Well look what we have here, a Death End Re;Quest story. Mine is possibly the first one on here since the game is recently new. This will be a collection of one shot chapters, don't expect them to be very long either. They'll mostly involve several subjects and other stuff that comes in my head at any time.

Also, I'll be using the girls avatar names so I don't confuse myself even though I've played all the way to the true end. Finally, since this takes place after the true ending (which was kinda complicated tbh), there will be spoilers ahead, so be warned. With that out of the way, let's begin!

Morning Breakfast

Who said that living in an apartment has it's benefits? Well, Shina found the answer to that one when she and the other five of her close friends were rescued and found a new place to call home so they can live together and enjoy the happiness they've each longed for a long time. Now if only thier breakfasts weren't so...odd. Shina had become an early morning bird as was Clea, but she was sleeping on the table. The rest of them hadn't woken up yet, until Lily arrived in the dining room.

"Morning, Lily." Shina said since she was the first one at the kitchen table. "Made your favorite today."

"Oh, thanks Shina." Lily replied as she sat down with her eyes half open. "How I hate Mondays."

"I feel the same, but it's gotta be done." She sat down with two plates of breakfast. "And thanks to Arata, we've been given the chance to catch up with our studies at high school."

"Uggggh, why can't I just do merchant deals in this town?" Clea groaned as she lifted her head up before resting it back down.

"Because we're not in that world anymore."

"Morning!" Al greeted as she rushed to the table. "Anything awesome?!"

"Just the usual breakfast." Shina answered.

"Hard to believe that it's been a week since we moved here." Lily said. "But it's a wonderful feeling."

"Yeah, I guess this is good in some ways." Clea agreed as she raised her head again. "Just wish we didn't have to get up every morning."

"But you girls get to have more time off from high school." Al moaned. "I still have to go the same school, how do you think I feel?"

Shina giggled. "It'll only be for a while, your sixteenth birthday isn't far away."

Al's cheery side instantly came back. "Oh yeah, not long till my birthday!"

"Morning all, what's this about birthdays?" Celica asked as she walked in.

"Just small talk." Shina replied. "Is Lucil still not awake yet?"

Celica sat down with a confused expression. "I think I heard the sound of a chair falling in her room and some grunting, but I must've been hearing things."

Then in a few seconds later, Lucil came out and she looked like she was sleep walking.

"Umm, morning, Lucil?" Lily asked. "Are you awake?"

"I am..." she answered quietly. "...but my eyes don't want to open."

Clea sighed. "I totally feel you."

"Come on girls, we gotta eat before we leave for school." Shina reminded. "It's the most important meal of the day, after all."

"I envy your morning glory, Shina." Lily said. "But it's quite endearing all the same."

"You think?"

But before she could answer, there was the sound of a cereal box falling to the side.

"Al, watch where you're putting that cereal box." Celica said.

"But there's no marshmallows in them!" Al complained.

"That's because this brand doesn't have marshmallows." Clea pointed out. "Unless you meant the sweet bag you had yesterday."

Al's eyes opened wide and gently bonked herself on the head. "Oh yeah, I totally ate them all yesterday!"

"And you didn't think to offer one for any of us?" Lily asked, sadly.

"It's okay, girls, I'll make sure to put that on the shopping list." Shina suggested as she wrote it down on her notebook.

"Yeah, just don't let her eat them all at once like before." Clea said.

With breakfast done, it was time for the girls to leave to start the day.

"So who is in charge of the keys this week?" Celica asked.

"It's me, I have the do the grocery shopping today." Shina answered. "Don't forget your school stuff, Al."

Al whined. "Geez, I already have my bag with me."

"Shina, you're beginning to sound like a mom." Clea remarked. "Are you practicing in advance?"

Shina blushed. "W-wh-what?! N-n-no! I not doing it for any r-reason!"

"Uh huh..." Lucil said quietly. "...let's go."

And with that, they left and for Shina, this was to be the first of many moments that each of them would have either separated or together.

What did I say? I told you they weren't gonna be long. There'll be more funny stuff like this to come soon, I assure you. ;)