"Hello everyone! Ready for the entrance exam?

Chapter 8

"Wow. The school does know how to make their exams realistic." Eri commented as she, Izuku and other examinees stood outside a fake city.

"Y-yeah. They sure do…." Izuku responded in a slight stunned tone of voice.

"So, got any plans in your head?" Eri asked, turning her head to look at the dark green hair boy.

"Well….I think it's best if we go our separate ways." Izuku replied, causing Eri to widen her eyes slightly.

"W-why?…..are you dumping me?" Eri asked, starting to feel sad.

"…Huh?" Izuku said, starting to become confuse.

"Does our friendship means nothing to you?" Eri asked, starting to gain a sad expression on her face. Izuku's eyes widened when he realized what he what he implying.

"I-I didn't m-mean f-forever! I was s-saying w-we should do the e-exam s-separately!" Izuku exclaimed, trying to cheer Eri up. "

You're a jerk, Midoriya." A voice said, causing Izuku to turn his head to the side to see Ochako with a frown on her face.

"Uraraka. This isn't what it looks like! I was trying to explain to Fenu that we should do the exam separately…but I kind of phrased it wrongly." Izuku replied in a frantic tone of voice, which cause Ochako's frown to deepen slightly.

It was then that Eri started to laugh.

"Huh?" Izuku said, becoming confuse at Eri's sudden change of behavior.

"I'm just messing with Izuku. I knew what you meant." Eri replied, still laughing.

"Even though your prank cause me to be called a jerk." Izuku muttered before turning his head back to Ochako.

"Well…..I kind of thought that Fenu was making fun of you…..and I kind of played along." Ochako said with a slight sheepish smile on her face.

"H-how!?" Izuku asked with a shock expression on her face.

"Call it a female thing." Ochako replied before giggling slightly and Izuku slumped his shoulders slightly.

"Hey!" A voice called, causing the three of them to turn their heads to see the same dark blue hair teen approaching them.

"Everyone here is trying to concentrate and your banter is distracting them. I would suggest if you remain quiet for the rest of the exam or leave." The teen said, glaring at the three of them.

This cause Izuku and Ochako to gain apologetic expressions on their faces as they glance at the other examinees who are looking at them.

"And what about you?" Eri asked bluntly, causing a shock expression to appear on the dark blue hair teen's face.

"W-what do y-you mean?" He spluttered, not expecting that sort of response.

"Well, you where the one who decided to interrupt the briefing to point out a "mistake", rather than wait to let Eraser Head explain about the fourth faux villain, claiming that UA, the top school in Japan, made a blunder. If you want to become a hero, you need to be patient. So if you can't do that, then you should be the one leaving, like what Eraser Head suggested to you." Eri explained with a slight evil smirk on her face.

This cause the dark blue hair teen to go into a fit of spluttering.

"Fenu….maybe you shouldn't have done th-." Ochako began to say but was interrupted as the gates to the fake city opened.

"Huh!/Wha!" Ochako and Eri exclaimed in a surprise at the same time when Izuku suddenly grabbed their arms and pulled them toward the open gate.

"What is that idiot thinking? The countdown hasn't started yet." One of the examinees asked before snickering slightly.

"What are waiting for? The exam already started. That boy in area B seemed rational enough to behavior that this is an actual villain attack." The voice of Earser Head said through different speakers, causing the rest of the examinees to blink their eyes in confusion before quickly rushing towards their respective exam areas.

"C-couldn't you warned us before grabbing our arms?" Ochako asked, causing Izuku to gain a sheepish smile on his face.

"S-sorry. I just thought that since the school is treating this as an actual villain attack, the examines should as well." Izuku explained a sheepish tone of voice.

"I guess that makes sense." Eri said with a thoughtful expression on her face before shaking her head.

"Anyway. We should split up and start getting points." Eri said, causing the other two to nod their heads before starting to head in different directions.

"See you after the exam then!" Ochako called over shoulder before turning her head back around just in time to see a two-pointer in front of her.

"Gah!" Ochako exclaimed as she quickly duck to avoid getting hit by one of the robot's arms before pressing all five of finger tips on the two-pointer.

The robot suddenly started to raise into the air.

After a few seconds, Ochako decide to press her fingers together and the two-pointer crashed onto the ground, becoming completely destroyed.

"Should I use my Quirk on my body?" Ochako thought as she frown slightly, thinking that it will be a quicker way to move around the fake city.

"…..No. The effect will wear off the minute I bring the faux villains back to earth." Ochako thought, as she glance over her shoulder to see the other examinees entering the exam site.

"Better move and collect more points." Ochako thought before turning a corner…..and running straight into another two-pointer and three-pointer this time.

Ochako froze whilst gaining a shock expression on her face just as the two faux villain notice her presence.

"Target locked on. Prepare for death." The three-pointer said as it's and the two-pointer's one eye started to glow.

Snapping out her stunned state, Ochako quickly moved forwards and just in time to avoid getting hit by two lasers.

The brown hair girl touched the faux villains and watched them floating into the air for a few seconds before pressing her finger tips together like last time.

"Release." Ochako muttered and watch as the two faux villains crash onto the ground.

"Midoriya was right about how the teachers want to make this as real as possible." Ochako thought as she glance back at the spot when the faux villain's lasers hit the ground.

"I don't want to know how hurt anyone will get if they got it by those lasers." Ochako muttered, shivered slightly.

"But for now. Collect more points." Ochako thought, gaining a determined expression on her face before starting to move.

With Eri, the white hair girl has found herself ambushed by at least a dozen robots.

"The exam only started and I already have my hands full." Eri thought as she used a combination of her white and black Glyphs to jump around the area, avoiding the lasers that the faux villains are firing at her.

"Oh well. At least I can get points quickly." Eri thought, seeing that the groups of robots consists of all three types of faux villains.

The white hair girl created a black Glyph to avoid getting hit by a two-pointer's laser before creating a white Glyph underneath her, sending her flying into the air before creating another white Glyph to prevent herself from going to high into the sky.

Eri is now above the same faux villain that attacked her.

Eri then activate the Glyph's push effect, sending her flying straight down onto the two-pointer.

"Take this!" Eri exclaimed as she summoned a red Glyph in front of her fist and punched the robot, destroying it.

However, the white hair girl didn't have any time to relax as the still alive faux villains fired their lasers at her.

When the lasers hit Eri, she seemingly disappear.

"Heh. Got you confuse, didn't I?" Eri thought as she hid beneath the wreckage of the destroyed two-pointer whilst the other robots looked around confusedly.

"Now to finish you guys off." Eri thought before creating multiple white Glyphs, causing the faux villains to become on guard.

Eri bounced off the white Glyph that she was laying on before hitting another white Glyph and then bounced of that onto another white Glyph.

Before long, Eri is bouncing all over the place and the faux villains failed to try and follow her movements.

"Time to say goodnight." Eri muttered before angling the white Glyphs so that they are facing the faux villains and then started to attack them.

Before long, all of the remaining robot are destroyed.

"Now. I should get moving and find more faux villains to destroy." Eri thought and was about to move when a thought entered her head.

"How will I find more faux villains and collect more points quickly. The other examines will be destroying them and we don't know how many faux villains there are for each exam area. This was a lucky find for me." Eri muttered, gaining a frown on her face whilst staring at the faux villains that she destroyed.

After a minute of thinking, a smirk appeared on the white hair girl's as an idea formed in her head.

With Izuku, the dark green hair boy has has been collecting points at an easy pace, however, most of the times he seemed to helping other examines out, saving them from faux villains that decided to sneak up upon them or saving them from pieces of falling buildings that got destroyed from the faux villain's laser.

"Where should I head next? I think moving to the center of the fake city will be a bad idea, since it seems that a majority of the examines are there due to the large numbers faux villains situated there." Izuku thought with a deep thinking expression on his face.

"Plus there's the zero pointer to look out for. I certainly need to look out for that and avoid it." Izuku muttered, shivering slightly as he remember Eraser Head's advice.

"Better keep moving and luckily bump into any faux villains." Izuku muttered as he started to sprint.

However, he only took a few steps when he spotted a group of faux villains surrounding a blond hair examinee whose Quirk seemed to cause him to grow a very thick tail with a bushy tail.

"He looks like he need help." Izuku muttered before changing directions and head towards the group of faux villains, his hand starting to become covered in the dark blue light which then changed into a shape of a blade.

"AAAAAH!" Izuku shouted as he jumped into the air and swing his arm at the closes faux villain, who seemed to be close to attacking the blond hair examinee from behind, sending it's head clean off it's body.

Izuku's shout caused the blond hair examinee to spin around with a shock expression on his face. "

Where did you come from?!" The blond hair examinee exclaimed, surprise at Izuku's appearance.

"Just someone who was passing by. The names Izuku Midioriya by the way." Izuku introduce himself with a slight smile on his face.

"My name is Mashirao Ojiro. Nice to met you, Midoriya." The now named Mashirao introduce himself.

"Nice to meet you as well." Izuku said before focusing his attention on the faux villains surrounding the two of them, his expression changing into a serious expression.

"You certainly landed yourself into a trap." Izuku commented as his other hand started to get covered in the dark blue light which took the shape as the blade on Izuku's already Quirk covered hand.

This cause Mashirao to take a deep sigh.

"Don't tell me about it. I just ran into them." Mashirao explained in a slightly tired tone of voice.

"Anyway. You got help now." Izuku said, causing Mashirao to nod his head, gaining a small smirk on his face.

"True. Let get some points shall we?" Mashiroa asked, causing the dark green hair boy to nod his head before the two of them started to attack the faux villains.

"Well we certainly have a talented crop of potential students this year." Spoke a creature, that is a mixture of a mouse/dog/bear, to a room full of teachers that are watching multiple screens which showed different areas of all exam sites.

"Unfortunately, not everyone can be accepted." A women, wearing a dominatrix styled outfit that has handcuffs attached to her wrists and a mask, commented, causing the teachers to nod their heads in agreement.

"For those we do get accepted, we need to change their behavior slightly." Spoke a male who is wearing a brown trench-coat along with a skull-like mask.

Unknowing to the examinees, the teachers of UA were monitoring them during the practical exam debriefing and they saw how the dark blue hair boy pointing out the forth faux villain and claiming that UA made an error.

This cause the teachers to take note that a hero should have a flexible mind and not take things as the look at first glance.

"You know, I'm kind of worried about that particular examinee." Toshinori spoke, pointing to a screen which showed Katsuki Bakugo destroying any and all robots that came close to him, disregarding anyone's safety who came close to him.

"Agreed. That's someone who need to be looked out for." A man, wearing mostly red with some white, commented as he and the rest of the other teachers noted how scary Katsuki Bakugo looked with that evil smirk he has on his face.

"By the way. I know that the aim of the practical exam is to collect as many points as possible within ten minutes, but is this allowed?" A man, who has sharp claws for fingers and wearing a giant helmet, asked pointing to another screen which showed Eri.

All the teachers watched as the white hair girl destroy the pack of faux villains, the same ones that ambushed her, before summoning a green Glyph and seemingly repair the destroyed robots and repeated the process of destroying them.

"Well, that girl is still collecting points, so I guess it's okay. Hmm, such a strange Quirk that girl has. It seemed to have multi-purposes." The animal-like teacher spoke with a curious expression on his face.

"I met that girl a while back and shown that she has the ability of hindsight and foresight." Toshinori said, causing all the teachers to gain slight shock expressions on their faces.

"Are you saying that she can control time, All Might?" The animal-like teacher asked, realizing that the girl reversing the time of the robots to the point before getting destroyed, glancing at the true form of the number one hero.

"Well, she did say that controlling time is one aspect of her Quirk, Principle Nezu." Toshinoro replied, causing the now known Principle of UA to gain a thoughtful expression on his face.

"Hmmm. That is a useful Quirk. It will be a shame if she would have failed the exam." Nezu muttered, thinking of the possibilities that Eri can do with her Quirk.

"She can use it to restore all the damage that the past students have done to this school and the we can have a decent wage." The same women wearing the dominatrix costume muttered, causing some of the teachers to nod their heads in agreement.

"Speaking of damage…" Principle Nezu began to say in a slight high pitch tone of voice, causing the women to jump in surprise, not expecting the mammal principle to hear her.

"Why don't you release the Zero-pointers now, Power Loader. Its at the stage of the exams now." Principle Nezu said, causing the man wearing the giant helmet to nod his head before turning his attention towards a panel that has different buttons that he press.

In all the exam areas, the ground suddenly started to shake.

"W-what's going on!?" Eri exclaimed in her head, not expecting this to happen.

"Need to get to higher ground." Eri thought as she created a series of red Glyphs and used them as stepping stones to get onto the top of a building, leaving the destroyed group of Faux villains behind.

When the white hair girl reached the top of the building, she started to look around.

However, Eri only had to search for about two seconds before seeing what's causing the ground to shake.

"IS THAT THE ZERO-POINTER?! ITS MASSIVE!" Eri shouted in her head, gaining a shock expression on her face as she stared at the Zero-pointer which is the same size as the buildings in the fake city.

"It sure is more violent than the other faux villains." Eri noted, seeing that the zero-pointer is destroying everything left, right and center.

"Eraser Head said that anyone who tried to engage in combat with thing will have their points dropped to zero. I don't see why anyone should fight that faux villain when it acting like that." Eri thought as she saw other examinees running away from the zero-pointer.

"…Hm? What's that?" Eri thought, seeing something laying on the ground, in the path of the giant faux villain.

It took the white hair girl a few seconds to realize that it was a person trapped under some falling rubble and a few more seconds to recognize that person.

"Uraraka!? W…why is nobody helping her?" Eri thought seeing that people are running past Ochako and not bothered to help her.

"I need to help her." Eri thought before rushing to the side of the building before creating a series of black Glyphs on the side of the building which she then used to run down the building.

When the white hair girl's feet touched the ground, a golden Glyph appeared beneath her.

With her speed increase, Eri started to dash towards the zero-pointer, hoping that the giant faux villain doesn't squish her flat first.

As Eri ran, she pass more examinnees who ignore her, thinking more of their own safety rather than others, expect for one who grabbed her arm.

"What are you doing?! You heard what the teacher said about that faux villain." The same dark blue hair boy asked, causing Eri to gain a angry expression on her face.

"Don't tell me what to do, selfish wannabe-hero!" Eri said before ripping her arm away from the dark blue hair boy and continued to run towards the zero-pointer.

"Selfish? What does she mean by that?" The dark blue hair boy thought before looking at where the white hair girl his heading and spotted Ochako.

This cause his eyes to widened.

With the Zero Quirk user, Ochako grunted in pain as she tried get her already broken ankle free of the rubble.

"Come on! I need to get out of here fast!" Ochako exclaimed in her head, being aware that the zero-pointer is extremely close to her.

"Uraraka!" a voice shouted, causing Ochako to look up to see Eri running towards her.

"Fenu!? What are you doing here!?" Ochako asked, gaining a shock expression on her face as Eri approach her.

"I'm helping you. What do you think I'm doing." Eri replied as she knelt down and started to shift the rubble off Ochako.

"Why didn't you use your Quirk on the rubble? Can't you reach it?" Eri asked, becoming confuse despite what's approaching them.

"Yes. I can't reach it plus my ankle is bro-owch!" Ochako began to reply but stop as she wince in pain.

"She needs medical attention as soon as possible. Why I am the only one helping?" Eri thought as she glance towards the entrance and saw the other examinees just standing there.

"Selfish. The whole lot of them…apart from Midoriya. Where is he anyway?" Eri thought whilst becoming angry.

It was then that it got dark for some reason.

"F-fenu!" Ochako shouted in a fearful tone of voice.

This cause Eri to look up to see the zero-pointer's foot descending upon them.

Acting quickly, Eri created two giant red Glyphs above her and Ochako.

The giant faux villain's foot stood on the red Glyphs and Eri gritted her teeth and she felt the weight of the zero-pointer above them.

"This…..thing…is…..heavy!" Eri said as she focus her energy on maintaining the two Glyphs.

"Why aren't the teachers shutting the zero-pointer down? Surely they have a switch off button for all of the zero-pointers." Ochako asked, causing Eri to widened her eyes, realizing that the Zero Gravity Quirk user is right.

The reason for why the teachers aren't switching the zero-pointer off is because for some reason….they couldn't.

"Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on!" Power Loader muttered as he repeatedly press a button that should power down the zero pointer in exam area B.

"…Did you checked that all the zero-pointers are fully functioning…?" Toshinori asked in a nervous tone of voice.

"I checked them a few days ago. Maybe a I overlooked something." Power Loader replied, feeling frustrated for such a simply mistake.

"All Might! Go to area B and rescue them." Principle Nezu said, starting to feel worried for the examinee's lives.

"Right!" Toshinori said as he began to turn around to run out of them.

"Hang on a minute." The skull-faced teacher said, stopping Toshinori.

"Is there something wrong, Ectoplasm?" Toshinori asked, not wanting to waste time.

"Whose that?" The now named Ectoplasm asked as he frown at a screen that shows Izuku Midoriya running towards something.

"He's a friend of the white hair girl." Toshinori replied, relaxing slightly.

"But what's he's running to? That's not the direction to the gate." The dominatrix styled women asked in a confuse tone of voice.

Power Loader moved the camera, having stopped pressing the switch off button since it didn't seemed to be working, and when the teachers saw what Izuku's running to, some on their eyes widened.

"I need a plan! I need a plan! I need a plan!" Izuku shouted in his head and he dash towards the giant faux villain, planning on rescuing Eri and Ochako.

After he and Mashiroa destroyed the pack of faux villains, they went their separate ways which only lasted a few minutes before the ground started to shake.

When the dark green hair boy saw what causing the ground to shake, he did what everyone else where doing, getting as far away from the zero-pointer as possible.

He tried to spot Eri or Ochako among the fleeing examinees but couldn't find them.

This cause Izuku to become worried at it was only when he looked at the giant faux villain's foot that he spotted Eri holding up the foot with Ochako on the ground next to her.

This immediately cause Izuku to start running towards the pair, hoping to save them….somehow.

"Should I pull them out with the aid of my Quirk…? No, there's the risk that bones will be broken." Izuku thought before discarding the idea as he got closer to the zero-pointer. Izuku started to grit his teeth when he reached a undesired conclusion.

"The only way to save them…is to destroy the zero-pointer…..or at least knocking it off it's feet." Izuku thought, knowing that attacking the zero-pointer will drop his points to nothing.

"I…..guess that I have no choice then." Izuku muttered before gaining a fiery aura around him, even his cyan coloured gym clothes changed colour into a golden red.

"At least I can try Taiyo-mode fully at least once." The dark green hair boy thought before sending out a burst of fire from his legs, causing him to be sent flying straight at the zero-pointer's face.

With Eri and Ochako, whilst the white hair girl continued to prevent the zero-pointer from crushing them, Ochako tried to touch the rubble in order to free herself before helping Eri by removing the gravity of the zero-pointer.

"Come on…almost there….." Ochako said through a strained expression on her face due to feeling pain going through her entire body. However, it was then that something caught her eye, causing the Zero Gravity Quirk user to look up to see Izuku running towards them.

"Midoriya!? what's he doing here?!" Ochako said in a shock tone of voice, causing Eri to take a quick look over her shoulder.

"Is he going to rescue us?" Eri thought, becoming relieved yet becoming confuse on how her friend with save them from getting crush to death.

It was then that the two trapped girls saw Izuku getting covered in a firey aura before jumping into the air.

"NO!" Ochako exclaimed, becoming shock as she knew what Izuku is planning.

"….NO! DON'T, MIDORIYA!" Eri shouted after a few seconds of silence to realize what Izuku is going to do.

"SUN EXPLOSION FIST!" Izuku shouted before punching the giant faux villain in the face with tears streaming out of his green eyes.

And there we have it, Izuku attacking the zero-pointer with a fully form Taiyo mode. I hope that everyone get's to see a cameo appearance of Mashiroa. Please review and until next time.

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