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Pillow Talk For The Future

Resting on the bed were two people that had recently started going out, thier date from before had turned out to be a success.

"You know, Arata." Shina said.

"What is it?" Arata responded.

Shina shifted closer to him, the mood felt right for her whilst Arata thought something else was up.

"I feel happy...for so many reasons."

Arata looked at her. "What are those reasons?"

"I have everything I've always wanted. I have a wonderful home, well, more like an apartment."

Arata nodded, choosing to remain silent.

"I have five amazing friends who live here with me." Shina wrapped her arms around his left arm. "And finally..."


She looked into his eyes. "I have you."

"In what way?"

"Oh come on, you should know about this by now. We even shared our first kiss a few days ago."

"Oh right...sorry, I guess it hasn't hit me yet."

She nodded. "It's okay, this is kind of new to me as well, although I seem more smart about it than you."

Arata frowned. "Hey, give me a break."

She giggled. "Sorry, I just can't resist teasing you on things you should know about. But I prefer it to be this way when I think about it."

"You prefer me to be dense?"

"No, not that." She shook her head. "I mean, I love it when you're willing to learn about love and share it with me."

"Oh, I get it now. Say Shina...am I really the one you want?"

Shina didn't answer with words, she instead hugged him closer and pecked his cheek.

"Of course you are...I love you, Arata."

Arata blushed a little, although he tried very hard not to show it.

"And I...I love you too, Shina..."

Shina smiled happily. "See, that wasn't so difficult, right?"

Arata plucked up his courage and turned to his side before hugging her back.

"Ah!" Shina gasped.

"Surprise..." Arata then pecked her on the lips as a return for the peck he got earlier.

"Arata..." Shina sighed as she blushed in bright red. "...thanks."

"You're welcome I guess..." He replied, smiling at her.

"I hope we can stay together like this...you and me, together."

"Well, we would need to have our own place, and don't forget, I still have my work to do."

Shina nodded. "Yeah, I know that. Since I work there too these days."

"Then we have all the time in the world to do stuff like this."

"In that case...might if we have a slow dance to some music?"

The two of them got off her bed and whilst Shina turned on the CD player and music started playing, Arata had one last question.

"Say, Shina...do you love me that much?"

Shina put her arms around him as they started to move slowly in rhythm.

"I do, Arata. After what we've gone through, I love you so much."

"Alright...then I love you too, Shina...a heck of a lot."

She giggled as they continued to dance slowly and in love.

This was the life she alwasy wanted, a dream that had come true, a moment that she wanted to make it last forever.

No matter what the future holds for her or for anyone she knew and love...Shina was happy.

Story Ending Theme:

Peter Cetera - Do You Love Me that Much?


And we are done, feels nice to end it on a wholesome note with all the good feelings we can enjoy in life. :)

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