Dear Readers,

Through the Eyes of the Weary Warrior is back online. You can look for it at, with minor revisions.

What happened in that room with Tetra and Waker isn't what you think it is, but I'm not telling what happened until later on. It's a surprise...^^.

A bit of an update for my readers. Um, I'm not sure how to say this but here goes. For the duration of this story, I had been writing according to my notes that I had written prior to the fic. Each of the chapters had a page of notes to let me know how things should go in order and what happens next. Now comes the tricky part.

I'm out of notes.

So, the next few chapters are going to be total surprises for both you, my readers, and me, the writer! If a chapter gets delayed for a while, it's just 'cause I'm not sure what's going to happen next and need time to figure it out. However, I'm really happy that everyone who's been reading this has been liking it so far. Next to Weary Warrior, I think this fic is one of my best so far!

As soon as I get done with this story, I'm going to bring out my classic fics from when I was younger. Shadow the Hedgehog will star in one and I found my group of Nights Into Dreams fics. On top of that, I'm going to scrap my old GigaGirl project and bring in my twists on the Battle Network series for Megaman. Wait till you see Zero.EXE done my way, he's so cute and peppy! (He acts like a kid 'cause he is one! Yay! ^-^)

So, see you all next time, fellow FanFic Authors and happy readers!

Digi-Dolphin Out!

PS. The Link that was pissed off about being dumped by Zelda is actually mine. I once wrote a fic about him being in a dungeon called Moblin's Keep and that's what had happened at the end of the story. Not very happy, but it was one of my early works. ^^ 'K, bye!