Meg drove into town in the wagon, urging the horse to go faster. This was the Tucks' lives at stake. She had to be there as soon as Winnie, Jesse, and Miles had finished their tasks so the Tucks could leave.

So they could leave. Meg's brow furrowed as she considered that statement. The Tucks had to leave; she knew that. But what about her? She was immortal now, the same as them, so she could go with them. But she wasn't implicated in Winnie's 'kidnapping.' Could she really leave the girl alone after all this? Something told her this was the last time Winnie would ever see Jesse.

She shook her head and concentrated on the task at hand. She was outside the Fosters' now. She was close. Two gunshots split the night silence. She felt the grim reality of it all set about her. As she pulled the wagon into the town square, she saw Tuck peek his head out of the jail door. He nodded, and Mae and Winnie followed him.

She handed the reigns to Tuck and got out. Jesse was saying a tearful goodbye to Winnie, knowing that she couldn't come with them. Miles walked slowly up to Meg, unsure of himself again. "Meg, I..."

She sniffed away a tear and put a finger to his lips before replacing it with a kiss. When she pulled back, she looked him in the eye only for a moment. She couldn't breathe when she thought about what she had to say.

He beat her to it. "I know, Meg. I understand. Stay with Winnie. I swear I will come back for you. I won't let you live out eternity alone. Besides, I have to come back to get this." He held out the ring. "That is, if you'll still wear it."

She felt the tears pour down her cheeks. She nodded, and Miles slipped the band onto her finger. "I love you, Miles Tuck."

He pulled her into a tight embrace. "I'll love you until I die, Megan Jackson."

She didn't want to end it, but she knew she had to. "Go on, Miles. Get out of here. I don't think I could rescue you too."

He nodded and held her hand as he walked away, breaking the contact only when he had to mount his horse. He looked back one last time, then spurred his horse forward. Meg couldn't be sure, but she thought she saw a tear fall down his face.

She closed her eyes and calmed herself. Miles would be back, soon hopefully. Now, she had to comfort Winnie. "Let's go home, Winnie Foster."