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AN: First, I'd like to say that I'm surprised that there aren't more ZOE fics here. But that's okay, just leaves me some room to work. As I mentioned earlier, this is from Jehuty's point of view, not ADA's. So things are going to sound a bit different, but it'll still be the same. Now that that's said, here we go…



I lay here asleep, dormant for I-don't-know-how-long. I was inside a box of some sort, with no light or any power source. I could feel energy around me, but as long as I didn't have a runner, it would be useless. I wonder what happened to the last runner. He was a strong one. My first one. He was the one who first awakened me into battle, even though he was a little reluctant about it. Why am I even here? What happened that I had to be sealed away? It was probably because of 'him'. That much I understood. But I can't stay here forever

Then within the darkness, a light creped in. A lone figure walked into my coffin as it were and up to me. His hair was a strange white and his face was unshaven. He seemed to be examining me, amazed by what I was.

"An orbital frame."

Suddenly, a loud sound rumbled throughout the entire room. The man stumbled as the shakings increased. Explosions could be heard outside. I recognized some of the sounds. The familiar swoop of Raptors in assault. The man managed to grab hold of me and clawed his way inside, sealing himself within my body. The rumblings increased and I felt to area around me falling. But then, a most wonderful thing happened.

I stopped falling...

The green light of Metatron filled me, charging my very cells with incredible power. I felt my strength return to me as I arose into the air. With so much power, I shattered my iron prison, exposing my familiar blue armored body to an icy world. But that didn't matter to me now. My days of sleep were over.

Time for an awakening...


AN: Yeah, it's short. That'll change in future chapters.