The Precure all the Stars Princesses

(Based on Barbie: The Pearl Princess)

Precure all the Stars as Lumina: beautiful girls with an amazing gift (Pink Heart, Blue Snowflakes/Water, Yellow Sun, White Peace, Purple Moon and Stars, Red Fire, Green Earth)

Mao/Blue Cat/Yuni/Cure Cosmos as Kuda: The Cures' beast friend

Papple as Scylla: The Cures' guardian who was supposed to kill each of them when they were babies but didn't but instead raised them to protect them

Lumiere as Madame Ruckus: Owner of the Precure house

Cinta, Ais, Cahaya, Mir, Misteri, Adalah, and Bumi as Cora: worker at Precure house

Hikawa Maria/Cure Tender as Sandrine: a worker at Precure house

Charaleet as Spike

Precure all the Star's love-interest as Prince Delphin

Shiku Nanami as purple Mer-teen

Elemental Precure/Queens of Precure Land as Queen Lorelei: the Precures' mother who also has the gift the girls were blessed with

The Kings of Precure Land as King Nereus: the Precures' father

Dark Elemental Precure as Caligo: The Princesses aunts

Gatto as Dolphin

Armastus, Lumeik, Valgus, Rahu, Saladused, Tehti, Taimed as Fergis: the dark elementals sons, the Precure all the Stars cousins

their cousins are named after Estonian for Love, blizzard, light, peace, war, and plants, for the boys love interest their names are how ever Latin for Love, ice, Peace, Mystery, War, and Earth