you still have that up." Sonny told Luke.

"I don't know, I've always kind of enjoyed it." Alexis admitted following his gaze to the fall wall. "Besides I'm sure it keeps the rats away."

Luke turned to look at the portrait of a nude Helena Cassadine, he tipped a drink at her frowning visage. "It's my drinking test."

"What?" Sonny asked.

"If someone looks at that and thinks she looks good I cut them off." Luke explained sending both Alexis and Sonny into laughter.

"Does she still look like that?" Sonny asked Alexis.

"Luke has seen her since I have."

"Last I saw her she was comatose in a bed in Greece." Luke's eyes were drawn to the newcomers at the door. "Hello Darlin." He said with a smile.

"Hi Luke." Elizabeth said coming to the bar to kiss his cheek.

"Morgan." Luke's tone was frostier.

"Luke." Jason nodded his head.

"I don't know if I should thank you or yell at you Darlin."

"What do you mean Luke?" Elizabeth asked in confusion.

"Well Lucky's gone and I bet it is because of you and Mr. Talkative here."

"Lucky's gone?"

"Yes, I guess he got tired of having his heart not to mention his nose broken. He left town to find himself." Luke told her.

"There aren't enough places to look." Johnny muttered under his breath.


"Where was he going to look?" Elizabeth asked glaring at Johnny.

"I don't know he said he'll keep in touch. Laura's worried but I think it will do the kid good to see something of the world. Maybe it will make a man out of him."

Jason's eyes met Johnny's who turned away so he wouldn't laugh.

"So are you going to treat her right tonight Morgan?" Luke asked lighting a cigar, "Because you didn't last night."

Jason kept his eyes on Luke. "Yes."

"See that you do," frowning his gaze drifted over Jason's shoulder. "Natasha what have I told you about bringing your family in here?"

Alexis turned to see Nikolas and Emily enter the club. "Excuse me."

"Hi. Mr. C., excuse me a minute." Elizabeth told Jason before heading over to Johnny who was talking with Chloe, Felicia, and Katherine Belle. "Excuse us." She told them pulling Johnny away.


"So I see you two worked things out." Sonny said after Luke moved away.

"Yes." Jason sat down. "You were right, I am in love with Elizabeth."

Sonny grinned.

"I just wish I didn't have to hurt Robin." He sighed, "She wanted to get back together."

Sonny sobered. "I know, I saw her after you two talked."

"How was she?" Jason couldn't help but be concerned, he had never wanted to hurt her.

"She's hurting." Sonny admitted, and she was in for a rude awakening.

"That's just it Sonny, I don't think I can let go of him."

Sonny sighed and put his hands on her shoulders. "Robin you don't have a choice."

Robin shook her head in denial. "We love each other. Love was never our problem, he just needs to see that I am serious about moving home and being with him."

"Robin it's true you didn't break up because you fell out of love. You broke off because you couldn't handle who he is, and what he does." Sonny reminded her.

"But I can handle it." Robin backed away. "I just need to prove that to him and it will be all okay."

"What about Elizabeth?"


"What did you say Jason?" Sonny asked snapping out of his reverie.

"I was just saying I hope that Robin is okay."

"She will be." With a lot of time. Sonny turned when he heard Jax's voice and saw him talking to Alexis. "Excuse me."


"So I'm guessing the bruise on Jason's chin would match your knuckle." Elizabeth commented.

Johnny shifted in his seat. "He had it coming."

"Johnny." She shook her head.

"Hey you two worked it out and that's great. I don't need any details, I'm happy for you." Johnny explained. "But he still deserved it."

"Johnny I fight my own battles."

"You're my family, you don't have your own battles, I'm involved and now so is Jason so get used to it."

"Fair enough, but it goes both ways." Elizabeth paused. "So what the hell are you waiting for?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean why are you here talking with me when you should be over there talking to her?" Elizabeth demanded.

"It's complicated." Johnny retorted. "Wait how did you know it was her?"

"It's obvious. Look I know there might be some problems in the beginning but you love her." She paused then went for the jugular. "Unless you were just screwing her."

"It's not like that." Johnny snapped furious at the suggestion.

"Then prove it to her, or you will lose her." She took his hand. "Look at me I had to fight the memory of a perfect love, a femme fatale by the name of Carly, who also happened to be tall, and then the perfect love's return. What the hell do you have to be afraid of?"


"Hey Jase."

"Carly." He said without turning.

"You're not even going to look at me?" Carly asked, sitting on an empty stool.

"I told you to stay away from Elizabeth, and what do you do? You attack her the first time you can." Jason turned looking at her coldly. "I don't need that in my life."

"Please Jase." Her eyes filled with real tears. "Please don't abandon me too, not now, I need help, I'm pregnant."


"Look Alexis and I have plans to why don't you just shove off." Jax told Sonny.

"Why should I? I was here first, I used to own the place, and Luke likes me. Why don't you leave?" Sonny shot back.

"I have an idea why don't you both leave." Alexis interjected but was ignored.

"I'm sorry but she can't have dinner with either one of you tonight, she has other plans."

Sonny and Jax stopped arguing to stare at him.

"What? After weeks of ignoring me. Weeks of letting these two idiots fight over me like I was the last steak at a buffet, now you stick up for me?" Alexis demanded stepping in between Sonny and Jax.

"Yes." Johnny said. "You told me to make up my mind and I have. We are leaving to make sure this never happens again."

"What do you mean by that Johnny O'Brian?" Sonny and Jax were totally forgotten as she yelled at Johnny. "What makes you think I even still want you?"

"Well it's too damn bad if you don't, because I will hound you for the rest of your life if I have to. I love you Alexis Davidovitch Cassadine soon to be O'Brian."

Alexis' mouth dropped open in shock. "W-what?"

"That's right were getting married tonight." He took her hand when she started to gasp.

"You expect me to marry you after all the crap you put me through?"

"Yes." He pulled her to him and kissed her, Alexis didn't struggle her arms locked around his neck locking him to her. "You love me," he whispered against her lips, "and I'm not going to lose you."

"Oh God." Alexis muttered. "Yes I'll marry you, but…" She gripped his jacket front and pulled him to her. "There aren't divorces in my family, only poisonings and the occasional throat slitting. Still want to take me on?"

Johnny smiled. "Let's go."

"Way to go Natasha. The old bitty will be rolling in her bed." Luke called from the bar.

"Oh god." Alexis panted.

"Here." Elizabeth shoved a paper bag in her hand. "Enjoy the ride."

"Sorry sir, I guess I should have told you." Johnny stopped in front of Sonny his hand locked on Alexis who was breathing in the bag. "Francis is outside he'll finish out my shift," he paused. "I guess I need to explain but I don't know how."

Sonny shook his head in defeat. "Go." He ordered waving his hand to the door.

Johnny smiled in relief and pulled Alexis out the door.

"How long have you known?" Sonny asked Elizabeth.

"A little while, once I did I thought it was so obvious, I was surprised I didn't figure it out sooner."

"My best friend is going to marry your bodyguard," Jax shook his head. "Well it could have been worse, it could have been you."

"I notice she didn't even look in your direction candy boy." Sonny retorted.

"Cheer up boys." Elizabeth touched both men's backs. "You'll find someone new to compete for, who knows maybe this time one of you might really fall in love with her too."

"Hey was that Alexis I just saw leaving with Johnny?" V asked entering the club with a slam.

Both Jax and Sonny focused on her.

"What?" V asked nervously. Why were they staring at her like that?


"What did you find?"

"It was a boy, he washed up on shore."

"Was he alone?"

"Yes Madame."

"What is that smell?"

"The boy Madame, he got caught in the fishing nets."

"Oh." She leaned closer to peer at the boy. "You know what to do with uninvited guests."

Lucky gasped and stepped away from the woman.

"Wait." She studied the boy again, pushing past the smell to do so. He was young and cute, she didn't particularly care for cute, but still. "Bring him closer."

Lucky was prodded closer to the woman who was wearing a turban.

There was something unsettling about those eyes that called to her. "Take him and clean him up I might have use for him."

"Yes, Mrs. Cassadine."

Lucky fainted when he heard her name.


"So when are you moving in with me?"

Elizabeth choked on her drink. "What?"

"I asked." Jason repeated. "When are you moving in with me?"

"Jason we haven't even made it through a date and you want to live together?" Elizabeth shook her head. "That's moving a little to fast for me."

"Why? We love each other, were going to be spending nights together anyway." Jason dropped a kiss on her bare shoulder. "So why not live together?"

"Because this is all so new, we have plenty of time." She arched her neck when his mouth continued to rove her neck. "What's the rush?"

"I love you." He pressed.

"And I love you. But there is a lot of stuff ahead of us, why not just enjoy the moment?" She answered kissing him lightly before drawing him into a dance. "You lost the bet, you have to dance."

Jason's arms tightened around her, he could do that he could take it slow if she wanted. He wasn't going to let her go so there was no real rush. He looked over at Emily and nodded, Emily winked back at him. ON the other hand, she was never going to know what hit her.


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