"I despise mornings." Cassie groaned as she plopped down on the bench at the Gryffindor table.

"How can you hate mornings? The sunrise, the birds,-" Hermione started.

"The waking up." Cassie glared at her optimistic friend.

Last night, Cassie and Hermione realised that they would be sharing a room, so had chosen two beds next to each other. This had resulted in the pair of them staying awake all night to discuss all the things they had in common, especially books.

"I'm sure you'll survive." Hermione smiled before dashing off once she had received her timetable; rambling about needing to read all the books before the lesson so that she was prepared.

After she had rushed out, Harry and Ron shuffled inside the Hall and sat across from the oldest female Weasley child. Letting out a weird sound, Ron vented about the fact that the Gryffindor's and the Slytherin's had Transfiguration together, first. Along with other subjects.

"Stop being a drama queen, Ronald. It's not like they're going to kill you during Herbology." Cassie rolled her eyes.

"They're mini Death Eaters. They'll definitely try." Ron exclaimed, his voice loud enough for passerby's to hear him.

"You're an idiot." She scolded. "Now, go get your books before the two of you are late."

The trio walked out of the Hall together but separated at the large staircase; the boys went to their dorm to collect their books for the day whilst Cassie (bag already on her shoulder) tried to find her Transfiguration classroom.

Silence covered the classroom as the Gryffindor's and Slytherin's worked on the task that was set for them. Professor McGonagall had introduced herself to the class by amazing them with her animagus. Now, she was watching them all from her desk, as a cat.

"Whew, can you imagine the look on old McGonagall's face if she knew we were late?" Ron smirked at Harry, as the two rushed into the classroom.

However, his smirk quickly disappeared once the cat jumped off the desk and transformed back into Professor McGonagall.

"That was bloody beautiful." Ron complimented, staring at the older woman with awe.

After she had finished reprimanding the two boys, McGonagall ordered them to find their seats, which they did hurriedly.

Cheeks blazing, the two boys hurried to sit themselves at the desk behind Cassandra and Hermione. In his haste, Ron tripped, and only figured that his sister had stuck her foot out after he saw her shoulders shaking with laughter.

Potions with the Slytherin's was after lunch and it was the most soul-destroying lesson Cassie had due to the fact that it was taught by Severus Snape. Snape was the Head of Slytherin and, as a result, took points off of Gryffindor's for the littlest things.

Cassie had actually been looking forward to Potions until Snape sauntered into the classroom, closing all the shutters with a wave of his wand.

Zoning out, Cassie ignored Snape's dramatic speech of the wonders of Potions, until she realised that he was staring at Harry; who was paying even less attention than Cassie.

Nudging him in the ribs, she tried to contain her fury as Snape mocked Harry's lack of Potions knowledge. And ignored Hermione's enthusiastic hand in the air.

Working on their homework. The students of Hogwarts sat at their respective tables in the Great Hall, talking amongst themselves. Harry, Ron and Cassie were trying to make sense of their Potions homework but despite how many times Cassie explained it to them, the two boys just weren't understanding anything.

"It's not that difficult. You just need to actually listen to me, or pay attention in class." Cassie groaned in frustration, banging her head on the table.

"It is that difficult. You're just a know-it-all who enjoys Potions." Ron shot back.

"Or maybe you're just a bogey brained assh-"

Before the green-eyed girl could finish her sentence, Draco Malfoy walked into the Hall causing the girl to hide behind Harry.

"What are you doing?" Harry whispered to the redhead using his back as a cover.

"Hiding from Malfoy."


"Well, after Potions, he said something horrible to Hermione so I may have 'accidentally' kicked him in the shin, so now he wants to hex me."

"You're my new favourite person." Harry chuckled, ignoring Ron's protests.