Title: Destinies Intertwine
Author: Tora
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Disclaimer: Kingdom Hearts, Sora, Riku, Kairi, and all related logos are (C) Squaresoft & Disney 
Warnings: yaoi, shounen ai
Rating: R
Pairing: Riku x Sora
Summary: Riku tells Sora the truth about his feelings towards him. How does Sora take this? Gee, 
I wonder... since its a yaoi fanfic, I think you'd be able to figure it out. But that's not all 
that happens.

**AN: Here be chapter 4. My first "descriptive" yaoi good-ness. I don't think it's as well written as I'd like
it to be, in comparison to other yoai fics, but hey. My first. And on top of that I'm still a virgin, so yeah.
Let's not go into my personal life... Well, enjoy. I'm probably going to have more fluff in this fic than lemon.
So, if you're more into the constant lemon-ness, you wont find it here. Maybe a little, but not a whole bunch.

-.-.-.-.Destinies Intertwine.-.-.-.-

After they'd eaten and put things away Sora returned to his room with Riku. Riku'd called his father on the
phone and asked him if he could stay for the night. It was okay-ed by him, so Riku stayed. Sora's mom had to go
out for the night to a friend's home to watch her young children while she was away. Her friend had to go to her
mother's to help her with a bad illness.

Riku and Sora waved good-bye as Sora's mom left the house, shutting the door behind her. Once the door was shut,
Riku grabbed Sora in his arms, bringing him to the ground quickly, but gently. He sat with his legs sprawled out
as he leaned over Sora with one arm over him. Sora put his arms behind his head as he lied there looking up at
Riku. Riku leaned down to kiss Sora's lips tenderly. When he was about to pull back, Sora held the side of his
head as he began to kiss him faster.

"Mmmhh... Sora." Riku said between kisses.

Sora moved his hands to Riku's waist, slidding them up under his fish-nets and black shirt, feeling his strong
back. Sora could tell Riku'd gotten aroused as they continued. Sora pulled up Riku's shirts, managing to pull
them off completely to reveal Riku's sexy build. Sora could feel his own erection strain against his pants.

Sora's chest heaved up and down as he breathed harder, feeling all this emotion he felt he could hold back no 
longer. Riku pulled Sora's pants down to his knees, feeling his legs as he moved his hands back up to the rim of
Sora's boxers. He stripped them down allowing Sora's erection to come out in full. Sora moaned as Riku brushed
his fingertips against his member lightly. "Touch me, Riku..." Sora breathed harder. "Do me good."

Riku wrapped his fingers around Sora's stiff cock, giving it a hard stroke. Sora moaned loudly, something Riku'd
never seen Sora do. Sora seemed so innocent in everyday life, but Riku came to realize there most definitly was
a darkside to him. Riku kept stroking harder and harder, squeezing slightly with every stroke. Sora's hands came
up to wrap around the back of Riku's neck, pulling him closer.

Riku whispered in Sora's ear, "If you think this is good, you haven't seen anything yet..."

"Th-then show me, Ri-Riku... Ohhh..." Sora clenched his teeth.

Sora thrust his hips up into Riku's gripping hand, feeling sensational. Sora's erected cock pulsed as a clear
liquid was felt upon Riku's hand. Riku kept stroking until he'd lined his face just inches from Sora's erection.
He breathed teasingly on the tip of it, then taking the 7 inch member in his mouth, curled his tongue on the
head of it.

Riku kept sucking as he heard Sora moan at a near scream. Sora thrust his hips up into Riku's mouth. Riku
followed Sora's actions with ease, happy to be pleasing his lover.

"Suck harder... uhhnnnhh... harder, Riku, harder!" Sora yelled out, gripping the carpet on which he lay.

Riku soon complied while swallowing the liquid from Sora's beating erection. Riku found the taste desireable as
he sucked harder and harder. Sora felt like he was in a heaven of pleasure, welcoming it gladly. Riku could 
recognize Sora was just approaching the height of his arousal. Soon Sora's cock began to spill his seed into
Riku's mouth. Riku kept consistancy as Sora's hips rocked upward then down.

Riku pulled his mouth from Sora's pulsing erection, placing his hand around it to stroke it while stripping Sora
of his shirt. While keeping Sora happy he brought his lips to Sora's belly, kissing it. He then licked from
above his navel to his neck, making Sora feel all the more sensational. Riku kissed Sora's neck a few times. He
then put a leg over Sora so that he was on top of him. He brought both his hands to hold Sora's head as he 
kissed him mouth to mouth. After kissing him a few times he felt the urge to undo his own pants because his
aching erection was beginning to be to much.

He kicked them off, his erected cock at its full. It brushed against Sora's lightly.

"Now it's my turn..." Sora breathed hard, just coming off his high.

Sora sat up, taking Riku in his arms as he lay him down, getting on top of him. Sora ran his fingers through
Riku's silky hair, kissing him, his tongue playful. He separated his mouth from Riku's, only centimeters from
his mouth, breathing gently into Riku's.

"Hhhhh... You're so sexy, Riku... why hadn't I seen it before?..." Sora said, feeling his way down Riku's chest
until he reached Riku's stiff member.

He gently wrapped his hand around it, stroking it slowly at first, then speeding up the pace. Sora could hear
Riku moan as he did so. Riku thrust his hips up into the tunnel Sora's hand created, not being able to help

Sora could feel liquid on his fingers, for he hadn't removed his finger-less gloves. He would have, but knew
that the gloves enhanced the feeling anyway. He'd known from experience...

"Feel good, baby?" Sora asked, stroking harder.

"Nnnnhhh!" Riku moaned. "Oh God, yes!"

Sora smiled mischeiviously, then leveled his face with Riku's cock. He wrapped his mouth around it, warming it.
Sora's tongue work began, feeling better than any other kind of sexual stimulous Riku'd ever experienced before.
This on top of the sucking shot Riku to the sky. He couldn't help but yell out Sora's name.

"Oh Sora... Oh my- unhhh!"

Sora found he quite enjoyed giving Riku this treatment, finding the taste of Riku's cum to be both good and new.
Riku was totally oblivious to anything outside himself and Sora. Sora's head bobbed up and down as he brought
out near shouts from Riku's lips...


After the two of them, though extremely exhausted, managed to get back up to Sora's room, they crawled into
Sora's bed together. Riku had Sora wrapped in his arms. Sora's back was to him as they lay silently together.
The storm outside had by then settled, and all they could hear was the whistling of the wind against the closed

They both had their eyes closed, but were still awake, just barely. Riku's chest moved up and down against Sora
softly, hearing his lover's soft, innocent breathing. Riku hugged Sora closer for a moment, then kissed the
back of his neck.

"I love you Sora..." Riku whispered.

"I love you more, Riku..." Sora smiled contently as they both quietly drifted off to sleep together.

Sora began to dream the same dream he'd had the night before, only this time after hearing the chanting,
familiar voice, he saw Kairi step out from behind Riku, pushing him aside. She reached her hand out to Sora this
time, her voice being the chanting one.


"No!" Sora said, looking to Riku who had his back turned to Kairi, facing the source of light. Sora's face gave
a scared, worried look, glancing at Kairi, then to Riku again. He felt confused. He loved Kairi still, even
after finding love with Riku... yet the choice was hard.

"No! You're gone!" Sora shouted out to Kairi, closing his eyes and bringing his brows together. "Gone..."

He brought his arms to his face, covering himself, shaking his head as he crouched down on an invisible flooring
on which he stood. He opened his eyes and moved his arms just enough to see Riku. Riku turned around, opening
his aqua eyes which glowed apart from his silhouetted figure. He reached out his hand again to Sora.

Sora didn't think twice about running to his offering hand, telling himself that Kairi was in the past now. He
couldn't keep himself attached forever. Not when someone else loved and needed him deeply.

He was almost there when suddenly black vine-like matter wrapped around his ankles, stopping him in his tracks.
He looked down at them for a moment, then back up at Riku. Riku kept his hand out towards him, his eyes
expressing fearlessness. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't reach him.

"Riku! Riku!" Sora yelled out. "Help me!" Sora yelled.

He suddenly heard a voice that seemed distant as he left his dream to wake up being shaken by two strong hands.

He opened his eyes slowly with a worried look on his face, seeing Riku there next to him. He looked into Riku's
eyes, realizing it'd been only a dream. He looked down, closing his eyes and resting his forehead on Riku's
shoulder, wrapping his arms around him.

Riku wrapped an arm around Sora and held Sora's head in his other hand, looking off in thought, worried about
him. Sora's body shook gently as he cried quietly in Riku's arms. Riku couldn't figure out why Sora'd been so
emotional lately... course it could've been because of Kairi's death.

She'd died about 6 months ago. It was a final battle with a dark force that was stronger than any species of
heartless Sora'd ever met up with. Riku and Sora, fighting side-by-side, were caught off gaurd when a massive
dark monster closely resembling the monsters of Ansem's fortress grabbed them, wrapping its tentables around
them. Kairi could be seen in another one of its tentacles, screaming in pain and fear.

Sora'd filled up with rage as he tried to free himself. Riku observed this as he too, tried to break free. As
much as they'd tried they were too late in the end. Kairi's spirit had been ripped from her body as the monster
destroyed her soul, right in front of the two boys' eyes. Sora'd screamed out for Kairi as he finally broke
free, pulling out his ultima keyblade to destroy the monster via its blue-ish center which fueled it. When the
monster turned to dust, letting go of Riku, the both of them ran to Kairi.

Sora'd knelt down to take Kairi in his arms, feeling tears run down his face as he began to cry. Riku could
remember putting an arm around Sora to comfort him as best he could... The whole incident had destroyed Sora...
and the fact that her soul had been destroyed made it hard to believe that there was anything left of her to

While Riku recalled this he looked down at Sora, running his hand over Sora's hair. "Sora... are you alright?
You were yelling in your sleep."

Sora shook his head slightly. "It's these dreams I've been having... I'm so confused."

"Is it about Kairi?" Riku asked.

"No... well sort of. I keep having dreams where I'm standing in darkness and you step out from a bright glow of
light behind you, reaching your hand to me... and then Kairi comes up and pushes you aside, trying to convince
me to go with her. You seem to feel rejected for a minute until you reach out your hand again. I yell to Kairi
that I'm threw with her, that she's in the past. I can't hold on to her forever. I then run for you only to be
stopped by dark twining vine-like things that wrap around my feet. No matter how hard I try, it's no use... I
can't figure out what it all means, Riku! I just don't know what to do..." Sora held Riku tightly.

"Maybe you're still attached to her even though you wish not to be. It's not you fault, Sora... When you lose
someone close to you like that... especially like that, it's hard to let go right away. Or ever, for that
matter." Riku said quietly.

They could feel the cool, soft breeze from outside blow in gently from Sora's window as they lay there. It had
been opened before when they'd gotten in bed together earlier when the storm quieted down. By now it had passed.
It was still dark out, barely morning. Riku could see Sora's clock from where he lay, noting it was a little
passed midnight. It'd only been an hour since they'd fallen asleep, just about.

"But I want, Riku... I want the pain to reside... I love you... I've always loved you." Sora said.

Riku kissed Sora's head, feeling it was a good time to bring up a question. "Sora?"

"Nani?" Sora quietly responded.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Of course. Anything."

"Why, after loving Kairi for so many years, have you just sorta dropped her completely and taken me... I mean...
There was no transition there... you warmed up to me right away. And I don't understand how or why."

Sora hesitated a moment before speaking. "Well... to be completely honest I'd always liked you... but when Kairi
came around I was totally drawn to her... I'm sure you noticed. She was in my thoughts 24/7. And then when we
became a couple I felt closer to her, but more distant from you. I was happy... but then I wasn't. And when
Kairi died my world got so complicated and confusing. With her gone I felt 'clingy'. So, when you came to my I
felt that you were my answer. And, on top of these dreams I've been having ever since Kairi'd gon made me

"So I'm just a replacement?" Riku's voice strengthened.

"No, Riku. Don't you see? I love you... and do you remember that day you'd tossed that paopu fruit to me and
explained its power to me? It made me think. Course, then all I thought about was Kairi... but I now realize
your intentions were to share if with me... I'd always wanted to share one with Kairi, but never did for some
reason... Now I think I know why." Sora said reassuringly. "I think you and I were ment to be together. In some
form or another, that's how things are supposed to go."

Riku looked down at Sora. "Well, we are both the Keyblade Masters after all. We should be together."

"Hey Riku?"


"Wanna get out for a little while tomorrow night to share a little something?..."

**AN: More plot addition than lemonness... but even so, I think it was summed up better with some plot thrown
in. So I'm not the best at lemons. We all start out somewhere, no? Well, tell me what you think if you wish. I'm
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