Title: Destinies Intertwine
Author: Tora
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Disclaimer: Kingdom Hearts, Sora, Riku, Kairi, and all related logos are (C) Squaresoft & Disney Interactive
Warnings: little bit of yaoi, shounen ai, and doesn't really have a plot yet...
Rating: R
Pairing: Riku x Sora
Summary: Riku tells Sora the truth about his feelings towards him. How does Sora take this? Gee, 
I wonder... since its a yaoi fanfic, I think you'd be able to figure it out. But that's not all that happens.

**AN: This is my first KH fic I'm actually going to finish. All the other attempts have died and burned.
Anyway, it's also my first yaoi fic too... so be nice to it.

-.-.-.-.Destinies Intertwine.-.-.-.-

Sora stood at the shores of one of the many islands that made up Destiny Islands, gazing out 
at the horizon, feeling the soft wind brush against his body. the familiar scent of sea water 
filled him with a sense of calmness. He breathed in slowly, and then out, closing his eyes to 
listen to the waves.

He heard nothing else for a moment, just taking it all in. So many thoughts ran through his 
head of the years before, the time he'd spent trying to find his way back to this place he 
more than happily called home. It'd been 3 years since his first encounter with the mysterious 
alliance called the "Heartless." He'd made so much progress through time, accelling in every 
one of his attributes except for one empty spot in his heart. Something he then thought would 
never again be filled.

During his fight against the Heartless, Sora had lost someone dear to him: Kairi, the girl his 
whole world had revolved around. He didn't know of one day that he didn't think of her, but 
this day would prove to be different.

Sora felt tears build as he began to tear. He sat down on the sandy surface below him, opening 
his eyes to look about the waters he knew all too well. He brought his hands to his face, wiping 
the salty tears away. He then felt gloved hands over his.

Sora knew the soft touch too well, and yet this time it seemed different. He turned his head to 
one side, looking at his friend who knelt behind him now.

"Riku..." He said.
"Shhh..." His friend replied, taking Sora in his muscular arms, lying Sora's head against his 

"Why did she... damn it... I was there and I did NOTHING!" Sora let out a rush of air as he said 
this, feeling strainful.

"There was nothing you could do, Sora. It was out of your control." Riku said, brushing Sora's 
brunette hair softly.

Sora was too upset to notice the situation he was in. Not realizing he was in the arms of another 
boy, more so his best friend, Riku. When he stopped crying, Sora pulled away from Riku, almost 

Riku gave a concerned look. "What?"

"Why... how... why were you holding me like that?"

"I thought it'd help you cope." He cooly said.

Sora eyed him. "You've never done that before..."

Riku just gave a slight smile, taking Sora's chin in his hand, lifting Sora's head gently to look 
into his eyes. Sora's eyes were a beautiful shade of blue, the same luminous color Riku'd always 
remembered them being. Riku felt himself get lost in Sora's eyes for a moment. Sora blinked, causing
Riku to come back to grips with reality again.

"Riku... Are you alright?" Sora asked, concerned.

"I'm alright..." Riku stood, letting go of Sora in the process, brushing the sand off his black 
clothes. "Sora."

Sora looked up at him, raising an arm to shade his eyes from the sun with his hand. "Yes, Riku?"

"Come with me... I wanna go somewhere a little more private. I have something I wanna speak with 
you about." Riku replied, holding a hand out to Sora, and Sora took it willfully.

Sora stood up infront of Riku, brushing sand off himself. They began to walk up the island to a 
small waterfall. It trickled almost silently as Riku lead Sora into the water around it. It was 
only ankle-deep.

"Why are we in here?" Sora questioned.

"Just wait..." Riku said, taking hold of Sora's right hand in his left, and with his other hand, 
pressing in a stone on the rocky wall behind the waterfall.

A sudden slight jolt was left beneath their feet as the flooring began to lower. At this point 
Sora was totally taken a-back, suprised by what was occuring. In all the years he'd lived there, 
Sora never knew about this.

Sora chose not to question Riku, just to wait and find out what was to come next. He found himself 
comfortable in the fact he was standing with Riku, his hand wrapped firmly in his friend's. As 
the floor lowered an entry-way soon came level with the platform they stood on. Water trickled 
down the rocky walls around when the platform had lowered. Riku led Sora through the entryway and 
into a small room, naturally built. Roots of the large tree above ground were weaving around the 
rocks, very much like they did in the "secret place" above ground next to the tree itself.

The ground was firm and wet, but not muddy. A few large rocks were cluttered near a wall, 
perfectly level for both of them to sit upon. As they situated themselves upon these rocks 
across from eachother, Riku took both of Sora's hands in his own, looking down at them a moment, 
then looking into Sora's eyes again. Riku took a deep breath, then released, opening his mouth to 

"Sora... there's something I've been meaning to tell you..." Riku spoke.

Sora scooted closer to Riku a little.

"I... I've... well, ever since I can remember a part of me always was attracted to you..." Riku 
looked down at their hands which were clasped together firmly.

Sora blinked slowly, gathering his thoughts as he began to stroke Riku's hands with his thumbs, 
still locking hands with him.

"I know you probably don't feel the same..." Riku said.

Sora smiled slightly, taking Riku's hands to his lips to kiss them softly. Riku was a little taken
 back by Sora's gentle reaction, realizing that perhaps his feelings toward the younger boy were 
mutual. But how, after running after Kairi for so long, would he have any attachment to Riku at 
all? Except for friendship, the two usually had to stay distant in that aspect.

"You assume too much, Riku. I knew why, in our first encounter with Ansem, why you had lead me 
along like you had. Back then I guess you could say I had no idea what your intentions were, much 
less why you acted the way you had... but after you said those words to me about 'taking care of 
her'... it finally clicked after I'd thought about it for a while. I knew that what you ment by 
that was you just wanted me to be happy... And you'd realized my attachment to Kairi." Sora said 
softly, then looked up at his friend with his deep blue eyes, strands of hair here and there 
draped over his face.

Riku took his left hand and brushed the strands of hair from Sora's eyes. Blinking with a smile, 
Riku looked back at Sora promisingly with his aqua-blue eyes. Riku felt almost relieved that his 
friend understood his feelings. Now he was just curious to see if Sora would love him back.

"Doomo Arigato, Sora..." Riku replied in japanese, bringing his lips to Sora's forehead to kiss 

"You're welcome, Riku..." Sora said, standing at a crouch as he moved to sit upon Riku's lap, 
facing him.

Sora's legs were spread and wrapped around Riku so he could face him. He brought his hands to 
hold Riku's face, gently brushing his thumbs upon his cheeks, then bringing his lips to Riku's. 
Riku wrapped his arms around his friend, a bit confused with everything, but too distracted to 
think about it further. Riku and Sora brought their mouths apart a moment, then kissed again. 
Sora could feel Riku's tongue enter his mouth, only to meet it with his own as they kept kissing 

Sora could feel himself get excited by this affectionate bond between himself and his friend. He 
moved his hands from Riku's head, down his neck, to grip his black coat. He pulled it down just 
passed his shoulders, then moving his hands inside Riku's coat to twine his arms around Riku.

Riku began to feel aroused as well, moving down Sora's neck with kisses. Sora threw his head back 
slowly, feeling a sensation he'd never experienced before. Even after all that time with Kairi, 
Sora had never felt this certain way for anyone. He began to breathe a little harder and faster, 
almost making a quiet moan. Riku's hands travelled down to grab Sora's waist as he began to lower 
him to the ground so that he was on top of him.

"Riku... what are you-" Sora suddenly felt the zipper of his pants un-zip as Riku began to undo 

"What do you think I'm doing?" Riku responded.

"But Riku we can't!" Sora whispered. "We're both-"

"Sora... you're so naive... I'll show you how things are done." Riku smiled, gently pulling Sora's
 black pants down.

"No... It's too soon for this!"

"Why Sora..." Riku said looking at Sora's crotch. "I think your actions are speaking louder than 
your words..."

"Don't be rediculous, Riku! Things like this are totally uncontrollable! Now let me- AAAH!" Sora 
gasped as Riku's hand reached into his boxers to feel his straining erection. "RIKU!!!"

Sora struggled away from Riku, crawling back to a wall behind him, standing up. He began to redo 
his pants. Riku just eyed him with a smirk upon his lips. Sora just stood there, his back still 
against the wall. Riku stood, taking a small step towards him, licking his lips.

"I don't know what you think you're doing by doing what you did! It's just wrong!" Sora yelled.

"C'mon, Sora... I know you want to."

"That's bull-shit, Riku!"

"Then why are you so excited?"

"Well, yeah sure... I might be 'excited', but that doesn't mean I have to act on it every time it 
happens!" Sora crossed his arms over his chest.

Riku sighed, finding Sora's response hard to argue with. As much as he wanted Sora, he knew he 
had to be respectful of Sora's feelings. Being demanding and forceful wouldn't get them anywhere, 
it'd just worsen things. Riku pulled his coat back over his shoulders, straightening the hooded 
collar. He looked up at Sora, walking to him. Sora eyed Riku, still a little angry.

Riku placed his right hand upon Sora's shoulder, squeezing it slightly. "I'm sorry, Sora. I shouldn't 
be so demanding of you. When you're ready, just come to me. I'll be ready when you are."

Sora still had an expression of frustration upon his face as Riku said this, but soon realized 
Riku was recognising his boundaries.

Riku turned to leave, but before his hand left Sora's shoulder, Sora placed his own hand upon 
Riku's, causing him to stop. Riku looked at Sora's blue eyes. Sora got up closer to Riku, twining 
his arms around Riku's middle. He looked up at the silver-haired boy. Riku knew the brunette's 
message, and leaned his head down to meet Sora's lips with his own. Sora's warm mouth was a heaven 
to Riku, his tongue entered to explore the hot cavern. Sora moaned slightly as Riku's hands reached 
up under his shirt, toughing his soft skin.

Their mouths parted, Sora rested his head upon Riku's shoulder. Sora sighed contently. In truth, 
Sora did want to go wildly at it with Riku, but stopped himself because it was all too sudden 
and new. Sora had never had any sexual relationship with Kairi, and was acheing for attention.

"Riku..." Sora whispered under his breath.

"Hmm?" Riku questioned in return, still rubbing his hands upon Sora's sides and back.

"Please understand me when I say I'm not ready. Really take it into consideration. Will you 
honestly do that for me?"

"Of course. Anything for you..." Riku whispered in return.

"Thank you, Riku-chan."

Riku was a bit suprised at how quickly Sora'd taken to him... or had it been there the entire 
time? Riku kissed the top of Sora's head, then rested his chin upon his head. The both of them 
rocked back and forth for a long while until they decided it was a good time to return to the 
surface and to the beach. There, the both of them knew secrecy was key if they were to keep their 
relationship going, so they were forced to keep thier hands off eachother. But that didn't mean 
they couldn't give eachother loving looks every now and then, for they knew there would be other 
times they could spend alone and together...

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