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I sat on my bed in the hotel suite of the Sato Hotel, named in remembrance of Asami Sato, who helped revolutionize Rebublic City.

I stood up and gave myself a quick look in the mirror.

Same girl as the fifteen year old street rat with dark brown hair and a strong need to do what is right, who the White Lotus picked up in Ba Sing Sa after I found out I could earthbend and waterbend.

The only difference was that twelve years have passed, and I have matured much more.

I sighed.

I guess it is time to speak at the ceremony for the hundred year anniversary of the spirit portal in Republic City, which was a opened by Avatar Korra.

I am not extremely good at speaking in front of people, but that wasn't the problem. I felt an itch that something was going to go wrong, that this would be the perfect place for an attack, with me, the president, and thousands of people there.

I shook the thought out of my head.

Stop it Key, I told myself. If there is a threat, take care of it. You are Avatar Kiana for gosh sake.

I smoothed out my clothes, black pants and boots with a black and green long sleeve shirt with the Earth Kingdom insignia on it, and walked out of my room and to the elevator, where people were waiting for me on the ground floor.

In a house outside Republic City...

I groaned in pain.

My belly hurt very much. Possibly since I'm nine months pregnant and my husband, Jason, is busy with my three year old son, Marcus.

He saw me groaning in pain and rushed toward the bathroom, where he turned on the sink and surrounded his hand in water with waterbending. Then he rushed to my side.

The water surrounding Jason's hand glowed a soft blue color, which Marcus seemed like he wanted to touch, and he put his hand on my swollen belly.

Immediately, the pain subsided.

"Better Diana?" He asked.

"Much." I responded through a sigh of relief.

He nodded and went back to Marcus.

The baby, who we knew was a boy, could either be a firebender, like me, a waterbender, like Jason, or a nonbender.

I was kind of favoring it being a nonbender. We can barely keep Marcus from bending and flinging his milk during breakfast, since he's a waterbender, and I've heard the stories from my parents about how destructive I was as a baby.

The thought made me smile.

Suddenly, a deeper pain started to cut though me, making me start to pant and groan.

This meant one thing.

When Jason ran over again, I told him what was happening.

"The baby is coming." I told him frantically.

He responded immediately, bending down towards Marcus saying. "Hey buddy, piggy back ride, time to go on an adventure!"

Marcus giggled and stood up, wrapping his arms around the back of Jason's neck.

With Jason's hands free, he scooped me up and he took the two of us out of the house toward his Satomobile.

He laid me down in the passenger seat and laid Marcus on his lap when he went in the driver's seat, then hit the gas.

We surged forward and we managed to get to the main road leading to Republic City.

"The closest hospital is in Republic City, we have to get there." He told me. "Luckily, everyone will be parked outside the assembly area for the ceremony in the heart of Rebublic City. Should clear a way to the hospital."

I only managed to nod.

In no time, we were at the hospital, and I was being wheeled in.

Close to the ceremony...

After I was greeted by many people outside, I was taken to the ceremony via limbo.

As the limbo passed the people at the rails, who were being kept in check by the metalbending police, I smiled at everyone going by.

Finally, I was at the podium in front of the portal.

I stood up on the podium, feeling quite confident in speaking to the crowd.

I started with a greeting.

"Hello, Republic City." I said to them. "It is a great honor to be here to celebrate the amazing task that my past life achieved."

I was met with cheering.

I smiled back.

"First, let's address what has happened since then." I told them. "Since then, some spirits have called the material world home and small groups of humans have decided to live in the Spirit World. Also technology has improved, thanks to Avatar Korra's wife, Asami Sato, who revolutionized technology here in Republic City, may she rest in peace."

Everyone nodded and mumbled in response.

"Also, Avatar Korra has done very much since then, helping defeat crime, and inspiring people, even after death, including myself. She lived to a ripe old age of ninety-four, before passing away." I told them. "Also, the airbenders have become something that might actually be considered a nation. The descendants of each of Avatar Aang's four grandchildren relocated to each of the four temples, helping lead the remaining airbenders and helping them embrace their culture."

Everyone started to nod and smile, and some even cheered.

Time to go on the the next topic.

"Anyways, with the other natio..."

I was cut off when I felt something hot flying towards me and blocked an incoming fireball with a shield of air just in time, which blasted me off the podium.

As I was spinning through the air, I saw the crowds of people running in panic.

I managed to slow my landing with a cushion of air and turned to face my opponent.

It was a man in some kind of black and red, high-tech armor that covered most of his body, the parts not covered by metal were covered with the black cloth underneath. The eye holes in his mask were glowing red.

I learned enough energybending to be able to "read" someone's bending and power. This man was a firebender, and his power was raw and powerful, much more than should be possible, but at the same time, not natural.

"What do you want?!" I yelled.

"To put you six feet under." He responded in a robotic, menacing voice.

He launched a blast of fire towards me out of his hand, the only exposed parts of him.

I threw up a large rock wall just in time, the blast scorching the rock, then kicked the wall towards him.

He destroyed it with a fireball, but I used the distraction to try to metalbend his suit.

It wouldn't work.

Dammit, platinum, I thought to myself.

Time to take some offense.

I sent a blast of air towards him, pushing him back, but not toppling him, thanks to the armor. He responded by rocketing towards me with firebending.

Once he got close, he surrounded his fists in flames and trying to punch me.

I responded my ducking and punching my fists into the ground, when I pulled them out the were each surrounded by a rock the size of a basket ball.

I smacked him hard with one of my rock fists, causing it to shatter, then I did the same with the other one. I finished off by nailing him in the head with a fireball, then hitting him in the chest with a pillar of earth.

He staggered back, clearly hurt, then he started to crackle with electricity.

He is conjuring lightning, I thought to myself, then started to conjure lightning of my own.

The we launched them.

Our two lightings collided, trying to push it towards each other.

And his was starting to overpower mine.

He was clearly a stronger firebender than I was.

Wait, what if I let it hit me, I thought.

It's a gamble, but it could work.

I let my lightning fizzle out and held out two fingers, letting the lighting hit me there.

My body started hurting immensely from channeling the lightning, but I forced it through my body, adding some of my own, and fired it out of my other hand.

The lighting hit him full on, causing him to slam into the building behind him, his suit crackling and spasming.

"Get out here boys!" He yelled.

Suddenly, three more men appeared from a nearby alley, each in identical suits. The only difference was that, instead of black and red, one had black and blue, the other had black and green, and the final one had black and white.

As I expected, when I "read" them, they were water, earth, and airbenders, respectively, each with the same, raw, unnatural power.

I jumped upwards and slammed my two fists into the ground in front of my, creating a shockwave that knocked the three of them back, but they quickly got back up.

The waterbender created a water whip, which froze into an icicle, and lunged at me.

I ducked under it and, when he thrust it downwards, I dodged it again as it shattered against the ground.

I immediately did a series of flips to avoid a volley of rocks coming from the earthbender, but got hit in the chest with an air blast from the airbender, knocking me to the floor.

I guess I don't have a choice, I thought. These three are definitely stronger than me if I don't use the Avatar State.

I felt power surge through me as I entered the Avatar State.

The three men gasped as I sent a wave of fire in all directions, knocking them back. I then created a water spout beneath me from water from the sewer and sent a sustained blast of fire towards them from above, which met a combined elemental blast from the three of them.

The attacks collided, creating a blinding light and an explosion.

I fell off the water spout and slammed onto the ground, but the three men got the worst of it, being thrown back from the explosion, armor battered.

I got up and advanced, but then, suddenly, I felt a horrible pain and the warm feeling of dripping blood on the side of my stomach.

I looked down and saw an arrow emerging from it.

No, not an arrow, a harpoon.

I managed to catch a glimpse of the firebender behind me, still in a sitting position against the wall of building that he was thrown against with his arm out, a long metal wire between his arm and the harpoon.

He had launched the harpoon from his arm.

"Goodbye Avatar." He said.

Then, he grabbed the wire and electricity shot from his hand, up the wire, into the harpoon.

And into me.

It felt like my insides were being fried, but I channeled all of my energy and Raava's into releasing the electricity, both his and mine, in all directions.

The shockwave, slammed into the three in front of me, which sent them flying and caused suits to crackle and spasm too.

I didn't see the end of it because I collapsed to the ground and lost consciousness.

Meanwhile, in Republic City Hospital...

"Your doing great honey." Jason told me as he sat next to me with Marcus on his lap.

I had been wheeled into a large room that housed a few other people in beds with wheels, with two nurses next to my bed.

They ran out of rooms for single people, so they put us in this leftover room.

Through gasps, I saw the door to the room burst open, where nursed were frantically wheeling a bed into the room with a young lady on it, with a metal object sticking out of her side.

Lots of blood.

Jason covered Marcus' eyes just as I realized who it was.

It was Avatar Kiana.

My breath quickened.

One of the nurses with me left to help the Avatar, leaving the other one with me.

Avatar Kiana was wheeled next to me.

The doctors scrambled around quickly, I was too tired to hear them, something about "too much blood" and "unable to it out".

She lolled her head to the side to look at me, then she held out her hand.

I took it.

It felt cold.

She slowly smiled.

"Congratulations." She managed to say.

Then her eyes lost the light behind them.

A long beep rang out, which I knew was her flat lining.

Before I could process that, I felt my baby starting to come out, yelling out in pain.

Doctors where swarming around both me and the Avatar.

I faded out of conciousness, squeezing Jason's comforting hand.

Well, I hope you enjoyed. Peace.