For the few days that followed, the halls of Hogwarts were filled with non-stop gossip about Mrs Norris and the horrible fate that had befallen her. By the end of the school week, Cassie felt ready to pull her eyeballs out just for a change in the routine. As all pieces of information, tales of the evening had been exaggerated, the story becoming more and more eccentric with each person that retold it. To make matters worse, Cassie's last lesson on that Friday afternoon was History of Magic. Listening to Professor Binns droning on for hours was quite possibly the worst end to the week.

Head resting on her hand and red hair spilling onto the wooden desk she shared with Seamus Finnigan, she tried her hardest to ignore the continuous tapping of his fingers. However, it was becoming tedious and Cassie could feel her irritation growing. Glancing sideways at him, she willed for his hand to stop its motions but unsurprisingly, that didn't work. As a last peaceful resort (instead of hitting him), she opted for outright glaring and thankfully, he got the message and his fingers stilled.

As Cassie begged time to pass faster, she could've cheered when Hermione piped up and questioned Binns about the Chamber of Secrets. Due to her persistent nature, he reluctantly agreed to tell his Second Year class about the legend of Slytherin's Chamber. Instantly, the whole class was alert. Even Malfoy learned forward eagerly, anxious to hear the story.

"For the first few years, the Founders of Hogwarts worked together in peace. But, disagreements sprang up between them. A rift began to grow between Slytherin and the other three: Slytherin wished be more selective when picking the students to attend Hogwarts. He believed magical learning should remain within all-magical families. He believed students of Muggle parentage were untrustworthy. Slytherin and Gryffindor had a serious argument about the subject, and so Slytherin left Hogwarts. The story goes that Slytherin had built a hidden chamber beneath the school and hadn't told the other Founders. He sealed it so that none, but his heir, would be able to open it and unleash the horror within. The heir would then use it to purge the school of all who were unworthy to study magic."

Muttering behind her had Cassie glaring as Malfoy muttered the unspeakable, prejudice word used for children born into non-magical families. Glancing down, she noticed that Seamus' own hands were clenched in anger upon hearing the slur. At that moment, Cassie decided she had gained a little more respect for her fellow Gryffindor and even more hatred for the Slytherin ass.

Unfortunately, Binns soon become irritated with the pestering questions of his Second Year students as they became more interested in the Chamber after hearing the story, not less. After hearing one question too many, Binns snapped at the class before returning to his monotone lecture. All the students slumped back down in their seats.

Tuning out the mind-numbing History lesson, Cassie and Seamus began entertaining themselves with a game of Hangman on the piece of parchment Seamus was supposed to be writing notes on. Attempting to muffle their laughter become progressively harder as the words took a less appropriate turn.

Despite the other three members of the Golden Quartet wandering off on their own, Cassie had separated from them and opted to walk back to the Common Room with Seamus and Dean as she was enjoying the conversation they were having. Dropping their bags off, the trio scurried down to the Great Hall for dinner, Seamus and Cassie bickering over who had won their earlier games (he had the most points but she had the most creative words) and Dean judging who he thought deserved to win (Cassie, for the words).

Laughing with the two boys she had befriended, she gave Seamus a friendly punch on the arm and failed to register the polished shoe that deliberately placed itself in her path until her foot caught on it and she tumbled forwards. Thankfully, the two Gryffindors had quick reflexes and caught the back of her robes before she came too close to the floor.

"Watch where you're going, Weasley. There's all sorts of horrible accidents happening around here."

Whilst Dean ensured she was free from injuries and that she was once again on steady feet, Seamus whipped out his wand charged for the Prince of Slytherin was a venomous look adorning his face. Any chance to attack a Slytherin was an opportunity that a Gryffindor was physically incapable of letting pass. Especially if that Slytherin had done something cruel to a friend. Seamus, who cared deeply for his friends, wasn't about to let Malfoy get away with almost breaking Cassie's nose (which would've happened if they hadn't caught her and she smashed into the floor). Darting after her hot-headed friend, Cassie gripped his arm just before it placed his wand at Draco's neck.

"He's not worth the House points you'd lose," she muttered, pulling him in the direction of the Hall.

"Watch your step, Blood Traitor."

A sharp intake of breath echoed around the stone corridor as Cassie's cheeks flamed, clashing violently with her hair.

How dare he.

Fortunately, she was prevented from retaliating because she and Dean had to grip the back of Seamus' jumper to prohibit him from jumping the arrogant prick, using his fists this time. The harsh sound of snake laughter followed the trio down the hall, adding fuel to the already blazing lion fire. Cassie felt her wand slide down into her hand and smiled at the comfort of the wood, muttering a few words under her breath.

Sitting down to dinner, she piled chicken and potato onto her plate, added some peas and then covered it in gravy before turning to look at Seamus who was glaring darkly at her from across the table.

"Is there something I can help you with?" Cassie asked, arching a red brow.

"You should've let me hit him," argued Seamus. "He can't get away with treating you like that!"

Rolling her eyes at the typical Gryffindor male behaviour, Cassie was touched that he cared for her enough to be annoyed with her. Taking a sip of her pumpkin juice to wash down the mashed potato, she smiled slightly as she responded.

"If living with six boys has taught me anything, it's that hitting someone with witnesses just gets you into trouble. You have to choose more subtle forms of revenge. Ones that whilst everyone knows who did it, there's no way it can be traced back to you."

Gulping, Seamus reminded himself to never infuriate the fiery redhead he had befriended. Admiring her methods didn't stop the fear coursing through him and so he kept silent, choosing not to ask for examples of her revenge. However, he got his answer a few moments later.

Seated with her back to the Slytherin table, Cassie was conversing with her younger sister when a pupil walked through the open doors of the Great Hall. Ensuring that her sister was settling into the routine of classes, she was pleased to her that Ginny had become friends with the Ravenclaw girl she had been partnered with in Potions. Reassuring her younger sister than not being friends with your dorm mates was perfectly acceptable, she pointed out that the only female friend Cassie had was Hermione. And that had been purely accidental.

"And Seamus, of course. He's my best girl friend." Cassie sniggered, dodging the baby carrot that was catapulted in her direction. "You screamed like a little girl in Herbology the other day when that bug crawled up your arm."

"It came out of nowhere!" Seamus protested, aiming to throw another carrot when his mouth dropped open and something that caught his attention.

Gawking at the white haired boy as he hurried towards his table, Seamus was unable to draw his eyes away from his forehead. Whispers broke out as everyone caught sight of the branding he was poorly hiding. Chuckles soon followed after rumours began speculating on what the Second Year had done to aggravate the Weasley twins. However, the twins soon squashed that rumour and gave credit where credit was due. In fact, another Weasley was the mastermind behind the trick. Although, they took full responsibility for training her well.

Stamped on Malfoy's forehead for the entirety of Hogwarts to see was a large W in the exact same shade of red as Cassie's hair. Flushing under all the stares, Malfoy glared down at his dinner plate and ignored the questions of his House members. Dropping five Sickles into his sister's hand, Fred patted her on the back and congratulated her on her first prank of the year.

"Why are you paying me?"

"For playing your part in a bet I just won." Fred answered simply, winking at his sister.

"More of an explanation would be useful, Freddie."

"George bet me that your first prank of the year would be on Ronniekins. I argued it would be Malfoy. I won."

"Congratulations on knowing me better than George does. You should know I don't waste supplies on Ron, I just hit him. Malfoy, however, deserves more pain than that." Cassie laughed when her brother imitated their mother whenever she was proud of her children.

Ruffling Cassie's hair, Fred returned to his twin and his pudding, boasting about his twin.

"You terrify me." Seamus gulped, glad that he hadn't made an enemy of the girl instead.

Smiling angelically at her friend, the oldest Weasley girl turned to face the table of green. Locking eyes with the Slytherin Prince, Cassie raised her hand and wiggled her fingers in a cheerful wave. Pink lips twisted into a smirk as she admired the W she had written with her wand as she retreated earlier. Malfoy sneered but flinched when she pulled her wand from her sleeve.

Good, Cassie thought, he should be scared of what I'm capable of.