White Sand Moon

By Tygerlilee

DISCLAMER FOR THE ENTIRE STORY: I'm so sick of writing a disclaimer on every chapter so I'm just making one big blanket one for the entire story. I don't own Gundam Wing or any characters of it. I'm not making any money from this story; it's merely to kill time during boring summers! ^_~ That said, any character in this story who is NOT in Gundam Wing is an invention of my mind and I prefer that no one else use them. I like them very much and wish to keep them. Happy reading!

Chapter One

New Beginnings–an engagement

He shot up in bed, sweaty hands shaking as he gripped the bed covers. It was so odd–that hadn't happened in over a year, yet the familiar cold sweating hand clutched at his heart, sweeping away the blissful ignorance sleep normally brought. The dark room was cold and the soft snores that usually came from Huy's bed were gone–he was with the team playing on another colony.

Tai sat with his legs folded Indian-style, arms limp as the sinking fright sat in, still clutching at the patch-work quilt. Shadows danced in every corner, turning into faces and blood streaked images. Screams echoed in his ears. The room seemed to spin with decaying faces and sickened smiles, scoffing at him. They spun around him faster and faster. So manyhe had destroyed so many livesfaster they twirledsounds reverberating from the ceiling to wall to floorupside down, in and out, an onomatopoeic symphony, sick and sharp and.

He turned on the light. The murderous shadow's evaporated with the dark and Tai gazed at his empty dorm room. Two tiny beds side by side with a double desk in between. Closets and drawers sat at the end of the beds, a sink and mirror in the corner. And an overwhelming loneliness slowly saturated his soul. It was a teasing pestering feeling. He wanted more than anything for someone to call or walk through the door. But it was three a.m. and he sat in his overly baggy T-shirt hanging from his slight frame, boxer shorts, and white socks, knowing that no one would come. As he pulled out his textbooks a framed snapshot across the desk caught his eye--Huy and his girlfriend Kieko. Suddenly he was a million times lonelier than he had been a moment ago.

His entire life he'd been alone, never having to worry about anyone but himself. He had liked it that way. People got in the way of what needed to be done. But now that was over. Nothing needed to be done. He had to move on and find a new meaning for his existence because fighting was no longer necessary. And that's when he found his family. Now he understood why people wanted to live, why they worked so hard for so little, why people got out of bed everyday to do the same old boring desk job, come home, and do it again the next day. He understood what people beside himself had been fighting for–and he knew it was good. Tai had grown used to having his family around, especially his twin brother, Huy. For a while they had turned into a threesome--he, Huy, and Kieko. But now Huy was gone more and more every day and Tai knew that he'd be alone again. He missed knowing that a friend was always near, even better, a brother. A brother has to love you even if he doesn't like you. But his brother wouldn't be able to be with him always–he had a ring ready to give Kieko. And then there would only be one.

But Tai did like Kieko–she was a cute girl, very intelligent, kind, patient, and more than anything, very practical and would do well with keeping Huy and his fantastical feet from flying off into space. But that still meant that Tai was giving up his brother who he had grown so close to.

Seeing their relationship grow and morph was all very interesting to Tai. He knew nothing of romance and never understood any of it. It was also very strange to Tai. He had been taught to not need companionship but since he had made friends and even had a family now, he was very confused. He could honestly say that he loved these people now. It had grown in intensity very slowly over the years. But now, whenever he received a disappointed email from Yachi he felt a pang of hurt for her, and if he heard of a bad boyfriend of Gina's, his first instinct was to go find a gun. When Huy was gone, a sickly feeling infiltrated and made it impossible to do anything. It was a disgustingly pathetic apathetic feeling which completely inhibited any work getting done. His grades were even suffering. He supposed it was natural to feel this way, he was nearly 22. People do grow and change and wish for companionship but it was so weird for him because unlike so many others, it was not something he'd been taught was natural and expected his entire life. But nowheck! What was he even thinking? That he wanted somebody like alike a girlfriend? To have what Huy and Kieko had together? What his parents had? Gina and Toshi had with their respective spouses? That was crazy. Plain crazy. And so he threw on some sweats and tennis shoes and sprinted down the inky street, a sheen of rain mirroring the false stars.

She stood up very calmly and forced herself to walk slowly out of the class room, gracefully exiting, but steam was practically coming out of her ears. Then she took to running as fast as her legs would carry her.

"Sorry, excuse mepardon me" she said softly as she pushed people frantically out of her way. She ran across campus clutching her books in her arms, backpack strapped firmly to her.

Psychotic he saysmentally unstablelucky the colonies survived he sayswhat does he know anyway? She thought angrily. It was usual for that professor to pick at her. Why, she didn't understand, but he did. And normally she handled it very wellbut todayshe didn't have to take that, and yet, he wasn't even insulting her personallyhe didn't even know that he had offended herand that was precisely why she couldn't let anyone see her anger

She was nearly hit by a car running across the street and he honked angrily at her, but she didn't notice; her head was down and she was breathing hard. She was no athlete, but sheer anger and frustration and everything else powered her as she sprinted.

"Millardo Peacecraft was the next in line to rule the pacifist nation of Sanq Kingdom, but the family was attacked and he ran away to become the Zech Marquis we all know and love–personally I say that fire affected his brains." The class had laughed in response to that. Lobster man, as she cruelly coined him for his baldness, redness, unusually long fingers, and maniacal snapping temper, continued, "Though he was powerful and led many people showing his charismaHe must have been touched–blowing up the Earth? Now really." More laughing, and she had taken it, sitting there, seething with angerwhat did they know? How could they knowthey were just ignorant civilians

She reached a little pink stucco apartment building and ran up two flights of stars to the third and top level. Only then did she stop. She pulled her backpack off and reached in the smaller back pocket for her keys. Her hands were trembling she was so angry. She almost couldn't get the door to open because she couldn't hold her hand still enough to get the key into the hole.

By the time the door was opened, she was so frustrated that she threw it open, and walked calmly into the room.

"Oh, hey Dei" a tall brunette started from her position sprawled out on the floor.

But the livid girl didn't notice. She flung her bag into her bedroom and quietly walked into the bathroom, locking the door behind her softly. She sat down on the closed toilet and began to cry in the only private place that she knew of.

This entire semester had been hard. The classes were four and five hundred level courses and becoming increasingly more difficult with each week. And that wasn't the worst of it–that stupid lobsterman and his attitude. He had them write a paper at the beginning of the semester about their personal political views and ever since then he had despised her–what she couldn't figure out is how did he know it was her in a class of 120? Why did he pick her to be so evil to? Surely her paper wasn't THAT ignorant. And she needed to pass this class to graduate after the next winter semester. She just didn't understand Then there was that moron stalker of hers–mister genius microbiologist with a soccer scholarship chasing her around. And she was living with five other girls, three of which she had lived with before and liked, but two of them were potluck. One was really nice, but the othershe was a nightmare, and Deirdre even shared a room with her! Arg!! And to top it all off she was introverted anyway and needed privacy or else she'd literally go insane and the only place she could find like that was in this stupid little bathroom!!!! Why couldn't she just meet mister perfect and get married so she'd only have to deal with one roommate and he wouldn't be her brother? Besideshe and Noin had gotten married a couple years ago so she'd just be in the wayand then Heero had even diedwhat was it now? Four years ago? Coming up on thatit was so strangeit was so unfair!!!

"Hee-ro.." her voice cracked softly. "Why did you die?" Tears fell onto her hand as she sobbed softly in the "Watercloset" as Amada had termed it jokingly. "Why..." she whispered to the shower curtain.

"Deirdre? Hey, Deir honey? You alright in there?" Ianthe was calling to her through the door, knocking softly. But no one would see her cryit just wouldn't happen, couldn't happen. She had to be stronger.

"I'm finejust stupid lobster man againI'll be okay in about five minutes. Let me cool off."

"Oh, I'm so sorry Deir."

"Don't worry about it. I'll be okay. I promise," Deirdre assured her roommate.

"Okay" Ianthe sounded doubtful, but she walked off, the carped padding her heavy steps.

Deirdre turned and faced herself in the mirror, and a giant fireball looked back at her. Her mild red hair combined with her tear-streaked face had a frightening effect of a cherry with unripe green spots that were her eyes. "Good grief" she muttered to herself. "I did have to pick red"

She turned on the cold water and splashed herself generously with it, letting the fire in her skin burn out. "Get a grip on yourself! You are almost done with school. Just one semester left, and you'll be out of here. You'll take a nice long vacation on the beach and then go back to work, just as planned. Only now you'll be older, wiser and more educated!" She tried to psyche herself up. But two cold tears slipped out as she smiled at herself in the mirror. But what does it matter if Heero is gone

"I can't believe that it's already been three and a half years" Zechs said softly as he scanned the short email from Relena.

"How's she doing?" Noin asked from her spot on the bed. She had several files spread out and she was trying to synthesize all the information at once, and at 12:30 at night.

"Burned out. She's ready for a break." Zechs squeezed his wife's knee with one hand and held the laptop steady with the other. "But she'll be that much better for it. It's given her time to grow and understand things around her. My only regret is that I haven't been able to see or talk to her these long yearsjust an email every month or so"

Noin turned and snuggled her way under his arm and leaned against his chest. "But you've been a good brother. Letting her grow up while talking and giving help when needed."

"I've always stayed out of her life"Zechs started.

Noin laughed softly. "That's what I mean. Now you actually know her as a person." Noin sat back up and started putting papers away. "But now, I'm going to sleep!" she told him firmly.

Zechs grudgingly put his laptop way and turned out the lamp on his side of the bed. They curled up and were just dozing off when the laptop buzzed loudly. "What in the" Zechs mumbled angrily.

He sat up and opened his video mail in the dark while Noin tried unsuccessfully to pretend she was asleep. "Who's trying to talk to me at this time of theungodly hours"

"Hey! What's up?" a large as life Duo grinned back.

Zechs and Noin both shot up from bed. "What are you doing!!" Zechs said harshly.

"Just wanted to see how Miss Relena is and all, since I can't ask her directly. I figured I might send a little note to Heero too," Duo winked.

"Duo," Noin began, "Heero's deaddidn't you know?" she asked tenderly.

"Hehehethat's what you think. I just talked to him last week! He's doing great. Can't wait to graduate and all, but"

"Graduate? Duo, I think you better explain yourself," Zechs said impatiently.

"Hehemaybe I shouldn't ruin his cover, but Heero gave himself a new identity. And it's working for him too, believe it or not." Zechs and Noin glared at him.

"But Lady Une said that he was dead! Leukemia! Everyone thinks so!" Noin said sharply.

Duo continued to grin evilly. "Weeell.technically, Heero lived. But from that time on he started going by a different name so that name is gone forever, but the person we are referring to is very much alive."

"That son of a"

"Zechs," Noin warned. She had been attempting to curb his language. "Duo, why would Heero not tell us that he's alive? Why would he makes us all worry?"

"Quite frankly I don't think that he thought any of you guys knew about his disease at all, much less where he was. So why bother? He'd already disappeared. So he just changed his name. Besides, he wants to live a normal, quiet life and associating with very well-known and noticeable people would not help him on his quest to normality," Duo explained.

"But didn't he even think of what it would do to Relena when she found out? Didn't he even think" Noin's angry voice was interrupted by Duo.

"I told you, he didn't think you guys knew about him at all so why bother tracking you down and correcting any false assumptions!"

"We could've used his help a couple times these past few years" Zechs muttered.

"I think that's exactly why he didn't tract you back down. But come on! Give him a break!"

"He lies, hides, worries everyone, Relena's never gotten over his "death" despite what she saysand you say give him a break?!?" Zechs' voice was starting to rise slightly. "And now he has the nerve to ask about her?"

"Actually, he didn't ask about her. But I thought maybe I'd drop a few facts for him," Duo said.

Zechs glared. "Why?"

"WellI think it's just silly for them not to talkthey make such a cute couple!" Duo sang cheerfully.

Zechs glared some more. "Someone who doesn't even have the decency to tell people he's alive doesn't deserve such a girl to be with him. I respect Heero for his skills and what he has done in the past, but this is inexcusable! Under no circumstances are you to help them find each other!"

"Zechs" Noin tried to intervene.

"I won't let my sister be hurt again! He died, then comes back to life–what if he dies AGAIN! And she's so stressed right now with school, she wouldn't be able to handle it. I will not further stress her!" Zechs was doing a marvelous job of keeping his voice lowered despite his anger.

"Awcome on"

"Good night Duo." Zechs said firmly and cut the connection. "I can't believe thisI cannot believe this"

"Zechs," Noin started. "Maybe we should look at it as a blessing! You are right–it would just further stress Relena, but maybe when she's graduated in several months we can tell her. She needs to know."

"She's been struggling with it for nearly four years–and only to find out that all her pain was for nothing. I just don't know what to do"

"Love her. And be honest. That's all."



"We are going to have to tell the others tomorrow. I'll call a meeting and I'll tell them all what Duo told us."

Noin nodded, knowing exactly who "the others" were. "I think that's a good idea."

Tai sat on his bed studying quietly. Books were everywhere and a dry erase board was propped up on the desk with numbers scrawled all over it.

A voice in the hall was humming happily to itself and the door flew open. "Heeeello my dearest brother! Did you miss me?" Huy asked enthusiastically. Apparently it had been a rough trip back because his clothes had orange something spilled all over them and he smelled horrible.

"Terribly." Tai said sarcastically. "Didn't you shower after the scrimmage?"

"Ehthe line was too long. But don't worryI'll shower tonight."

"Tonight? Don't think Kieko will let you near her smelling like that"

"That's why I'm showering tonight BEFORE I take her out to a romantic dinner and a walk in the park where I will sweep her off of her beautiful little feet and propose. Then she will promptly say Oh my darlingI never thought the day would come when you'd finally ask me to be your wifeI'd be delighted'."

"And then you both throw up from the sap.." Tai muttered.

Huy grinned his usual cherubic smile.

Tai started to get up. "Where are you going?" Huy asked.

"To warn Kieko what she's about to get herself into," Tai said even more sarcastically as he walked to the dry erase board to change an equation.

Huy grinned again. Then bounded down the hall as if he couldn't stay still for more than a few minutes at a time.

He's gonna be a nervous wreck tonight Tai thought to himself. And he was right.

"OkayI've got my shower, I've got my wallet, I've got"

"Huy," Tai interrupted. He was sitting on his bed well out of harm's way. Huy was wandering around, not watching where he was going, and kept kicking and knocking things over. The trashcan was upturned, the dirty contents Huy's duffel bag were all over the room. His bed spread was bunched at the end of the bed. All his textbooks were open and in danger of being ripped by Huy's pacing.

"Yes?" He looked up with a blank childish look on his face.

"You're still in your boxers. You might consider putting on some nice pants and a shirt. Shoes wouldn't be a bad idea ether." Tai had a hard time hiding his sarcasm, but Huy didn't even notice anyway.

"Oh." He started aimlessly flipping through his closet.

Tai buried his face in his hands. He'd never seen Huy so ditzy before. Then he stood up and pulled some green khakis and a nice button-up shirt out for Huy. "Put these on. She likes you in green."

"Oh" Huy was walking around as if in a cloud. Nothing had an effect on him. He reflexes were nonexistent. He was completely incapable of making any decisions.

Then Tai remembered that Huy would be driving them to the restaurant. "Huy, would you like me to drive you two around? I wouldn't mind playing chauffeur." But only because the cops'll be coming to tell me you're dead in a gutter if I don't, Tai thought.

"Oh I think I'll be okay."

"Huyeither tell Kieko that you hit your head during the game and ask her to drive, or let me drive. There is no other option."

Huy looked at Tai's determined face and nodded slowly. "I'll ask Kieko to drive"

Tai nodded in agreement. "Okay."

"I think I'm all ready to go," Huy said numbly.

Tai sat on his bed again and started ticking items off on his finger. "All clothes on correct parts of body?"

"Uh" Huy paused to look himself over, and over, and over, and over

"It's a check Huy. You're okay."



Huy fished around his pockets and pulled out his wallet and keys. "Check."

"Good. Jacket, even though you always get hot and will be carrying it on your arm but it's good incase she gets cold, which she almost always is?"

Huy looked down at his arm. "Check."


Huy looked at Tai as if he had three heads. "Ring? What ring?"

"The one you're gonna give Kieko when she says yes to your moronic proposal?" Tai reminded with a look of utmost incredulity on his face.

"OhTHAT ring!"

"Yah" Tai muttered. "THAT ring"

Huy was frantically searching his closet again. Tai got up and pulled out the small violet velvet box from Huy's desk drawer where Huy had been storing it for safe keeping because it was the only part of the room that was his and not trashed–he never used that drawer. It had a sticky runner and was difficult to open.

"Huy," Tai said calmly as he tapped Huy on the shoulder.

"Yes?" he looked back at his brother blankly.

"Here it is. Don't lose it."

"Thanks," Huy said wide-eyed. "I was afraid that I'd lost it after all"

"Huy, would you like me to walk you to Kieko's?"

"Please?" Huy half-asked hopefully.

Tai sighed and pulled on some shoes and grabbed his keys. Then he and Huy walked out of the building and headed to the girls' dorms on the other side of campus. The car was parked somewhere in between in the school parking. Campus was fairly decent sized–the school had 20,000 students. But Tai didn't mind the walk. So long as Huy survived this. "You're gonna be fine. She's in love with you. You know that. Just don't try to get all silly and romantic, especially in your state. Just flat out ask as you walk through the park. You'll be fine."

"But Taiwhat ifwhat if I drop the ring or say something stupid or she says no or"

Tai stopped his brother's nonsensical rambling. "Don't worry. She'll say yes. And you are always dropping things. That won't be unusual."

Huy tried to smile but it came out as a nervous sick look like he was about to throw up. Then he stopped walking and stared up in the sky as if the holy Gods had enlightened him. "Tai" he said wide-eyed with amazement.

Oh no Tai thought.

"You're my twin!" Huy said.

"No crap," Tai said, slightly annoyed.

"You could"

That's when it hit Tai what Huy was about to suggest. "NO," Tai said firmly and loudly. "I will help you with everything. You know I do. But I will not propose for you!"

"But Tai, you are so much better with words and you won't make an idiot of yourself and"

"She'll probably want to kiss her fiancée after he proposes her, you know," Tai reminded him.

Huy's face changed abruptly. "You're right. I'll do it myself."

"Good boy"

But Huy wasn't paying attention any morehe had drifted quickly back into his little dream world. And all too soon they were at Kieko's door.

"You'll be fine Huy. Good luck." Tai was just about to turn a go when the door opened and a petite Japanese girl with large dark brown eyes and a soft, pleasant face and short dark hair came out of the apartment carrying a trash bag. She jumped slightly when she saw the brothers there. "Oh! Huy, Tai! You surprised me! You're a little earlythat's got to be a first," she said jokingly. When both Huy and Tai looked blankly back at her she coughed uncomfortably. "Okaywell, it's my week to do trash and I forgot to so that's why I'm doing it nowI'll be really quick.."

"No. I'll dump it for you," Tai said taking the bag from her.

"Thanks," she smiled at him.

"Have a nice night," Tai said, then turned to leave and walked quietly way.

There was a deathly silence as Kieko looked up at Huy. He just looked blankly back as if he was a deer caught in headlights. "WellI guess I'll go get my purse" Kieko said with raise eyebrows. Huy continued to stand like a statue staring straight forward.

A couple minutes later Kieko was back and Huy was still standing just as she had left him. "Huyare you alright?" she asked, now getting concerned.

Suddenly an acorn hit him in the side of the head. His eyebrows crunched down and he whirled around to glare down at Tai below. "What the heck was that for?"

"Hey, I got you to respond," he yelled back.

"Tai," Kieko yelled down. "What's wrong with Huy?"

"He hit his head during the scrimmage. If he freezes up again just smack him! He'll be fine!"

Huy glared angrily down at his twin. "Have a nice night!" Tai yelled again and walked off.

"Are you sure you want to go out tonight? Your head doesn't hurt too bad does it?" Kieko asked softly.

"Ohit'll be fineI think it might be safer if you drive" Huy was looking meekly down at his shoes.

"Fine. I was just about to insist myself," she said grabbing his arm and walking toward student parking.

The walk to car was silent and Huy kept stumbling on his perfectly tied and double knotted shoelaces (thanks to Tai for tying them). Kieko kept looking at him as if he was about to collapse like a jigsaw puzzle.

"Just tell me if we are staying out too late or anything like that tonight. You might even want to see a doctor about that tomorrow," Kieko said as she held out her hand for the car keys.

But Huy hadn't noticed and automatically walked over to the passenger side to open the door for her. "Huy," she said sharply.

"Huh?" he looked up at her blankly.

"Wrong door. I'm driving."

"Oh, right" Huy walked over and opened the driver's door for her and handed her the keys, then shut the door for her. Then he got in and promptly shut the door on his leg.

Kieko smothered her giggles in the steering wheel as she put the keys in the ignition. No wonder Tai walked him over here she thought.

As she pulled out of her parking spot she switched on the radio and started singing softly with the song. Huy closed his eyes and leaned back against the seat and seemed to relax. Or at least he looked normal.

"So Huy, where are we going?" she prompted him.

"River Gardenon 56 south," he said softly.

Kieko raised an eyebrow. It was a nice place, right by the park they always liked to walk through. There's a creek with ducks and squirrels everywhere. Kieko loved animals. But Huy sounded normal again. So they continued to drive quietly in peace. That was one thing that had surprised Kieko about Huyamong other things. But he could be quiet and calm from time to time. She supposed he had to be. His brother was so reserved–she sometimes found it incredible that they were identical twins and could be so different. But the silences with Huy were quiet and peaceful–even though you'd think they'd be uncomfortable as Huy was normally so talkative. Sometimes, she liked it this way best. They knew each other so well now they could just enjoy doing things in the same room together, even if they never spoke a word.

They got out of the car and had a peaceful dinner. Huy seemed pretty normal–he spilled two glasses of water anyway, and that was pretty normal. But Kieko started to relax. She had been so worried to begin with. Maybe he was okay after all.

Huy's brain was in a numb empty cloud. He was floating along. Just walking along blissfully. He could feel Kieko's little hand in his as they walked along the concrete path. A flock of ducks flew up as they walked by them pecking at the grass.

"It's so peaceful here right now" Kieko said softly, and smiled up at the sky, and leaned her head against Huy's arm.

"Yah" he murmured in agreement.

"I wonder why the ducks haven't gone to sleep yetthey aren't anywhere near being nocturnal" she wondered aloud.

"Maybe they knew that you were coming to see them."

Kieko smiled at Huy. And they continued to walk along quietly until they reached "their" bench. It was a little wooden bench in the middle of some trees, but there was a partition where the sun sets so that they could watch it. And the creek ran right by the area so that Kieko would watch the ducks. She especially loved it in the summer when all the "baby duckies" had been born. They sat down and Huy put his arm around her shoulders and she rested her head on his shoulder.

Then Huy remembered that he had taken her out here to propose in privateHuy thought. And his hands started to get sweaty. Better do this quick before I lose my nerveTai's not here to hit me this time

"Kieko" Huy started.

"Umhuh" she sounded half asleep.

"How long have we been together now?"

"Uhten monthsI thinkwhy?" She perked up a little as if she realized this was Huy's attempt at subtlety to direct the conversation.

"Really? It seems like so much longer," Huy said genuinely surprised.

"I think it's a pretty long time for just dating," Kieko said.

"Welldo you just want to keep datingwhat?" Huy finished lamely.

"Huyjust spit it out. Quit trying to be subtle. That's not your department. What's on your mind? Everything's okay with us, right?" Suddenly Kieko got a horrible fear in the pit of her stomach. What if he had met someone else, maybe during the summer? What if he wanted to break upwhat if.a nice dinner, taking her to their favorite place, trying to drop it gentlyOh no! Her mind started to panic. She could feel herself getting unreasonable.

"Wellit just seems to me that there is a point in every relationship when a couple either breaks ups up or" Huy paused and fished around in his pocket for the ring. Where was that thing Huy started to panic when he couldn't find it. It has to be here then he remembered it was in the other pocket and pulled himself away from Kieko to get it.

"Or what?" Huy looked up at Kieko. Her face was white and she looked strained, terrified. "Or what Huy" Huy recognized that voiceshe was getting to her unreasonable state. Does she know what I'm going to ask? Does she think it's too soon for it? Huy's heart rate started to increase uncontrollably.

"Well, I was wondering if maybe you'd be my wife" Huy held out the little box open to show the simple little solitaire with etched flowers along the band. Elegant and simple, just like Kieko. Huy had thought so when he saw it, and Gina had approved. But now he wasn't sure what was going on. Kieko was looking at him with her white, strained face and her eyes were huge. Now she was the frozen one.

"Kiekoare you okay?" Huy asked, concerned.

Her head sunk to her chest and she began to cry softly.

"Kieko!" Huy wanted to reach out and hold her and comfort her, but he didn't know why she was crying so it might even make things worse. "Kiekois it something I said?"

Kieko's face was in her hands and her entire body seemed to shake as she nodded.

"WhatI'm sorry, I didn't mean too" Huy was interrupted by a death grip hug around his neck and was nearly knocked over as Kieko flung herself at him.

"Oh Huy" she sobbed. "It's just thatit's thatOh I'm so silly!" she said vehemently. "I thought you were about to break up with me and I got so scared and then you went and proposed you wonderful boy" she howled.

Huy looked with large owl-eyes out at the empty night all around them. "You thought what?!?" he asked incredulously.

"I thought you were going to break up with me!"

Huy pushed her way from him, still firmly clutching the ring in one hand. "Why? How? I don't"

Kieko shook her head. "I'm silly. I told you. And paranoid. I'm so sorry"

"It's finejust that"

"What?" Kieko looked up at him.

"Are you gonna answer my question?" Huy asked meekly.

"What question," Kieko asked with a blank look.

Huy scrunched his eyebrows. "I just asked if you'd be my wife." He was feeling a little annoyed. He just asked her the most important question she'd ever be asked in her life and she doesn't remember

"Oh, I forgotten that I hadn't answered." There was a silence.

"Well?" Huy prompted impatiently.

"Well what?"

"Won't you please answer me?"

"Answer what?"

"Will you be my wife!!" Huy yelled.

"Yes, YES YES!! THERE!! I THOUGHT IT WAS OBVIOUS!!" Kieko yelled back.

"WELL GOOD!" Huy yelled.

"FINE," Kieko yelled again.

"WHAT THE HECK ARE WE YELLING FOR?" Huy continued to yell.



"FINE!!" Kieko looked furious and Huy grabbed her by the arms before she could yell at him anymore and kissed her for all he was worth, ring still in his hand.


A/N Hello!! I know I haven't written in a veeeeeeeeeeeeeery long time, but now I have the time and I'm going to try and get this story rolling as soon as possible. If you are confused and don't understand this story at all, it's probably because you didn't read the first one. This is a sequel to my last fic, Blood Bonds. In a very quick recap:

Heero went to a school, graduated from high school, survived leukemia, and found his brother/family. He's been living with them/going to college since then and is about to graduate. In the meantime, Relena took a break from work and disguised herself and went to college. She is also about to graduate. The entire Gundam gang in a nutshell–

Zechs and Noin married a year and a half

Duo and Hilde married a year and Hilde's pregnant

Sally and Wufei still work together, but nothing's happened

Trowa is working at the circus still with Cathy, his sister

Quatre and Dorothy have a spotty relationship that keeps turning on and off as she runs

off and comes back from time to time (she's mentally unstable)

Lady Une is still in charge of the Preventors

As for Heero's family:

Gina is married and pregnant

Toshi is married with two children

Yachi is still in school

Ai and Ryuzou are still up and kicking. Ai's very happy to be a grandmother

I really hope that I can get this out somewhat quickly and that it will be with minimal plot holes. It's very hard to keep track of everyone and all that they are doing since I know what I want them to do and what they already did–sometimes I forget if they already did something or if I just imagined it. I've spoken to my sister about what has happened and she keeps saying, "That didn't happen." So then I realize that I'm just totally screwed up. Anyway, so please email me if you see problems that I missed. I hope you like it. It will be much happier (I think) than the last fic. As always, I'm addicted to reviews! And if you want me to email you about a new chapter, say so in your review. Thanks and Toodles for now, Tygerlilee