Hello everyone and welcome to my new fanfic, a crossoverish one inspired by "Individual System" by Redhazard. It's about Jaune as IXA. Now, with this fanfic. Brave tells the story of Jaune Arc as Kamen Rider Brave, from Ex-Aid. I haven't put it on the crossover section because of two reasons. One, it gets more traction as a regular RWBY fanfic (Yeah, kind of low, whatever). Two, it isn't really a crossover, more like me using Ex-Aid's concepts than anything else. Also, Brave has 5 votes, with The Cat and the Wolf having 4 and Too Far Back having 3 (Sadly). So I'm doing Brave first and then I'll do whichever has more votes when I finish Team JNRY part one.

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Chapter 1: Brave

A flaming sword carved its way through a wall as a white and blue knight was looking for his enemy. They had been fighting for about an hour now and it was beginning to take its toll on the knight. Going through the wall he looked at the other side of the street. His target was there, waiting for him.

The green and black fighter was panting heavily, his shoulders were slumped and his legs were buckling. Truly, a sad look on such a fantastic opponent. The knight stepped onto the street and pointed at the fighter.

"It was an amazing fight Cronus, truly, you are my best opponent yet" the knight exclaimed, his voice a little distorted thanks to his helmet.

"I… should say the same to you… Brave" the green fighter replied as he prepared himself to charge at him "But sadly… I have to end the fight now" his feet started to glow with a green energy and he charged at the knight.

"Yes, it is quite sad" the knight replied as his sword started to glow with a burst of white energy. Once Cronus was close enough he jumped to the air and descended towards Brave with a flying kick, but sadly it wasn't enough. Brave slashed to the air and sent a wave of light towards Cronus, stopping his kick and defeating him once and for all.


"And with this Brave wins the 'Ultimate Climax Heroes' world tournament" said a voice, probably the presenter, as a blonde teen with blue eyes pulled out his Virtual Reality helmet from his head. He looked at the cheering crowd and raised his fist to the sky, making them cheer even more.

The blonde looked at the screen that was displaying the words 'Brave's Victory'. Brave, that was his name in the gaming community. He had started when he was about fifteen years old and it took him two years to reach the world champion level. He picked his name thanks to his first game. Taddle Quest, quite a nice game. The protagonist, Brave, had to defeat an evil wizard in order to save his world. Truly, an inspiration.

"Nice match" said his opponent, an older guy, probably a college student, as he approached him with his hand extended.

"Yeah, it was awesome Cronus" replied the boy grinning as he shook his opponent's hand.

"Now, would our world champion like to say some words?" the presenter said as he approached him and put the mic close to him.

"Yes actually" the boy took the mic and cleared his throat "Glacia best girl" and the moment he said this the crowd erupted into a heated debate, which, as a prime example of the nice attitude of the gaming community, quickly devolved into a brawl with people shouting things like 'Ferra best girl' or 'Green Knight best ship'. The boy clearly recognized what he started. Glacia was a white haired ice mage which Brave befriended after helping her escape her father, the evil wizard. Ferra was Brave's best friend, a red headed amazon looking woman. Viridi was Brave's brother, he wore green and he used two guns. 'Green Knight' was referring to the ship between him and Brave.

"It's time we gave our champion his prizes" the presenter said "First, and obviously prize money" the presenter handed the boy a golden lien card "Six thousand lien for Brave, now, let's see if he can save the princess with this money" the presenter joked and then picked up a suitcase to open it in front of the world champion, revealing a green mechanic looking thing. It had a pink lever and some holes. Beside the green thing was some sort of blue videogame cartridge. It had the image of a blue knight holding an ice and fire sword. The text in it said 'Taddle Quest'.

"What is this?" asked the blonde boy.

"I'm glad you asked champ" the presenter said as the blonde boy took out the green… thing and the blue cartridge "This is the new 'Gamer Driver' developed by Syrah Industries. It's a belt that carries a potent game console on it so you can play games on the go. The cartridge is the new remake of 'Taddle Quest' for the Gamer Driver."

"Cool. Look guys I gotta go, I have to catch the Bullhead to Beacon in half an hour" said Jaune as he stored his prizes in his bag.

"Did you really participate on a videogame tournament before your first day at Beacon?" asked 'Cronus', probably wondering how he could lose against an idiot like the blonde boy. Said boy just ignored him and ran towards the exit. He needed to reach the Bullheads quickly.


Good news, the blonde boy managed to get to Beacon. Bad news, because he ran so much so fast he threw up in the Bullhead and some of it fell on some blonde bimbo's shoes. Once the Bullhead arrived at Beacon he had ran out of there like his life depended on it. It probably did.

Once the blonde had gotten far enough he heard an explosion behind him and he looked at a beautiful white haired girl leaving a red hooded girl on the floor while a raven haired girl walked away. He decided to approach the downed girl.

"Welcome to Beacon" he heard the girl mumble. She had black hair with red on the tips, a black dress and a red cape with a hood.

"Yeah, I get that feeling" he said as he extended his hand towards the girl, she took it and he helped her up.

"Thanks" she said while patting her dress "I'm Ruby Rose and this is my baby, Crescent Rose" she pulled the red… thing she had on her back and it folded itself into a red scythe.

"Well, that's a pretty scythe" he said, hoping to mask his fear with awe.

"It's also a highly customizable sniper rifle" she said with pride.

"Nice… it's also a gun" 'A gun that can shoot me literally from the other side of the school' was left unsaid "I have this thing" he said as he pulled out his sword "Its name is Crocea Mors, an heirloom, I also have this" he pulled his sheath out and it folded into a shield "It's easier to carry when it's a sheath" as he said this he put his shield back into sheath form and sheathed his sword before strapping his sheath on his belt.

"Classics are nice" she said as they started walking "What's your name?"

"Oh right, I forgot" he said with a sheepish laugh "Name's Jaune Arc. Short, sweet, rolls off the tongue. Ladies love it."

"Do they?"

"I-I mean… m-my mom does" he looked away with an embarrassed blush as Ruby chuckled.

"Whatever you say Vomit Boy" she said.

"Vomit Boy?"

"You threw up in the ship"

"It was motion sickness" he said, careful to not say he had to run at full speed to catch the Bullhead "Anyways, please don't call me that, you wouldn't like it if I called you Crater Face."

"Yeah, yeah" she laughed it off "So Jaune, I think I kind of recognize you from somewhere, but I don't really know from where."

"Maybe we've seen each other in Vale" he replied and they arrived at the Auditorium. Ruby went off to talk to the blonde bimbo from the Bullhead and Jaune quickly got away from her before she saw him. He would have to get to his locker and put his backpack there.


'Well this sucks' thought Jaune while looking up at the extremely similar javelin which had him pinned to a tree. He struggled as hard as he could and he finally managed to get off from its hold… by breaking his hood. Whoever had done that to him would have to pay.

He looked at the position of the sun and it told him nothing so he took off sprinting towards a random direction.

After about ten minutes of running he heard a growl and barely had time to draw his sword and stab to the direction of the growl before a searing pain came from his stomach. He fell to the floor with a dead Beowolf on top of him, already dissolving. Apparently he killed it in a stroke of luck. He managed to stab it in the neck. The Grimm essence of the Beowolf was seeping into him by his face orifices and the new deep slash on his stomach. He could hear two other Grimm prowling around him, probably waiting to see if he had some fight left.

'So this is how I die, in over my head, with a dead Grimm pinning me down and with my dream broken... No, I refuse! I refuse to die like this!' Jaune managed to gather enough strength to move the dead Beowolf away and he dragged his sword out of the Grimm before using it as a crutch to get up while he clutched his stomach so it wouldn't bleed even more.

He raised his sword weakly and pointed it at one of the remaining Beowolves "I lived bitch" he said and the Beowolves lunged at him. Before they could manage to jump though he heard his scroll ring and time itself stopped at the music.

"Excite, Excite" he heard and he dropped his sword to get out his scroll. It was kind of rude to interrupt his epic dying moment but he was polite enough to answer.

"Hello Mister Arc, it seems you have found yourself in a pickle" the voice said and how right it was "But don't worry, right now I'm using my Semblance on you and I need you to listen if you want to live."

"Alright" Jaune said weakly, his head was feeling kind of light.

"Great. Do you remember the Gamer Driver?" Jaune nodded "Good, I need you to envision it in your palm, but for that I need you to stop clutching your stomach."

"Okay…" he stopped clutching his stomach and he envisioned the Gamer Driver in all his green and pink glory. He looked in awe as it materialized in his hand.

"Nice, it seems you were the correct choice" the voice said "Reach into your hoodie's pocket" Jaune did that and he felt the unmistakable shape of the blue cartridge from yesterday. He took it out and looked at it "That is called a Gashat, believe me, it will help you. See that button close between the blue and the white part?" Jaune nodded as he put his thumb on it "Good, now, once I stop this call you will automatically press that button. After that you will put the Gamer Driver on your waist in front of you, there are two slots around its center, you will put your Gashat in there and pull the pink lever. And when you do it you must say 'Henshin', or else it won't work. Understood?"

"Yes, but… Why help me?"

"Well, it wouldn't do to have my Beta Tester dead now would it?" the voice laughed and Jaune was starting to have doubts about this nice sounding voice "Ready?" Jaune nodded as he concentrated his energy on his arm "Good luck mister Arc, don't make me regret my investment on you… oh yeah, congratulations on your victory in yesterday's tournament."

The moment the call ended everything went back to motion as Jaune pressed the Gashat's button "Taddle Quest!" was heard as a pulse of energy came out of the Gashat, sending the lunging Beowolves away from Jaune. He looked at himself as the pulse passed through him, making him glow in a white light and healing his injuries. He didn't waste time as he put on the Gamer Driver, and from it a belt extended around his waist. He put the Gashat in the right spot and a voice said "Gashat!"

Jaune took a deep breath in and he pulled out the lever as he shouted "Henshin!"


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