Aladdin: The Story Continues

Chapter 12 - The Arrival, Part 1

Author's Note: Alright, hope everyone's looking forward to what goes on in Shirabad after this chapter! Also, does anyone know how it's like in India so that I can have a better idea how to write said kingdom since Jasmine's mom is supposed to be Indian herself, which explains her outfits and such.

Oh, and (1) YES! to Disney already developing a live-action Aladdin sequel... (2) the more I've heard the cut song Desert Moon, the better it gets!

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"Aladdin!" cried Jasmine, her panic levels rising up as quickly as the sand that was filling up the bottom half of the hourglass she was trapped in.

Picking up the sword that laid beside him, Aladdin hurried over to her as fast as he could go. "Jasmine, hang on!"

However, before the former street thief was able to reach his beloved, Aladdin felt himself be pulled away by what looked like-


"Gah?! Huh?" The young man opened his eyes, and it took a moment for the blurriness of his eyesight to vanish before seeing that he was inside of his and Jasmine's room on the ship rather than wherever he had been in his dream.

Oh, my gosh... that was definitely heart-racing...

Noticing that it wasn't as bright out as it had been when he first came to rest, Aladdin walked out of the room, and made his way back up to the main deck.

"Okay?" Abu asked, having jumped onto his shoulder from where he'd been, and the young man nodded his head.

"Yeah, it's alright, Abu… so, how much closer are we now to Shirabad?'

His answer came from an approaching Jasmine that was also looking over the same map from earlier. "In just a few hours is when we'll arrive, Aladdin… still concerned about how they might treat you out there?"

Aladdin shook his head, and gave a small smile of confidence as he replied, "I'm not that concerned anymore. Believe it or not, my Sultan, I'm actually looking forward to it."

He wrapped an arm around her shoulder, and Jasmine smiled warmly at Aladdin before the two decided to share a soft but passionate kiss. Her arms soon went around his waist while his other rested at the new Sultana's hip, but before it could reach the next level, a familar voice reminded them about the remaining time available if they still wanted to have fun in their room.

"Um, I think we're good right now, Genie," replied Aladdin, with Jasmine putting her attention back to the map, and he gave his friend a slight irritated glare.

A shrug was Genie's response, followed by mouthing that he was only trying to help him out, but Aladdin assured Genie he had it taken care of.

"Alright, so what do we in the meantime? Cause I ain't tired or nothin' like that," wondered Genie, and the answer came in the form of an arriving Dalia.

"I did not know you knew how to play this sort of instrument, Aladdin," said the handmaiden, currently holding an oud that made the young man chuckle and shake his head.

"Well, actually, it's been a while since I've ever used that myself… but I mean, there's only song I sorta know how to do," replied Aladdin, and Jasmine watched as her husband attempted to begin playing the tune that had been taught to them by their mothers at a young age.

Once Aladdin had got the hang of it, he was about to start singing the words when he heard Jasmine do it instead, much to Genie's surprise.

Jasmine: When the shadows unfold

When the sun hides its gold

When the wind and the cold come calling

Aladdin was a little bit surprised himself, but Dalia was not since she was aware of this already, so she simply watched with a warm smile.

When the path isn't clear,

And the stars disappear,

As an endless midnight's falling…

Then, after finishing up the last verse, Jasmine looked up at Aladdin to allow him to continue what words came, with Dalia now becoming touched and surprised since she hadn't expected him to sing.

Aladdin: At the edge of the sky,

There's a moon hanging high

When you're lost, it'll try to remind you

Jasmine: On a dark desert night,

You can look to the light

Cause it's shining there to find you

At this point, the young couple were standing next to each other and singing the lovely song as their close friends watched with admiration.

Both: Desert moon, light the way

Till the dark turns to day

Like a lamp in the lonely night

Bright and blue

From where he was perched at, Iago found himself swaying his head slowly to the song, and a nearby Rajah let out an affectionate growl as the tiger heard the young couple sing.

Even Abu, who was sitting on a floating Carpet, couldn't help but smile at the pleasing sight in front of him.

Desert moon, wild and free

Will it burn just for me?

Jasmine: Shine down

Aladdin: Shine down

Both: Till I find my way to you

The stars and the Moon began to shine brightly in the sky, with moonlight beaming down upon Aladdin and Jasmine as they walked around a bit in a circular motion.

Aladdin: At the edge of the sky,

There's a moon hanging high

When you're lost you can try the view

Both: Cause it waits for you there,

And if you see it too

Dalia and Genie were now trying to not let themselves get teary-eyed, despite the song now reaching its conclusion, but were also quietly backing away so that the newlyweds could enjoy the rest of their moment alone.

Jasmine: I can find my way

Aladdin: I can find my way

Both: I can find my way to you

Once the final notes were played, Aladdin carefully set down the instrument, but his eyes were kept on Jasmine, and it was the same for her. Both of them were breathing softly, hearing only the sounds of their heartbeats, and were feeling nothing but pure love for each other.

"Squawk! Dock ahead!"

However, Iago's loud cry broke them out of their trance, and a returning Genie with Dalia nodded in agreement. "Yep, Parrot Boy's right… that look like Shirabad, your Highness?"

Almost twenty miles away was - to Aladdin, anyway - what looked a tiny bit like the kingdom of Agrabah, but a lot more 'colorful' and 'populated… in fact, the young man noticed that it looked as if fireworks were being released into the air.

"Yes, it does… And it seems like the people of Shirabad have become aware of our arriving presence," replied a nodding Jasmine, holding her beloved's hand with a smile on her face since she was enjoying the moment of seeing her mother's kingdom with Aladdin by her side.

The young man gave her a warm smile in return, but inside of himself, Aladdin could feel small amounts of nervousness build up since he had no idea how pretty much everyone there would react to him being Jasmine's husband. Sure, he was not in his casual 'street' attire, but Aladdin expected -

"Looks beautiful, right?" Jasmine's soothing voice interrupted his worried thoughts, as well as her hand giving his an affectionate squeeze that brought down Aladdin's nerves. "Just be yourself. Be the good man who got caught."

Giving out a chuckle, Aladdin then kissed his wife's knuckles softly, and replied, "Yes, your majesty."