The girls and Mao are locked in the dungeon

"What do you want with us?" asked Nagisa

"patients, patients Miss Black, you'll found out soon enough"

"My name is Nagisa not Black"

"Wait, we remember you" says Honoka

"From the mansion, that was not a friend of our guardian"

"of course, her well let's just say we are in a kind of businesses"

"What kind of Businesses"

"Well exterminators of a sort"

"Yea in five minutes, your guardian is going to exterminate the Kings and Queens"

"That's crazy, Papple would never poison anyone"

"Ah ha"

Papple makes a protein of poisons of the Dark Elementals and Yumi which they ask her to poison the Kings and Queens

"I see that you girls got stuck dancing with them, Sorry" says Maria

"I don't know" says Cinta

"We think their kind of sweet" added Ais

"Oh really" says Maria

"Where's the girls"

"Well probably doing something" says Maria who has no idea where they are"

"Ah girls what are we gonna do?" Mao asked

Nozomi takes out her pink hearts "Oh bribery, good thinking"

"Not exactly" Nozomi uses her magic of the pink heart to get the key while Shadow and his men play a game of cards

"Everything ready captain"

"Just waiting for your order sir"


Yumi and the Dark Elementals sit down

"Did you see mother"

"Did you see"

"We were dancing with real girls"

"Good, were thrilled that it wasn't a plant"

"Yumi, with the Princesses dead thanks to Papple everything will be going according to plan"

"Yes" says Yumi with the fake smile not telling them of one tiny tine problem

Nozomi uses her pink heart magic to get the key and got the key

"oh, now what? How do we distract them?" Nozomi put her pink hearts in her pouch

Elena uses her yellow sun to hit one of Shadow's man

"Hey what did you do that for?"

"Do What? I didn't do nothing"

Madoka uses her purple star to hit Shadow "Ow have you lost your mind" says Shadow

"No, I swear he must have done it"

"Did not" a green seed hit him

"your started it"

The yellow sun gets into Elena's pouch, and the purple star gets into Madoka's pouch, and the green seed gets into Lala's pouch

Shadow and his men hit each other and Hikaru uses her pink heart to tie Shadow and his men up

"Shall we" says Nozomi

"Grab them" says Shaow but they got away "is it too late to make a deal" says Shadow

Papple passes out the cups from different kingdoms and server Yumi and the Dark Elementals their cups with poison

"You don't think what they said about Papple is true"

"I don't know what to believe but is Papple is in some kind of trouble we got to help her"

"Whoa" they saw that gaurds and sneack past them and get chased by the guards

Papple holds a tray of the Kings and Queens their drinks and hears sobbing "I know Heart, I know" says Liebe trying to comfort his beloved Heart/ Cure Kiss

"We wanted so much for the medails of Precure Land and our kingdoms to go to" Heart could not bring herself to it

"To our little girls" says Oceana/Cure Ocean

"try to be brave" says Neptune

The kings comforted their beloved Queens/Elemental Precure

"Come, come woman you can't hold on to things forever" Papple forgot to pour the Kings and Queens their drinks because she was so distracted by listening to the Kings and Queens of Precure Land

"Give me that Yumi" I am done poisoning people"

"Ah so I was right"

"Yumi I am trying to save"

"I Know what you're trying to do, you think I'm a fool"

"Fine it's yours and the Dark Elementals funeral"

"She thinks she can outsmart us, unless it is what she wants use to think

The citizens of Precure Land see the Queens and they sit down at the table

"Loyal citizen of Precure Land"

"We gather here to today to present our kingdoms most treasure symbols"

"The medians of Precure Land"

"To a fine young lad"

"Who will one day inherit our thrown" the Dark Elementals look at the 7 girls


"Oh right" says the boy snapping out of it

The girls hide to avoid the guards and got caught by them and ran

Armastus is presented the Madeline of Love

Lumeik is presented the Madeline of Water

Valgus is presented the Madeline of Light

Rahu is presented the Madeline of Pease

Saladused is presented the Madeline of Mysteries

Tehti is presented the Madeline of War

And finally, Taimed is presented the Madeline of Earth

Yumi is trying to switch the Kings cups with the Dark Elementals

"Yumi is that my cup" Liebe takes his cup from Yumi "And now a toast"

"Come on Yumi would you not toast your own nephews"

"Oh yes, of course"

"Citizens" says Apollo

"Honored guest" added Paix

The girls hurry to the ball and to lose the gaurds

"For the future Ruler of the seven Kingdoms of Precure Land" says Artemis

"Who will guide our kingdoms destiny" says Ares

"To my Sister-in Law and the other kings Sister-in-laws Joy to their only son and heir and our next monarch" says Jumanji

"To Armastus" says Liebe

"To Lumeik" says Neptune

"To Valgus" says Apollo

"To Rahu" says Paix

"to Saladused" says Artemis

"To Tehti" says Ares

"To Taimed" says Jumanji

The Girls hurry to the ball and the guards continued to chase them

"To Armastus" says the good citizens of the Kingdom of Love

"to Lumeik" says the good citizens of the Kingdom of Water

"To Valgus" says the good citizens of the Kingdom of Light

"To Rahu" says the good citizens of the Kingdom of Peace

"To Saladused" says the good citizens of the Kingdom of Mysteries

"To Tehti" says the good citizens of the Kingdom of War

"To Taimed" says the good citizen of the Kingdom of Earth

Yumi knocks out the Kings drinks "oh forgive me I'm so sorry, please take your dear Sisters-in-laws drinks"

"What?" says the Dark Elementals

"Hu" Papple gasp "No" the Guard blocks Papple's way

"hu" the girls saw their guardian holding pitchers with different symbols and the Kings cups


"Look like they were right"

"Again, let us toast"

"To Armastus"

"To Lumeik"

"To Valgus"

"To Rahu"

"To Saladused"

"To Tehti"

"To Taimed"

The girls knocked out the cups filled with poisons from the kings

"Girls" says Papple

"they tried to attack the Kings" lied Yumi "Guards arrest her"

"Let them go" says Papple "She saved the Kings, there was poison in their cups that was meant of the Dark Elementals and Yumi"

"What, Yumi"

"Poisons" says the kings

"How do you know that it was meant for them"

"Because it put it their"

"But why would you poison us"

"No I did not plan on poison you I was force to"

Yumi knocks Papple by Charaleet's spikes

"oh no"


Yumi tried to get the girls arrested but were blocked by the workers from the Precure House

"Papple please stay with us" says Nagisa

"Please be alright" says Honoka

"Girls, I need to tell you"

"Shh, save your strength" says Hirkari

"Long ago, year after year, I took all of you from your parents, year after year" the girls were shocked "I did it to protect all of you, but all those years they were suffering I should have told them, but I was afraid of losing you, please forgive me"

"Charaleet, your venom there must be an antidote, something that can cure her"

"I'm sorry theirs only one thing I know of a sulfur lily" Armastus gasp "But it's extremely rare I never even seen one"

"Armastus do you know that plant"

Yumi did it want him to tell him about it "No, no I don't"

"you heard the boy, he said it's hopeless" says Fairest

"No mother it isn't"

"the sulfur lily is the scientific name of a Quidest fetere and theirs one right her" Armastus hold the sulfur lily

Armastus give it to Hana "thank you Armastus"

"All you need are two petals"

Yumi grabs Papple from the girls


"Guards grab her"

"Girls get out of here" says Lumiere

Love uses her pink hearts to lock to door to keep Yumi from escaping and the girls use their pink hearts, blue water and Snowflakes, yellow suns, white peace signs, purple moons and Stars, red flames, green plants to trap Yumi and the people saw it in amazement

The Kings and Queens saw it and were very happy "Well what do you know" says Liebe "My little girls are grown up so fast"

The girls magic caries their guardian Papple "Papple stay with us" says Tusbomi giving her two petals

"Please stay"

Papple wakes up "Girls"

"Papple" the magic mini items return to their proper places

"Your majesty I place them all under arrest"

"It was him and the Dark Elementals, he's the one who order me to poison you your majesties, he wanted the thrown for his mistresses' sons now"

"Guards arrest them" the guards arrested the dark Elementals

"the old hag is delusional"

"We believe her your majesty"

"you fools, you could have been kings"

"We keep telling you Uncle Yumi and our mothers we don't want to be kings"

"We want to botanist" they put flowers in his mouth

Papple introduce the Kings and Queens the girls

"the Pink hearts" says Heart/Cure Kiss

"the Blue water and Snowflakes" say Oceana/Cure Ocean

"the Yellow Suns" says Celestia/Cure Solar

"the White Peace Signs" says Harmony/Cure Calm

"the Purple Moons and Stars" says Luna/Cure Lunar

"the Red Flames" says Azari/Cure Fire

"the Green Plants" says Lillian/Cure Nature

"Have you always been able to do that"


"We guess"


The Queens show them their magic just like the girls

"Because you all have the royal gifts"

"The Pink Hearts magic" says Liebe

"The Blue Water and Snowflakes magic" says Neptune

"The Yellow Suns magic" says Apollo

"The White Peace Signs magic" says Paix

"The Purple Moons and Stars magic" says Artemis

"the Red Flames magic" says Ares

"the Green plants magic" says Jumanji

"Is it possible"

"Could you girls be"

"Our daughters"

"They are"

"We are"

"But how" the Kings and Queens were filled with happiness

"Dark Elementals and Yumi again, years ago they paid me to do a way for your daughter and the year after that and the year after that but I couldn't do it, so I raised them instead away from them"

"in that case"

"We think this is"

Armastus took off the Madeline of Love "Belongs to Cure Black, Cure Bloom, Cure Dream, Cure Peach, Cure Blossom, Cure Melody, Cure Happy, Cure Heart, Cure Lovely, Cure Flora, Cure Miracle, Cure Whip, Cure Yell, and Cure Star"

Lumeik took off the Madeline of Water "Belongs to Cure Aqua, Cure Berry, Cure Marine, Cure Beat, Cure Beauty, Cure Diamond, Cure Princess, Cure Mermaid, Cure Gelato, and Cure Ange

Valgus took off the Madeline of Light "Belongs to Shiny Luminous, Cure Lemonade, Cure Pine, Cure Sunshine, Cure Muse, Cure Peace, Cure Rosetta, Cure Honey, Cure Twinkle, Cure Custard, Cure Etoile, and Cure Soleil"

Rahu took off the Madeline of Peace "Belongs to Cure White, Cure Egret, Cure Rhythm, and Cure Echo"

Saladused took off the Madeline of Mysteries "Belongs to Milky Rose, Cure Moonlight, Cure Sword, Cure Fortune, Cure Magical, Cure Macaron, Cure Amour, and Cure Selene"

Tehti took off the Madeline of War "Belongs to Cure Rouge, Cure Passion, Cure Sunny, Cure Ace, Cure Scarlet, Cure Chocolate, Cure Macherie"

Taimed took off the Madeline of Earth "Belongs to Cure Mint, Cure March, Cure Felice, Cure Parfait, Cure Milky"


"those were your Precure names that you were given by your ancestors"

The Madeleines of Precure Land divide and are presented to the 14 Princesses of the Kingdom of Love, the 10 Princesses of the Kingdom of Water, the 12 Princesses of the Kingdom of Light, the 4 Princesses of the Kingdom of Peace, the 8 Princesses of the Kingdom of Mysteries, the 7 Princesses of the Kingdom of War, the 5 Princesses of the Kingdom of Earth

The 60 divided Madeleines of Precure Land glow transforming the girls from normal girls to Precure Princesses

"Your majesties I am so sorry for keeping them for all those years I thought I was protecting them but the truth was I just couldn't give them up"

"The importance thing is their here now"

"Girls welcome home" the Princesses gave their parents a hug

"Home" says Nagisa/Princess Black/Cure Black

"You mean the Castle here" says Honoka/Princess White/Cure White

"But I won't be home if Papple and Mao aren't home with us" says Hirkari/Princess Luminous/Shiny Luminous

"Ah no it wouldn't be right"

"Of course, it would, you're their family too"

"it's a royal ball isn't but it is a homecoming as well"

The Kings and Queens were Happy

"I believe you known me a dance Princess Dream Yumehara Love Liebe" says Coco

"And you also own me a dance too Princess Mint Akimoto Earth Jumanji" say Nutts

"As Promise"

"And I hope you do not mind us using your full names"

King Coco of the Palmier Kingdom dances with Nozomi/Princess Dream/Cure Dream of the Kingdom of Love, King Nutts of the Palmier Kingdom dances with Komachi/Princess Mint/Cure Mint of the Kingdom of Earth

"May I Princess Lemonade Kasugano Light Apollo" says Syrup calling her by her full name

"I though you wouldn't" says Urara/Princess Lemonade/Cure Lemonade

A young man comes up to one of the Kingdom of Love's Princess Flora "Would the lovely Princess Flora Haruno Love Liebe would like to dance with the Hope Kingdom Prince"


Haruka/Princess Flora/Cure Flora dances with the Prince

A boy with brown hair comes up to the Princess of the Kingdom of Love "May I have this dance princess Lovely Aino Love Liebe"

"Yes" Megumi/Princess Lovely/Cure Lovely dances with the young man

"Would you two Princesses, Prince Black Misumi Love Liebe"

"And Of course, Princess White Yukishiro Peace Paix"

"would like this dance"

"Why yes" Honoka/Princess White/Cure and Nagisa/Princess Black/Cure Black went off dancing with them

"Would Princess Peach Momozono Love Liebe have this dance"

"Why yea" says Love/Princess Peach/Cure Peach

"Would the three Princesses"

"Princess Berry Aono Water Neptune"

"And also, Princess Pine Yamabuki Light Apollo"

"And of course, Princess Passion Higashi War Ares"

"Have these dances with us" they said in a unison

"Why Yes"

The young man clears his throat "Will you Princess Blossom Hanasaki Love Liebe dance…. with….me"


One or two or Three men approach the Princesses of Precure Land and as for Yumi and the Dark Elementals they got exceled

A picture of the Kings and Queens and the Princesses of Precure Land with Mao and Papple is shown