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Chap. 31


Message of the blowing wind

Erasing memories

Stars are the witnesses of our existence


I gasped in disbelief as the light from the core of the fortress began to grow and shine. It was beautiful, but I felt the destructive power coming from within. It was as though life and death were all confined with this sphere. This is it. This was what Anubis wanted to create. Unbridled power, unstoppable force, in a single word…


I felt myself become drawn to the sphere. The metatron within me was racing a warp speed before the presence of the sphere. I had never felt anything like it and at that moment, I understood why Anubis sought this out. The power I felt was glorious, surging through me like lightning and driving me into a near-euphoric state.



Change is what the world awaits

Could that be peace or war?

The answer no one knows

Trusting the break of dawn

The blue bird flies away


'No.' I shook it away. No. This had to end now. If it didn't Anubis would win and everything would be destroyed. But how could I stop something like this?


It was then that I felt it. My chest began to glow brightly to where I couldn't even see it. It took a moment for me to realize that I was reacting to the expanding sphere and another to realize why. My curse... My body was reacting to the buildup of energy and now I was set to… I looked at my hands, which were brimming with metatron power. Perhaps this is the best. The power I felt within me was far greater than anything I felt. If I blew up, then it could be enough to stop this. I set my body forward, awaiting the inevitable.


I blinked suddenly and looked up to she the mangled form of Vic Viper swoop in from above. Despite his damaged body, he shot right past me like the bird that he was and went directly into the sphere.

"Vic! No!"

The falcon warrior dove directly into the energy and charged his body with energy. Holding his clawed hands forward, he began to fight the expanding energy with all his might.

"You will not win Anubis!!!!! RAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Traveling beyond the bounds

We have to take that step

What are we waiting for? It's now or never


Vic's body shone even brighter as he continued to fight the energy. But with all his wounds and injuries, he couldn't be at full strength. Even if he was, the power of the core was overwhelming. Even now as I watched, the sphere began to expand against his power. But despite that, he refused to quit; refuse to let down; refuse to stop fighting. I could let this curse kill me, but would that mean that I had given up?

-"If it doesn't work, do whatever you please. Don't just wait here to die."-

The sphere grew closer, but I was focused on Dingo's words. He's right. They both were. I couldn't stand here and let myself simply die. All of my fighting would be in vain if I did that. All those who fought with me, those who suffered, even those who fought against me. No. I will not just stand there and wait to die. Focusing to the full, I centered my energy into my hands and allowed the sphere to engulf me. The energy light consumed everything and force began to tear at me. The pressure from the force was tearing me up, but I didn't stop. With renewed strength, I pushed even harder, forcing my power, my energy, my entire being into stopping this. The light soon turned to darkness, revealing the true intent of all this power. The intent I had already seen. Destruction. Destruction to end all.




Fear to see "The World to Be"

Is why we hesitate

Repeat the same mistake

Hoping to break new ground

The blue bird flies away


Renewal turned to desperation as I continued to fight. But this wasn't something I could beat. No, I can't let this win. Too much is at stake. But even this resolve began to waver. Ahead of me, Vic had reached his limit and beyond and the energy became too much even for him and the wave of energy finally pushed him away. I couldn't even think about helping him for I felt my own body beginning to slip. I dug deep within my soul and called everything I had, everything that I was. The ripples of energy continued to tear at me, ripping apart my skin and body. My hand soon evaporated away, but strangely I didn't feel any pain. My focus and struggle had consumed my entire consciousness. So much so that time itself seem to stop and all was silent and still.

'What is that?'

A single spot of light slowly came up out of the void. I could feel my eyes widen as is closed in on me and I recognized it instantly.


Indeed, it was Anubis, or what was left of his body. His head and his upper body hovered toward and his evil glare remained plastered on his face. Despite this, I felt the power he possessed continue to vibrate within him. It was amazing that even in death, he possess this power.

'Wait…Could…Could that be the answer?'

I reached my sole hand up and grabbed hold of Anubis. I felt the metatron between us synchronize and beat in rapid intervals. It's strange really. Here was once the being who as bent on destroying all. Now in the peak of that event, he was the only one…that could stop it. My arm reared back, holding fast onto his head. The energy continued to pour on me, but that didn't matter. With a burst of retreating strength, I hurled the body of Anubis right in the center of the void and straight into the core. As flash erupted a moment later, shattering the energy from within. It took only a second to realize what was coming and another second to wheel around and fly away. Everything exploded behind me and the shockwave was a moment behind. I soared away toward the exit point, catching sight of Vic along the way. He seemed unable to move and due to the additional injuries he had suffered, I could see why. Rushing even faster, I latched my arm out, hoping that I didn't slip and miss him. If I did, then I wouldn't be able to turn around for him. His body came closer and my arm reached out. Vic's eyes locked with mine and as soon as I came, I went.

But not before my arm latched around his shoulder…

Now hooked with Vic Viper, I pressed on, pushing whatever I had left into getting out of there. The shockwave was beginning to catch up and was right on my feet.


Reaching out to catch the sun

To hold it in our hands

Longing for something strong to hide our weakness


'A little more…'

The exit was just ahead.

'A little more…'

The explosion singed my feet and burned it to a crisp.

'A little more…'


I shot right out of the exit and into space a nanosecond before the waves of energy destroyed everything and exploded in on itself, shattering everything in view. Light had engulfed everything as far as I could see and for a moment, I thought I was dead. Then the light faded away, revealing the blackness of space. Well, maybe not so black. The stars seemed to shine more now. But it wasn't until a bit later that I realized how much pain and fatigue I was in. I couldn't even move as I began to drift forward. I saw Vic' body still in my arm's grip, until that shattered as well. I probably should have cried in pain, but I couldn't even do that. I drifted even more and my vision began to fade away. But not before I saw a red blur come toward me.


My body stopped drifting and was settled within…something. It took the last of my senses to realize that it was Anubis. No…the other Anubis. The spurious copy that had been created by Anubis. He was…holding me. And it was warm. Strange. I would have expected to feel some discomfort or even apprehension. Even if this wasn't the monster that had battled with me, I would have thought that I would have reacted instantly. But no. I just rested as I shank into blissful oblivion.

He called me brother…


Soon the light may disappear

Nothing is meant to last

Yet we believe our world

Searching for happiness


When my eyes opened again, I found myself in one of the human's…docking area as they called them. The area was dimly lit, but I could faintly make out Anubis's on my left side and Vic Viper on my right. A sudden snap caught my attention and almost thought that another one of my body parts had broken. But then I realized that the snapping was internal. Mental. I almost jumped in surprised when I realized. 'Dingo!' I managed to lower my eyes to see Dingo being removed from my body and onto a cot of some kind. He looked almost as bad as I did. Also with him were Leo and Ken, who looked worse for wear, but okay. As they moved him into the light, I saw him conversing with Ken. But about what, I couldn't hear. Dingo then turned to look at me and for the last time, I heard his thoughts as he smiled.

'Thanks, Jehuty.'

I would have nodded back if I was so sore, so I get a smile would suffice. I don't know if he saw it or not due to Ken's sudden embrace and his eyes nearly closed, but I think he knew anyway. As he was wheeled away, with Ken by his side and Leo staying behind with me, I looked over at my two comrades, who were both asleep from all the fighting we had been through. Now that I think about it, I could use some sleep too. I don't know if when I wake up next, I will be fighting again, but I hoped that it would under a more peaceful time. My eyes began to slowly drift close and finally sealed.

It was time to sleep again…


The blue bird flies away


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