Annabella and Isabella Swan were born into a happy family with two parents that loved and adored them very much. The only issue was that their parents didn't love and adore each other very much. Charlie and Renee Swan constantly argued and as they grew older, they grew apart. They grew to want different things. In the end, the only thing they had in common was their beautiful twin girls. Unfortunately, it didn't make much difference. Renee wanted to get out and leave the dreary town of Forks behind whereas Charlie couldn't bare the idea of leaving the only place he had ever called home behind. So, the two decided to split up and in the process, they split the twins.

Renee fled to sunny California, taking Bella with her whilst Charlie stayed in their family home, keeping Anna with him. Despite the fact that the twins got to visit each other throughout the holidays, they missed each other dearly. Another consequence of living apart was that Anna never really formed a proper bond with her mother and Bella never formed one with her father. They were family but they were strangers.

Emmett McCarthy was known as the charming man around his small town in Tennessee. The young man loved hunting yet he had one of the kindest, gentlest souls around. Until his accident snuffed it out.

Hiking through the mountains, Emmett came across a grizzly bear and before he knew it, he was bleeding out on the forest floor, his body covered in numerous ghastly wounds. Luckily, Rosalie Hale had gone hunting that night and followed the scent of blood. Enticed by his beauty, she had dragged the dying body back home and begged Carlisle to save him, hoping she could find happiness with him. After all, she deserved happiness.

Twenty four hours later, Emmett awoke with a pale complexion, blood red eyes, and his last name was now Cullen. Adjusting to his new life had been complicated for the dark haired male, as he had to completely abandon his old life. His new 'family' was a bunch of strangers but he would grow to form an unbreakable bond with every last one of them.