"What happened" the boys say the four former Muses and Shadow as stone and the Muses came back

Hummy jumps up in Kiss' arms and gets a scratch in the ear from Ocean





"For the beautiful song we unnoted you Princesses of music"

Crowns are placed on their heads

"thank you"

"no thank you"

"without your sacrifices we would not be here" tiaras are placed on the puppies' heads

"And this is for you Hummy"

"You are no longer an apprentice you are officially a Muse" Calm gives Hummy a module


"For you are worthy"

"You will replace our sisters as the newest muse"

"For you Courage and aid"

The brothers are given guitars

"thank you"

"many thanks"

They try it out

"will you stay with us"

"Live in this beautiful castle"

"if I said yes in a blink of an eye but for I just want my own home back"

"We thought you might say that"

"Plant these at in our guardians at home" the girls are given seeds

They dance with the brother, Melody with Melodi, Rhythm with Ritam, Beat with Pobedio, Muse with Muza

It's not an accident at the time we spent apart

But were now so close I can always find you right here in my heart

You give me something I need and that I don't ever want it to end

Because of you I

I know that I found my strength again I feel





It's like a sitting ride with me all the time

You hear me

You hear me

Your near me

Your near me

And everything else is gonna be alright, cause nothing can break, nothing can break this, nothing can break this, nothing can break this tide


Connected inside

"Do you suppose they need an escort"

"Someone has to keep them out of trouble"

"Good bye"

"Far well"

"Far well"

"Thank you, I'll come visit" says Hummy

The girls ride in a carriage to home

The girls were at the home and started planting diamond flowers

The brother shows off her song and flowers are at their feet

The girls' cottage is rebuilt

The out-door cottage takes us back to Hibiki's room

"I would have hated it if Melody, Rhythm, beat, Muse didn't make up" says Hana

"Me too" say Hibiki

"Best friends stick together" says Kanade

"Do think our friend are sorry for what they said" says Rikka

"Only one way to find out" says Ellen

"I'm sorry for what I said" says Yuko

"Maybe should tell them that" added Kanade

"yea" says Ayumi "Yea"

"Thanks, Hibiki"

"You are like a big sister that anyone could ever ask for Ellen"

"Bye Kanade, bye Ako" Hana, Ayumi, Rikka, and Yuko leave

"Well done" says Ako

"Timing is everything" says Hibiki "Now where were we"

Oh owe

Two voices one song

The End!