That Dream

By: Lady-Evie


She didn't want to believe it, but that the last image she saw of him, kept her from moving on. That quick image, of the Pharaoh, her father, lying there cold as stone, murdered by the on man he trusted the most, Imhotep.

Nefretiri had spent the past few hours sobbing into her now soaked pillow. The thought of losing her beloved father, ached her whole body. When her father passed on, a part of her pasted on as well, entering the underworld with him. She needed someone to calm her, someone to wipe away her tears, as well as quiet her fears. But that person, whom she looked to the most, was no more. Now who could she turn to?

She squeezed the pillow tighter, wishing she could do the same to someone in particular, this certain someone whom she never trusted to begin with and to top it off was responsible for the state the Egypt was in, that she was in. Nefretiri gave the small pillow a punch, and threw it across the room. Unfortunately, she failed to notice that she was not in the room alone.


Gasping in freight, she quickly grabbed a small dagger which was laid on her table. With what little bravery she had left, she ruthlessly demanded who dared to enter her room.

A tall figure descended from the shadows, and normally she would have been terrified, but she calmed herself when she gazed into her intruder's eyes.

They were blue.

Reneb, of the Medjai Royal Court, walked over to her bed. Being her personal body guard, he was the only man, aside from her father, who could enter her bedroom. His height and strength made him a formidable opponent. But his need for protecting her and caring for her was what separated him from all other Medjai. He wore traditional Medjai garments that included a long metal sword. His short brown hair, which dangled in front of his eyes, made him look, if possible, even more dashing.

"You dropped this." He mumbled tossing the pillow to her. It landed next to her, quietly. She slouched once again, this time bringing her knees to her chest and wrapping her arms around herself protectively. Closing her eyes, she buried her face into her knees and the crying continued.

Slowly, Reneb sat on the bed caressed her soaked cheek. Normally, he would have been executed for doing such an act, but the girl needed comfort, and he intended to give her anything she needed, no matter what the cost.

Ignoring all means proper, Nefretiri swiftly took hold of him, enfolding her arms around his muscular body. She immediately began sobbing harder. At first his eyes widened in shock, but promptly softened as he wrapped his arms around her shaking body. The two of them remained silent, for in each others arms, they had their own means of communicating. The only sound heard was that of Nefretiri's weeping continuing throughout the night.


Nefretiri awoke the next morning lying alone in her bed, enveloped in the silk sheets and pillows. She sat up slowly and stretched, as the night's events returned to her. Her eyes began darting around the room searching for her protector, who couldn't even prevent the stealing of her heart. This was because the thief was himself. It dawned on her in an instant.

She loved him.

But... did he love her?

Quickly, she sprang out of her bed and put on a simple white dress. Not bothering to put on her shoes or make-up she raced towards her bedroom door. She opened it rapidly and came face to face with the last person she wanted to see.

Nefretiri gasped as Imhotep's eyes met her own.

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