And to think I trusted you" says Kiriya mad at Yumi

"Does this mean I won't be invited to your birthday party next year" Yumi is locked up with Shadow and his creature

"I want to see the faces of my rescuers"

The girls took off their masks


Madame Yang saw her fired maids "You, your highness those girls have been band from the castle"

"Is this true Honoka"

"Yes, your highness"

"Then this is a serious offence"

"arrest them immodestly" says Yang

"After what you girls have done you don't belong in a castle"

Kiriya is now the king "your place is with the Musketeers" the people applause


"Oh, look at our girl finally became musketeers" white petals drop

Harmony waves at her girls and claps her hands "Yes Madame"

"Not a speck"

"Yes Madame"

"My little girls a Musketeer I knew you do it" says Honoka's mother

"Thanks mom, thanks for believing"

"A Honoka since the coronation would you like a balloon ride for me"

"That would be"

"Musketeers" says Blue "We have just reserved a word against a plot against the king"

"Well have to take that balloon ride later, right now I got somewhere else to be"

The Girls ride on their horses

"All for one and One for all"

The End